Month: November 2013

History, Still Alive and in Use

Hey Everyone!

History is still ever present around us, and still in use, even when you are thinking about it, or looking for it.


My adventure today took me through various parts of the city. I met up with some people I know from church, and hopped on the light rail train, to head downtown to go see a performance of the Singing Christmas tree.

This landmark is the local train station, which was originally constructed between 1890 and 1896 when it opened. It was renovated in the mid-1990’s. It is pretty cool that in the day and age of so much new and modern construction, as well as so much in the way of structures of this nature falling into disrepair, and thus being abandoned that this old train station is still very much in use as a train station today, and has been renovated to help keep it up, and preserve it, as it is a huge part of history. The architecture is very reminiscent of the era in which it was designed and built. Even from the outside, but even more on the inside you feel like you are taking a step back in time to a different era. Today as I was going by the station, I just pictured men dressed in suits like Christopher Plummer and Christopher Reeve wore in Somewhere in Time, waiting for trains to go off on business and such.


This is the old pioneer courthouse, which is still in use as a federal court of appeals. This building has seen a lot through its history, being the oldest federal courthouse (and quite possibly the oldest federal building) in the Pacific Northwest, and the sources I have found have put this at the second oldest federal courthouse/federal building west of the Mississippi River, if that is indeed correct, this is pretty fantastic. The fact that it being constructed between 1869 and 1875, while still being in operation to this day is a dream come true for any historian to say the least.


Happy Thanksgiving

Hey Everyone!

It is Thanksgiving here in the States, This year I also celebrated Thanksgiving up in Canada, since I was up there for my cousins wedding, over their Thanksgiving weekend. This is my second Thanksgiving this year, and I do have a lot to be thankful for even though I don’t always think about it.

Last night I had baked four (yes four), pumpkin pies, two with regular condensed milk, and two with coconut milk and a blend of maple syrup and agave nectar (which replaces the sugar in the regular recipe), which is really good, and the maple syrup/agave nectar blend is less expensive than pure maple syrup. Though the only place that I have found the blend so far is Trader Joe’s, but there are a couple more stores here in the area where I live that may carry something similar to it, but I have not seriously checked yet. I also helped clean up the kitchen after we ate dinner, while my mom put food away. Over the years I have gotten good at doing dishes, and putting them away.

On another note, it goes to show how much I know about the area in which I work, I don’t leave the studio much, besides to go to and from work. I was just looking at a map, and there is a New Seasons just a matter of blocks from where I work, but since I don’t drive by it (since I make a turn a couple blocks before I would reach this store), Until this job I really did not have much need to go up to this neighborhood, so I really did not take the time to familiarize myself with another part of the city where I don’t really go. Now that I work in that part of town, I am trying to familiarize myself with the area, so I know it better.

The Day Before Thanksgiving (What I Ate Wednesday)

Hey Everyone! 

Even though it is the day before Thanksgiving, what I have been eating today is not entirely out of the ordinary, since I still did have to go to work. 

For breakfast I had two apple cinnamon Van’s All Natural Gluten/Egg/Dairy Free waffles, some brown and serve breakfast sausages, a plate of fruit, and a cup of coffee. 

During my break I walked over to the co op and got a vegan everything bagel, since I was already super hungry, since it was just after 10:30, and I had eaten breakfast about 7:00 this morning. 

For lunch (which was about 1 in the afternoon), I had a peanut butter and honey sandwich, an orange, some grapes, some ritz crackers, some celery and carrot sticks, a strawberry banana jello and a Vanilla Coca Cola Zero. Throughout the day at work I drank two 20 oz bottles of water

For dinner I had some scrambled eggs with ham, a piece of toast, some apple sauce and water. 

I have found that I feel better if I eat less food, but more often, hence the mid morning bagel, to help ward off the hunger until lunch. I really cannot complain, since I have ample access to food and can eat when I am hungry. 

Adventure Day

Hey Everyone!


Yesterday, beings that it is my weekday off, I headed out of town for a few hours, beings that the last couple months have been really busy, and crazy, and to only get more so over the next month.

I had been thinking about heading home for a couple of days, since the clear weather had been holding, and I am glad I went with my gut and just did it, and went. I didn’t stay there super long, because I had to also think about the evening commute, so I headed back early enough to beat that, but I was there long enough to want to stay, and not come back to here.

I spent four years living in this area, and fell in love with it, and did not want to leave when I graduated from college. I left because of the state of the economy, and I had a place to live where I am now, and the city would have more job opportunities it seemed like. Now more than three years later, I miss this place a lot, and would love to move back, if I could find a job in the area. The area, and the church family I had there became my second family that I really bonded with.

A Beautiful Late Fall Day Adventure

Hi Everyone!

I know it has been a while since my last post here, and for that I am sorry. I have been busy with work, thus not having as many opportunities for adventures. Today, on the other I just went, and took the time to go somewhere, I have been missing one area in particular, where I lived for about four years, and it has been more home to me, than the city I have lived in most of my life. 

ImageThis area is in the heart of farm, wine and hops country around here, and it is beautiful to boot. I spent four amazing, yet challenging years living here, and by half way through I was in love with this area. It took about 15 to 20 minutes to get from where I lived, to the county seat, which was a good 8+ miles away, while I spend at least 30+ minutes to cover the same distance here in the city. Its far enough away from the hubbub of the big city to really be in the country, yet close enough to go into the city every so often (like every few months) to go shopping, and is only just over an hour away from where I grew up, and some other stores they don’t have in the city that is 15 miles away, and there are more restaurant and entertainment options if I wanted to come see my friends who live here. Don’t get me wrong I have friends there as well, who have become my second family. 

I would move back to this area in a heartbeat given the job opportunity, and yes I have been looking. I fell in love with this area sometime after I had been living there a year, and had adjusted to college, and living on my own, and by the end of my second year, this was more home to me, then where my family lives ever had. This felt right, and more me, and my style. 

Wintery Saturday

Hey Everyone!

It is so hard to believe that today is almost over. I woke up at about 8:30 this morning, which for me anymore, is sleeping in. From there I had a relatively peaceful morning, before I headed out for a bit. I made a quick trip to the Craft Store, because I wanted to get some more fishermen’s wool in two tone color shade, since I am working on some shawls in the mean time made out of fishermen’s wool. Yeah, I like working with Lion Brand Fishermen’s Wool if you can tell.

From there I met up with a couple friends, and went and saw The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, which was really good. I enjoyed the movie. I have read all three of the books, and had read them all before the first film came out last year.

This evening, I went out for dinner with the family. So it has been a busy day, and I am glad it is winding down.

It dawned on me today, as I left the movie theater, especially now that I am working, that I am an adult, and that I don’t need anyone’s permission to go out with friends, or to give me a ride to where I am going, or to have to ask for money to go do these things. It is a really nice, and very freeing feeling. That is something I really miss about having lived on my own while in college, no one to have to check in with or tell where I was going, I could just go and do what I wanted, and live my life.

Fancy Napkin: .Spiced Pumpkin Bread.

Fancy Napkin: .Spiced Pumpkin Bread. So I tried this recipe the other evening, after having what seemed like everything go wrong for a week and a half, and I was rather stressed and frazzled, so I cooked and baked, then cleaned the kitchen. Pumpkin Bread had really sounded good, as did pumpkin pie filling, so that is what I baked in addition to making spaghetti for dinner.

I had looked up easy pumpkin bread recipes, and this was one of the first ones I had found, so I used it, and I must say it turned out so good, I loved it.