Month: February 2014

Real Decisions

Hey Everyone! 

The past few days feel like a blur. So many emotions, from frustration, to annoyance to having some light bulb moments. Over the weekend I have fully realized that the Nanny job/career path is not for me, I have just had negative experience after negative experience, among other things. I have heard of success stories, but my experiences were that of having my time wasted, not being taken seriously, and the fact that I do have a life and a job I would be leaving behind, and having to make the decision as to whether to stay or go is of little consequence to at least a couple of the families I had been considering. I know that everyone’s experience is difference, that is just mine. 

I still want to move away from my present location, but I have also realized how much my friends mean to me, and that I don’t want to be so far away from my good friends that I can’t just hop in a car and come see them. Skype is great, for in between visits and making plans for visits, but it just is not the same. For years I wanted to move as far away as I could, but now, I still (which is natural for young people of my age, in my culture) want to move away, and do my own thing. The desire to leave everything and everyone I know completely behind is not there. I still want to make a fresh start somewhere new, but I don’t want to be so far away that I can’t some spend time with my best friend. 

This weekend, was one of decisions, and realizations that come with maturity, and realizing who I am as a person, and what gets me up in the morning (besides the alarm clock). 


Busy is Good

Hey Everyone!

Yesterday, I started learning how to link sweaters at work. That was pretty interesting and kept me busy. After work I ran a couple errands, to start picking up what I would need for my gluten free projects.

Today has been pretty busy. I went out and ran errands earlier, so I could get the rest of what I needed to mix up gluten free flour mixes.

After I got home I spent a couple of hours mixing up two different flour mixes, one for bread and on for more dessertie kind of baked goods. Once I got that done it was about 3:30 or 4:00 and getting close to dinner time.

After dinner I set to work baking. I started out with chocolate chip cookies, which taste good, but spread out too much so they are crumbling. I also made a loaf of gluten free banana bread, and I have a loaf of regular gluten free bread in the oven.

Going gluten free is a bit of trial and error to find what works. It is all part of cooking and baking.


Looking forward to the next few months!

Hey Everyone! 

Is it Friday yet? I get up and go to the job I have because I need the income. 

Being home, and having my own knitting, which I do by hand with a pair of knitting needles is the craft that has really clicked with me. Over the years I have come to use it to help children in need, and that is really where my heart and passion is, in helping children whose situations are much worse than the tough times I have faced. 

Speaking of passion, and where my heart is, being outside going on adventures, hiking and camping with friends is also high up there on my list. I have been chatting with a good friend, and I was reminded of why I like summer. Summer means better weather for outdoor adventures (even though I am not adverse to the rain). I miss going camping, and I am getting antsy to get back outside and go hiking again, or even go to the beach for the day. So the fact that I am getting up in the morning and being a responsible adult (which has its place), means that as the weather gets nicer, I can actually go on more adventures (which I am excited about). I am not really an indoorsy kind of girl. I’d rather be outside exploring new areas, and be exhausted from spending my days in the fresh air. 

Having gone Gluten Free is easier than I thought. While I am not having to watch labels as much, and I can fudge a bit more with gluten than I can with dairy, being super careful with dairy has helped going gluten free be easier. 

Life has been stressful, and a bit frustrating lately, but I am hoping that in the next year I can make changes in my life for the better, and get out of the stalemate rut I feel like I am in. 

Day in my life

Hey Everyone!

I know I have been mum lately. For that I am sorry. The past four months have been a blur with starting the job I have, and all of life that has happened since then. Half the time I have been on the go a lot. So now it feels weird to have nothing to do. While it is nice to have an occasional lazy weekend, I actually have come to enjoy being busy.

When it comes to being on a reduced gluten diet, it is going well. I have definitely noticed that I am feeling a lot better, I have also noticed that I don’t get as hungry mid morning and mid afternoon, even though I am eating the same amount of food, the only difference is that I am eating a whole lot less gluten.  That being said, I am going to stick with eating gluten free food, because it is working well for me.

Beings that we had snow and ice last week, causing a traffic headache, and the city to shut down, I went into work on monday to make up for the hours I missed by leaving early to get home safely. i worked 5 days this week. It worked out to be the same number of hours for the pay period.

A Snowy Saturday

Hey Everyone! 

So, another storm pushed in yesterday bringing more snow to the valley floor (at 150 ft above sea level) yesterday afternoon, and it had not let up much since about 3 pm yesterday afternoon. The snow has turned to sleet which is causing an ice layer to form on the snow that has accumulated over the last couple of days. Snow in and of itself, when prepared for properly isn’t as bad, but add ice to the mix, and it gets bad here. We have a a couple inches of snow where I am, and it had cause the city to shut down. We don’t get weather like this often, usually once every 4 to 5 years. 

I stopped at Whole Foods on my way back to the house from work yesterday (since there is one not to far from where I work), beings that I only had a slice of gluten free bread left, I was in need of more Gluten Free stuff, and I wanted to get it before the weather got worse. Beings that I was already out, and the store was on my way back to the house I stopped. I was able to get most of the stuff that was on two of my lists, the rest of the stuff I can pick up this week, once the snow goes away. 

I have spent most of the time since I got home yesterday baking and knitting. I baked a loaf of Bob’s Red Mill Gluten Free/Dairy Free bread last night, and I baked some Glutino Gluten Free/dairy free Chocolate Chip Cookies today. I started sleeves on the back of the sweater I am working on this morning. The Glutino Chocolate Chip cookies are really good. They will be really good in my lunches this next week. 

Snow and Much More

Hey Everyone!

I know, I haven’t written for a bit. Last weekend I spent the weekend working on knitting projects. I made an entire child size hat for a child in need, as well as made progress on the sweater that I am working on. As of writing this post I am nearly finished with the front, and will only have the back sleeves to do.

Today, we had snow come in, and it dumped at least an inch on the valley floor (which is less that 200 feet above sea level). This doesn’t happen all that often, especially this time of year. If we get snow storms such as this, it usually happens in December or January. Beings that it has been snowing most of the day, and not getting better, I left work early to make sure I would get home safely. In this kind of weather I really miss having a Jeep, with 4 wheel drive.

As for being Gluten Free, it is going well, and I have noticed a difference for the better over the course of the last couple weeks. It is nice to finally feel normal again. Going Gluten Free is in addition to having gone Dairy Free in the last couple of years. Beings that I am feeling better, I seriously need to get more into it, and try different flour blends and see what works and tastes the best for me. That is one of the down sides to the snow, I need to get out and go get more Gluten Free foods, and food in general so that I have food for the next couple of weeks. I have heard for a while (even before my body was telling me that something was  bothering it) that going gluten free would make me feel better. I don’t know if that is true, but beings that I have had a lot of trouble with food over the last 26 months, going Gluten Free was totally worth a try.