Month: June 2014

Feeling loved

Hey Everyone!

The last few days I have been busy. Friday, I think I wrote about in a post. Saturday I spent grocery shopping, going to a baby shower, cooking dinner, and going over to the camp grounds. Sunday I went to all three church services and spent some time with my friends from Los Angeles, and got to be an honorary LA girl for the night. I had also spent time with other friends between services with other friends.

The next couple weeks is gonna see a lot if late nights with friends, and I will be exhausted by the end of camp meeting but it will all be worth it.

At least with keeping busy I will sleep well at night. My friends help keep me busy and loving life.

These upcoming two weeks are not just about spending time with friends, but the fellowship is definitely part of it.


No Time to be Bored

Hey Guys!

I had another busy day today. I spent the morning hanging out at home, waking up, getting food in my belly, started a blog devoted to Gluten Free/Dairy Free baking, cooking, and how having food intolerances has changed/affected my life. While there is a growing awareness about it, unless you have chosen to change your diet (because of food intolerances or you just want to), or someone close to you has had to change their diet (and even then when they aren’t around it is easy to go back to the old ways of doing things…) it isn’t something most people think about on a regular basis. Whereas those of use who have to/choose to go off main stream diets it is something we have to constantly think about because we get hungry and have to eat. I created the blog as a bit of an outlet to share what I have learned over the last two and a half years, as well as getting feedback from others who have similar food intolerances.

This afternoon, I had run to Bob’s Red Mill to pick up another package of gluten free pancake mix since I had used up the last of the other bag this morning for breakfast. Following having gone to Bob’s Red Mill, I went and got coffee, and took a bit of a drive before heading to the campgrounds for a couple hours. While I was there I saw I couple of people I have known for as long as I can remember. My grandpa was their first pastor when they had started coming to church, and after my grandpa had retired from being a pastor, my grandparents had stayed in the general geographical area, so they could continue attending previously mentioned church. Growing up having gone and spent Holiday’s and other times (typically on school breaks), with my grandparents so I got to know these two people. Even after my grandma had passed away and my grandpa had moved to the city I live in, I still saw these two regularly, and they have been a part of my life, pretty much (if not all of) my entire life. They learned something new about me today (even though it is no secret and if you have read my blog/seen my facebook pictures over the past year), that I love being outdoors, going hiking, camping, fishing and so on and so forth. It wasn’t like I was trying to hide it, the subject of shopping had come up (as they had gone and done some) and I had mentioned that I don’t go clothes shopping unless I need something or am dragged along with friends. I had mentioned that I would rather be outdoors gear shopping (like at REI) for hiking boots, camping gear and such, which opened the door to having the outdoorsy girl come out.

I came back to the house for a bit to get some dinner (again the food intolerance wins out over fast food that I would regret later), before heading out to the mall with my mom to pick up a baby gift for one of my second cousins who had a baby. I also got to go to the body shop and pick up some more face wash, make up remover, and I got some satsuma body wash which just smells amazing.

As I am sitting here writing this it is about a quarter to 11 at night, and I am just now settling in to watch a couple vlogs and maybe knit a little before bed.

2 Shower Day and Raspberry Picking

Hey Everyone!

I wasn’t planning on taking two showers today, but I had a change of plans that involved being outside in the rain (yay) but it was muggy (boo) I did some cleaning, and got dirty, so in all it was a good day.

I am actually now kind of stocked for the next couple of weeks. Yesterday I really wasn’t, and the events of the next couple of weeks really hasn’t changed, but I have gotten excited. Part of my lack of enthusiasm has been the fact that I couldn’t really help out on Memorial Day due to having bruised my tailbone a couple weeks prior. That had kind of put me in a slump, but now that I have been around and helped I am getting jazzed.

I want to also mention that I went outside yesterday and picked several pints of raspberries from the bushes that are growing in the backyard. There were enough to eat some and make a small raspberry crisp. It was so good. I love being outside and picking my own fruit and vegetables right off the branches/bushes/whatever they grow on. Coming in with my arms covered in cuts from the bushes, looking like I lost a fight, is totally worth going and picking the berries.

Keeping Myself Busy

Hey Everyone!

