Month: August 2014

Summer is Winding Down

This morning I woke up to a gray blanket covering the skies above me, and the air heavy with the smell of rain. I woke up to an amazing morning. The gray blanket the covers our skies is a comforting, light filtering blanket that calms my mind. I love the smell of impending rain on a summer’s day. 

I am enjoying this late summer/early fall day enjoying the gray skies, a cup of tea, and my knitting. 


Downtown Portland Lunch Breaks

Monday through Wednesday of this week I had to spend downtown for Jury Duty. I had gotten on a case, which meant that I spent most of my day in a tiny courtroom or a tiny jury room. Beings that we were able to leave during our 1.5 hour lunch break, I went to Pioneer Place every day and ate my lunch in the food court. Afterward I would walk around downtown Portland a bit just to be outside before having to go back into those small rooms. 

The first day I kind of just walked up past Pioneer Courthouse Square and the Pioneer Courthouse. The second day I walked up to Broadway, and walked down Broadway a few blocks before heading back to the courthouse. Yesterday (day three) I stuck closer to the courthouse and just walked around a bit. 

I don’t spend a lot of time downtown (like 2 times a year max). Since College, I have only gone downtown because I had Jury Duty, went to the Chinese Gardens, or was in New York. 

Being downtown the past few days really reminded me that I am not a city girl at heart. I am very much a small town country girl, even though I grew up in the city. 

Portland is nowhere near the size of New York, but even as it is, Downtown is busy. There is still some elbow room on sidewalks I am just not a fan of all the concrete, the smell of fast food places and the homeless on a hot day, that I would take being in a small town any day. 

I did walk around a bit, and took a few pictures, just because I am not down there very often and I don’t know when I will be down there next. 

Jury_Duty 004


This is the Pioneer Courthouse which is one of the two federal courthouses in Portland, This Courthouse is used as the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit, where as the newer federal courthouse a few blocks away is where federal cases in Oregon are heard. Construction of this building began in 1869, and it is one of the oldest federal buildings west of the Mississippi. I have read that it is the oldest federal building in the Pacific Northwest and the second oldest west of the Mississippi. 

Jury_Duty 018

Jury_Duty 010

World Forestry Center

Hey Everyone! 

Today’s Adventure was to the World Forestry Center in Washington Park (across the road from the zoo). A friend of my suggested going, and beings that I had never been before, I was game for going and seeing it. It was definitely a cool experience. 

I have grown up around forest covered mountains and hills. I have also seen what clear cut logging can do to a mountainside. I have also seen what a volcanic eruption can do to a forest. There were displays at the forestry center talking about how in some regions, once a forest is cut down, the likelihood that it can be replanted and thrive is slim. As much as I hate seeing treeless mountains, we have a decent enough climate that trees can be replanted and have the forest return in a reasonable amount of time. 

I loved that this museum definitely had hands on exhibits. I may be “grown up” but I still love the hands on stuff and being able to feel stuff and try stuff. 

The Pioneer Church at the Baker Cabin

Hey Everyone! 

Church 017I have developed this tradition, that on the first day of Vacation Bible School, after I finish helping with Vacation Bible School, I go on a bit of an Adventure. Today’s adventure was going and finding the Pioneer Church at the Baker Cabin, and the adventure was in getting there. seriously. I had pulled up the map on my IPOD before I left, and starting out I took the right turn but didn’t take the next proper turn so I went past it, and then eventually turned around and then took a different road (passing it again on the way back), and then when I was on the other road I pulled off and looked closer at the map, realizing I had passed in on the first road. I had to turn around again, but I eventually found it. There are no directional signs, and you have to actually know where you are going to find it. Getting there is half the fun, and a huge part of the adventure. 

The Church dates back to 1895, and was moved to the Cabin site (which dates back to 1856) in 1967. 

I have been interested in the history of the American West and the Old West for years now. The buildings that are still around from that period, love seeing. Not just because of the history attached but the architecture itself is amazing. There is something about old architecture that is pretty awesome. 


An Evening At Home

Hey Everyone! 

I had not gone to the town I consider home since I want to say April. I there for my “niece’s” first birthday party, but haven’t been back until last night. Once summer started I have been pretty busy. 

I wasn’t planning on going home, but like most of my trips back, they occur with very little forethought, and more or less on a whim or spur of the moment. The night before VBS starts is totally last minute. Someone I know from down there, had their car brake down up here, so they needed a right back, so I went home and took them with me. 

It was so good to see my church family again. I still know the area like the back of my own hand. It is still very familiar, but different in a way. 

I needed a trip home to the small rural country towns, that are semi in the middle of nowhere. 

At the same time it feels like nothing has really changed. My church family is still my church family, and I still fit right in there. 

Figuring out Who I am.

Hey Everyone! 

I have been busy the past few days working on a big project I set out for myself to complete in two weeks, and it consists of knitting up two separate projects. 

Of late I have also been interested in the farm life, and what being a farmer’s wife is like. I recently found this blog that I have fallen in love with reading. I started watching the Adam’s Farm segments of Country File on YouTube several months back, and I love watching each episode. 

Why I love farm life and the Homesteading lifestyle is in part because it is in my blood, but also because 4 years of living in a small town shined a light on why I was so bored in the city. The fast paced lifestyle, and having access to everything pretty much whenever you want it, holds no value or importance to me. In living in a small town I grew to love the slower pace of life, and how much open space there was, and how close I was to the mountains and the beach. Don’t get me wrong, I am used to having a grocery store that has everything I am used to, and a bigger city close enough by to make a day trip out of going shopping.

Now that I have to worry more about what I eat, I have become a tad bit more picky about what I like when it comes to that stuff that having a bigger city within a couple hours from me, where I can go an stock up for a while is definitely preferable, but I am more bored being in the city that I am not being in the big city. Having my own place, and keeping food in it that is healthy that sounds good sounds amazing right now. I would love to be able to do my own grocery shopping again, and create meal plans that are not only based off of what I can or cannot eat, but also based on what is in season. I love food, and picking the right foods that are good for you can really make the difference in how you feel. 


Life Update

Hey Everyone! 

The past few days I have been working on knitting up a couple of projects for a friend, which I can’t really go into much detail yet, as they are a surprise. 

For the last couple of weeks I have really been missing the beach. I have spent plenty of time around the area I was at a couple of weeks ago, but something about this trip, I felt like I had found a missing piece to the puzzle. While I would need a job to take me there, I am also trying to not rule out really anywhere, I totally have preferences of places I already know that I love spending time. 

I am also getting ready for vacation bible school as it is coming up in about a week and a half. I actually enjoy spending a week’s worth of mornings working with kids. I know that it is not something I want to do as a career (being a teacher or working at a daycare) but on the short term it is fun.