Month: January 2015

I love the Chinese Garden

Hey Everyone!

DSC00035This morning and early afternoon I had spent my time at the Lan Su Chinese Garden here in Portland, as they are currently having their 9 free days (Free Admission with a non-perishable food item or cash donation to the Oregon Food Bank), which is an awesome event. This is the third year my friend and I have been going to this event. We love it. We get there just before it opens, so we can be some of the first ones who get in, and have the most room to move around and take in the Garden. We also take time and stop in at the Tea House and get tea and treats. It was a very relaxing, unstressed, much needed time with a good friend to catch up on life, and other goings on in our busy lives. Going to the Chinese Garden during their free days has become a tradition¬†for my friend and I.We have braved the cold (well, in the 20’s is bitter cold for Portland)…. the driving rain (last year it just poured), and the typical winter weather to get outside and do something we both love, and enjoy doing.DSC00027 As we have gotten older and had more going on, it has been harder to coordinate¬†schedules and get together. The last time I can remember hanging out with here was back in August, after we had both helped with Vacation Bible School one morning.

I love the Chinese Garden, not only is it a traditional Chinese Garden, but from what I have heard it is the most authentic Chinese Garden outside of China, which is pretty awesome. I love how it is not just the garden itself, but the designer and architect also incorporated the traditional architecture into the the garden. I love the garden itself, but the architecture fascinates me to no end. Of all the plants that are in the garden, I have to say that my favorite has to be the Winter Sweet bush, it blooms in the winter, and smells so amazing. You could smell it from the next corridor over.

088The Garden is so serene and peaceful. I don’t get there often, but I love spending time there when I do. It is one of the few places in this city that I actually like spending time in. Like I mentioned earlier, I love the architecture here. It is in part the historical value, as well as traditional cultural value that is there, not to mention is is out of the norm of what I normally see every day. I love that it is more simplistic, and clean. Being there is like going to another place and time. The best part is spending time in the teahouse, sipping tea, trying something new, using teapots and cup from another culture and period in history. I had been looking forward to today for a couple weeks now, and I had an amazing day spent in one of my favorite places, with a good friend. I think Winnie the Pooh and Tigger had fun tagging along on this adventure as well. I love that Pooh and Tigger have gone on two adventures this week, their last adventure of 2014 and their first adventure of 2015. I am trying to take advantage of every opportunity that I have, and right now I am having a lot of fun. I am working on saving money so that I can take more adventures, and one of these days move out, and see where I go from here.