Month: August 2013

A few thoughts for the end of August

Hi Everyone!

It is Saturday. It has been a bit on the humid side for here lately. I know I have nothing to really complain about, as I have been to the Midwest, and Northeast (NYC) in the middle of summer, so I have experienced much worse humidity, I just don’t care for it, when combined with heat.

Other than that, It has been a fairly normal day, helping clean the house, going to the grocery store, cooking dinner, and the like. For Dinner, we had Taco’s. After dinner my mom and I made hummus. So, yeah, even though I can’t eat dairy, and have to be careful about reading labels and such, I can still eat “normal” food. The past almost two years has been a huge learning experience for not only myself, but for my immediate family as well. I loved Thai food and Lebanese food before I couldn’t eat dairy, and those two have become my two favorite go to foods when going out. There are also two Mexican restaurants here that have a few dairy free options as well, and this restaurant is one that my family has gone to for years as well. My life is far from being “over” just because I can’t eat anything with diary in it. The first year was the hardest, The past 10 or so months has been a lot easier in dealing with it. It is definitely one of those things I have to think about, especially when planning to travel, but for my everyday life, it is not a big deal anymore. With Fall and thanksgiving right around the corner, I have been doing my research on recipes for dairy free pumpkin pies. There are two recipes I am going to try here in the near future, so that i (and my parents) can try them, and see which one worked the best, an tastes the most like the “normal” recipe. Which ever one I like the best will be the recipe I take with me up to Canada, for my cousin’s wedding, and use for our own American Thanksgiving. So if you have to go dairy free, it is totally doable, and you get used to it after a while, and like I said a bit ago it took me a year to really get the hang of it, and get over the cravings for regular dairy filled food. The only thing I really miss is a good cheese substitute. By good, I mean it has to taste and melt like Tillamook cheese, but be dairy free at the same time.

I just mentioned that my cousin is getting married in Canada. He, and is Fiancee are both Canadian citizen’s, so they are getting married up where they live. They have set the date for the weekend of their thanksgiving, allowing for easier travel for their Canadian family members. I am looking forward to seeing Canada in the Fall. I have been to Canada in the Summer and the Winter, but haven’t been there in the Spring or Fall, so it will be an interesting trip. We are planning on staying at my aunt’s house which will be nice, and make it easier for the food situation with me.

The (American) College Football season has kicked off its preseason games today. The team I am a fan of, totally walked all over their opponent today. Beings that my teams rivals walked all over the team that lost to my team last season, I knew today would be an easy win for my team.

I also got some knitting accomplished today. Nothing special or noteworthy.


It's Friday Again!

Hi Everyone!

It’s Friday! At least here in the States this weekend is Labor Day Weekend. That also means the the public schools around here (as well as at “home”) start back up this next week for the kids. I really don’t miss going back to school. If you are reading this, let me know in the comments when the public schools in your area commence for the school year, or if you went to a school that was year round I’d be interested in hearing about when you had scheduled breaks from school, and how long were they?

This morning I finished sewing up the sweater I had been working on for most of August. I wrote a post about it over on Gifts From the Heart, a link to the blog is on the menu bar above.

This morning I found myself surfing Pinterest looking for Colonial style dresses. I love history, and what women did and wore during different periods of history. The era’s of History I find the most intriguing are the mass westward migration (Oregon Trail)  roughly between 1843 and 1860, as well as the 1950’s.

Healthier Living Did You Say?

Hi Everyone!

This morning I was awakened out of a sound sleep by a long loud clap of thunder. I have never heard anything like it before, not even while in the Midwest. Once I looked out the window and saw it pouring down rain, everything made sense. I do enjoy summer storms. We haven’t had one this good in over 4 years.

Now that we have had a good rain storm come through, to cool things off, and help clear out the air, I am hoping that some of the rain has made it over the cascades to Central Oregon to help with the Wildfires. I am also loving the fact that it has cooled off a bit.

