Month: December 2013

Happy New Years Eve!

Hi Everyone!

Today went surprisingly well. I worked a few hours today, I had a slightly shorter day, getting off an hour earlier than I usually do. It was nice to drive home from work while it was still light outside.

My coworker’s surprised me today with a Vegan mini chocolate covered raspberry filled gingerbread cake, and it was so good.

This evening I went to a birthday party for a friend, whose birthday is a couple days after mine.

I am totally looking forward to having a day off tomorrow, and being able to sleep in. Though the past couple of weeks, with having holiday’s has thrown my normal schedule and sleep schedule off a bit, but I know that I will get back into the routine again here in the next couple of weeks. I am also excited to see what this next year brings my way.


Preparing for Another Year

Hey Everyone!

What a Day! I have been pretty busy today. Monday’s are my one weekday I have off from work, so  I was able to go out and do some birthday shopping today, since this is my birthday week.

Now that I am older, it is just easier if my mom takes me shopping for my birthday rather than trying to figure out what to get me on her own, or even asking me. I don’t need a whole lot, the only thing I really could use was a new wallet, which I got, as well as a pair of Tom’s Shoes (which is totally a new program) and a bottle each of Banana Shampoo and Conditioner at the Body Shop, which uses community trade goods in their products.

I wanted a pair of Tom’s because they donate a pair of shoes to a Child in need for every pair that is purchased. Helping children in need, through living my life, and stuff I normally do, which includes knitting, is really where my heart is. With Toms and their program donating shoes to kids in need, it helps keep kids healthy (by keeping their feet covered reducing cuts and infections), and it helps the kids be able to attend school, since shoes are a requirement in order for children to attend school in many countries.

I got my birthday cake made, it will be frosted and finished tomorrow.

Christmas Day

Merry Christmas Everyone!

I am spending Christmas with my family, and helping my mom cook and clean up Christmas Dinner. This year I am spending Christmas with my immediate family, since all of my grandparents have passed away, my mom’s sister and her family live about 900 miles away (we got to see them about two and a half months ago for one of my cousin’s wedding), and that is the part of the family we are closet too and see the most of.

My cold is doing much better today, and I got plenty of sleep last night beings that I did not have work today, I could sleep in and enjoy having the day off.

Today was chilly (in the 30’s pretty much all day), yet it was dry, clear, and green (aka no snow). The green part is normal for around here at Christmas. Snow, ice and below freezing is only occurs every 4 or 5 years, and even rarer that it happens at Christmas, the last time it happened was back in 2008, and I can’t remember the last time we had snow and ice on Christmas.

I work tomorrow and friday and then have the weekend off. It is hard to believe that the year is almost over. A week from now will be New Years Day.

Christmas What I Ate Wednesday

Hey Everyone!

It is Christmas!

This morning for breakfast I had a bit of apple cinnamon chex cereal, with some Blue Diamond Almond/Coconut Milk, some brown and serve breakfast sausages, and some coffee.

For Christmas Dinner I had some of the Ham, Cranberry sauce, salad, green beans, rolls, some apple cider and orange jello salad. There were also cheesy potatoes and a cranberry salad, which I couldn’t eat because they have dairy in them. We also have Cherry Pie, which I will be having some of later on this evening.

Right Now I am enjoying a mug of Vanilla Chai Tea, which was one of my Christmas Gifts.

Christmas Eve

Hey Everyone!

It is Christmas Eve, and I went into work for a few hours earlier. I got off at two, stopped at the grocery store on the way home to pick up some mini marshmallows, then came home to help my mom do some cooking to prep for Christmas dinner tomorrow. I mixed up dinner rolls from scratch as well as helped make cherry pies from scratch. I mixed up and rolled out the the crusts.

While I was working out in the kitchen I got wondering about what it would have been like to be my age, living in the 1950’s, and how women put a full meal on the table by 5, when they also had a house to keep, kids to raise, and social engagements to keep up with. I get that that was their job, but where did they get the ideas for dinner, and everything else.

Twas the Monday Before Christmas

Hey Everyone!

I went in to work for a few hours today. Monday’s are usually my days off, but with the holiday and everything at work there was stuff that needed to be done.

I spent saturday and sunday at home, resting and recuperating with my cold. I am doing better, but I am still not 100%, but i am definitely getting there. I only took one dose of daytime cold medicine today, and over the weekend I only used nighttime cold medicine. I usually try to let my body fight the bug on its own, and only use cold meds when I have to be able to function at a semi normal level for work (or school when I was in college). I have also found that over the years my colds don’t get as bad as they did when I was younger.

It is hard to believe that Christmas is the the day after tomorrow, and that tomorrow is Christmas Eve. This year has flown by. I have learned to take life as it comes, and learn from each opportunity that comes your way. It isn’t always easy or fun, but it helps build character and experience.

First Day of Winter

Hey everyone!

I am so glad it is the weekend. Even with being sick, this week has gone a lot better than some I have had lately.

I spent the day at home, trying to get over this cold, beings that they seem to like to hang around. I spent the day knitting, and working toward getting my sweater done. This evening I watched The Lone Ranger (2013) which came out over the summer. I am not usually one who likes Westerns, but I have to say that I enjoyed this film. I know there are a lot of negative reviews about it, and that it was a box office disaster. Despite all that, I enjoyed it. I had bought the soundtrack before seeing the film, since I am a fan of Hans Zimmer’s film scores, and loved the score, so I decided to take a chance and rented it on Itunes.