I had a busy day today which was totally needed. I went out and dropped off an application at the cooperative grocery store that is about a block from where I used to work, and had gone to fairly often while I worked at my previous job. I stopped by and saw a couple of my former coworkers, and one of my former coworkers had brought her dogs, which are two of the very few dogs I actually like. I have had this long running fear of dogs since I was a kid, because some neighbors that we had, had a couple of mean dogs that would bark and come after you, when you were on your own property doing your own thing. At that time the dogs were also like my size (I was like 2 – 3 and they were full grown labs that had not been trained or socialized) So that made me fearful of all dogs. It has been one of those things that as I have gotten older I have been working on, and having been around Spanky and Bacon (my coworker’s dogs) it has definitely helped. While I am still not a big dog person, and don’t like strange to me dogs running up to me (because I don’t know if they are just friendly or are threatened by me, and want to hurt me), I don’t out and out hate dogs anymore. After having been around spanky and bacon for the past 8 months, I love them, and wouldn’t mind getting a Boston Terrier of my own.

After I spent some time with them, I went to the bakery a few blocks away, where everything they make and serve is Gluten Free and Vegan. Beings that I can’t eat Gluten or Dairy, I love finding bakeries that make stuff for those who can’t or choose not to have the mainstream food ingredients. I had gotten a Lemon Lavender Poppy seed cupcake, and it was amazing!

This morning and early afternoon I had gotten the last two of my knitting tutorials uploaded to my knitting YouTube channel, and while I was out I filmed for a vlog today.

I came home, and got to work doing some baking, which resulted in a Gluten Free/Dairy Free bread baking tutorial vlog, and I mixed up some snickerdoodle’s which are not gluten free, but they aren’t for me. I did that before dinner, as well as got my bread tutorial edited and uploading. I also got my what I did today vlog edited, and uploading before baking snickerdoodles. I am now hanging how, waiting on my vlog to finish uploading, and working on some knitting trying to relax, and getting some blog posts written.

Easy Smoked Chipotle Chicken


– a small package (vs a jumbo package)
– 2 tablespoons (roughly) mayonnaise
– 1 individual Swanson chicken flavor boost packet
– 1.5 teaspoon of smoked paprika
– 1 tablespoon of Mrs. Dash southwest chipotle seasoning

•Preheat oven to 350* Farenhait
•Line an oblong Pyrex dish with foil
•in a small bowl mix together the Mayonnaise, flavor booster, smoked paprika and Mrs. Dash
•lay the chicken in the lined Pyrex
•coat the top of the chicken with the seasoning mixture
•bake in the preheated oven for about 40 minutes or until done

Sunday Cooking

Hey Everyone!

I finally did some cooking today, and have some chicken in the oven. I mixed up a package of chicken flavor booster with some Mayo, Smoked Paprika and Mrs. Dash Southwest chipotle seasoning. My mom had found a recipe that really didn’t look that good (essentially spicy coconut milk chicken). It didn’t appeal to me, so I did my own seasoning that appealed to me. Beings that it is summer, smoke flavor and a southwestern spice mix was what was appealing. I had a piece of my chicken for dinner and it was really good. I will write a post on how I made it.

I also spent some time clearing out a bit of my nook library. I just cleared out/archived what I knew I wouldn’t read.

This evening I also made a batch of dairy free tapioca pudding for myself since I wanted something a bit sweet, that would also not make me sick. I use an old recipe that has been around for years, and just replace the regular milk with Almond Coconut milk

Why I chose to start Wearing Makeup

Hey Everyone!

I am not one of these girls who has to wear makeup everyday or My day is ruined. There definitely days or adventures I go on when I don’t wear make up for various reasons, such as it is really raining or really hot, so it would either be messed up by rain or sweat. I don’t see the point in putting it on just to ruined by the elements.

I also wasn’t raised in an environment where wearin make up was normal, so I had to teach myself all that I know. By the time I was in college I started wearing it because I wanted to and there was no one telling me no or that I couldn’t.

I had kind of back off in recent years, but recently I started wearing it more regularly. I don’t wear it to send a message or anything. I wear it because I want to, and because I like how it makes me look. A friend of mine had once told me that I should not wear it or not wear it because of what others say or feel about it, but that I should do it for myself. I also heard it said that in wearing makeup that it should look like you aren’t wearing any (ie it should be tasteful and not over the top like girls who go overboard) which I tend to agree with. Using it to bring out natural features, to cover up blemishes, and look presentable is why I use it.

Yes beauty is more than skin deep, but skin deep is how a lot of people get their first impressions of a person. I want to look good, feel good about myself and feel that I look my best.

I have been given grief about wearing make up, and about how I am a pretty girl who doesn’t need it. My response to that is that while I don’t “need” make up to be a pretty girl, I wear it because I feel better about myself, and that is worth wearing it in and of itself. They can be jealous if they want, but I won’t let their jealousy or ignorance of life for young women now days stop me from doing the little things for myself.

My point is, I chose to wear makeup and have a stash of it on hand because I wanted it, and I stopped listening to what others were telling me on the debate of to wear it or not to wear it.