This afternoon I added a few new songs to my Itunes Library. The four new songs I added are all from Mumford & Sons. I don’t listen to the radio much, because I haven’t found a station that I like well enough to listen to, so I typically just listen to my Itunes Library or CD’s that I made, for the car. When I do find new music that I actually like anymore is a rare occurrence.

I mentioned yesterday that I had made rhubarb sauce as well as a rhubarb crisp. This afternoon for a snack I decided to have some of the Rhubarb Sauce that I had made. Beings that I can’t eat dairy, I didn’t put any whipped cream on it, rather I put a container of vanilla flavored Coconut Milk yogurt on it, and mixed it together with the Rhubarb Sauce, and it was so good. It really hit the spot and it is relatively healthy. Yeah there is sugar in both the Rhubarb Sauce and the Yogurt, but there are much worse things I could eat.

Most of the afternoon and evening I have spent working on my current Knit for Kids sweater project. I have been working on it for the past three weeks, so I am happy to report that I have taken the back sleeves off the needles and have started sewing it up. I always love the sense of accomplishment I feel when I finish taking a project off the needles. I am trying to get the long seam sewn up before going to bed.

I have also started a list of goals and dreams I would like to accomplish. Some of the things on the list that aren’t super personal, are the fact that I want to travel, and where I would like to travel to. I would also like to live on a large enough property outside of a small town, where I can grow a garden, and help reduce my own reliance on a grocery store for all my food needs, as well as raise chickens, both the egg laying chickens and meat chickens. I want to do the whole living on some acreage, even a small piece of land for the sustainability aspect, as well as the historical aspect. A farming and agricultural lifestyle, not to mention Homesteading was huge throughout American History. I figure if they could do it without the modern conveniences, such as electricity and running water, then I could do it too.

That is what I have been up to, on this fine Thursday.

Preparing for Fall!

Hi Everyone!

I woke up earlier again today, Last week I did pretty good at being back on a normal wake up time schedule, but I was also sick. Now that I am over being sick, and got used to being up earlier than I normally am because of VBS and than babysitting two days has my brain readjusted. Though I could get used to being back to not quite on my college schedule (getting up at 8:00) wouldn’t be such a bad thing.

This morning, after I had breakfast I made a Rhubarb Crisp, and some Rhubarb Sauce. One of the things I love about cooking and baking stuff like this, is that it is not Rocket Science, and you don’t need exact measurements, you just add enough of each ingredient until it looks/feels right.

I spent a bit of time knitting this afternoon, before I went out to run an errand. Fred Meyer had all their school supplies and College Dorm (Residence Hall) Room out en masse. I really don’t miss the days of going school supply shopping for myself. Around here School starts a week from today, I always dreaded going back to school.

I did make a little progress on my sweater, I am now halfway done with the back sleeves. For my project of the week post, I wrote about the infinity scarf I started yesterday, beings that  I have written about the sweater for three different project of the week posts, it was time to writing about something different.

This evening I was also talking to my parents, and we were discussing going to Canada for my cousin’s wedding, which is the weekend of their thanksgiving. While I am not looking forward to a 17 hour car ride, I am kind of looking forward to that trip. It would be awesome to get to experience a Canadian Thanksgiving in Canada, as well as an American Thanksgiving here in the States in the same year. I have never celebrated the Canadian Thanksgiving before.

What I Ate Wednesday: August 28th, 2013

I actually remembered that it today is actually Wednesday. Yesterday, I kept thinking that it was Monday, when it was really Tuesday because I had been babysitting from Saturday afternoon to Monday afternoon. So, here I am with another What I Ate Wednesday.

Every Morning starts off with a Baking 002Mug of coffee.  For Breakfast this morning,Baking 006 I had my usual plate of fruit, beings that it is summer there is more locally grown fruit, as well as the fact that it is less expensive in the grocery store when it is in season. I also had Van’s Wheat Free/Dairy Free/Egg Free Totally Natural Toaster Waffles,Baking 003 and some Brown and Serve Turkey Sausages.

