Month: October 2014

Perfect Fall Adventure

Hey Everyone!

It has been an amazingly perfect fall day, so I had to get out and go on an adventure. I didn’t venture super far from “home”, but it was still an adventure.

I know I went to the Pioneer Church at the Baker Cabin back in August. I decided to again now that the weather has changed. I wanted to see the difference a season could make and then share it with all of you who read my blog.

After I had gone to the pioneer church, I had gone up to the cemetery to see my grandparents. All four of my grandparents are in the same cemetery which makes going to see where they are buried easy.

I love fall, the cooler temperatures, the overcast gray skies, the awesome clothes, and the way the air smells. It is like an old handmade blanket that is comforting and familiar.






Two trips home in two days

This weekend I really just needed to get out of town for a few hours. So both Saturday and Sunday I had gone home for a few hours. Going home last night was something I really needed, to see my church family there. Being there I always feel at home and like I never left until I have to be heading back up here to the city. I had to move away after college because I didn’t have a job, and could not continue paying for my apartment.

I have been back in the city for over 4 years now, and between that and a lack of jobs has taken its toll on me. There is more to life than being unemployed, stuck at your parents house in a city you don’t like. Going home and visiting is really what keeps me going. Hoping that one day I can move back. I know now it is where I am supposed to be, I now need a job in that area that I can support myself on. Being there in college was the first time and place I could really be myself, and not put on an act because people don’t accept who I really am here.

I love the three towns, which are all fairly close to each other. I consider all 3 to be home, as it wouldn’t matter which one I lived in, I would regularly be in all 3.