Baking 008Around 1:30 this afternoon I had a small bowl of Rhubarb Crisp that I had made this morning. The rhubarb was fresh out of the back yard this morning. That is about the only thing I like about summer is the Fresh Fruit and Vegetables that are grown around here.

This afternoon, after I came back from running to Fred Meyer (which is now part of the Kroger chain) I had some Black Red Vines, and some coffee. Baking 024

For Dinner, I had a piece of baked chicken that had been seasoned with Mrs. Dash Southwest Chipotle Seasoning Blend, with some baked rice and a salad.

On This Day in History: August 28th, 2013

  • 50 years ago on this day, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. delivered the now famous “I Have a Dream” Speech on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, which was part of the March on Washington. 
  • Female suffragists picked the white house in 1917 in efforts to gain the right for women to vote on a national level. 
  • In 1609, Henry Hudson “Discovered” Delaware Bay
  • In 1833 the British Parliament abolished Slavery throughout the British Empire
  • In 1916 Italy’s Declaration of War against Germany (WWI) went into effect

When a Tuesday Feels Like a Monday

For most of this morning, I kept thinking it was Monday, beings that my own “normal” routine was off with babysitting for two days.

As much as I would have liked to have slept later than I did, beings as I got up on the early side for me, I was able to get out, and get my errands taken care of and have been able to spend the rest of the afternoon, and now the evening working on knitting projects. I really did not get much done Saturday, Sunday, or even yesterday. I took knitting with me, when I went to babysit, I just didn’t work on it much.

Early this afternoon, I went out and about for a bit, and ran some errands. While I was out I picked up a couple pumpkin scented candles. I am so ready for fall. Did I mention yesterday, as I left the house I was baby sitting at, the air smelled like Fall? I probably did ;), but Fall is my favorite season. Which brings me to my last stop while I was out, The Craft Store. Yes, I had to go, I had a 40% off one regular priced item coupon, and I got paid yesterday. I bought three skeins of Lion Brand Jiffy Yarn in True Red and a skein of Bernat Baby Sport Yarn in Candy Baby (Pink, Green and White Variegated). With the Lion Brand Jiffy Yarn, I am working on a moss stitch infinity scarf. It is already starting to take shape, and is looking good 🙂

It took me a while to figure out EXACTLY which yarn I wanted to use for myself. Beings that I already had tried the fishermen’s wool, that was crossed off my list. I wanted something that was more of a bulky yarn, without being too bulky to really work with easily. Beings as I wanted to make an Infinity Scarf for myself, I took my time feeling different yarns, to see which one I wanted to use. Color selection and price were also part of my decision, but not as much as the texture of yarn for this project. The baby yarn I bought, was more of a spur of the moment because I wanted it selection.

Beings that Fall is in the air and right around the corner, I am getting excited for the cooler weather, and being able to wear my new hand knit projects that I have crafted. This time of year, I am actually excited to make hats and scarves for myself to wear when it is cold, and I go out. For a while I really didn’t care. While working at a daycare almost two years ago, it got cold, and it was around this time that I really got back into knitting, and really fell in love with it. Last winter was what really got the ball rolling for making my own winter wear, because I could, and I realized that it was actually less expensive to buy the yarn and make it myself. Seriously though, it is less expensive. I bought a skein of Alpaca Love (it is a blend of Alpaca wool and Merino Wool) yarn by red heart for $5, and got a hat out of it, or the fact that between two skeins of fishermen’s wool (100% wool) I got beautiful two scarves and three hats, for $11 (yeah, it’s called coupons….but even at regular price for what it was, it would have been worth it).

I love when items I need or want are on sale, and I love being able to save myself some money when I am at the store.

This afternoon while I was working on my Infinity Scarf, I watched the last episode of Get Out Alive with Bear Grylls, I found the series a couple weeks ago, around the same time Siberia started on Hulu. Siberia is just hilariously bad. I liked Get Out Alive because the contestants were forced out of their comfort zones, in the great outdoors, and had to figure how to find/make shelter, start a fire, find edible food. While not truly having to survive on their own, learning about survival techniques, was interesting.