Month: February 2015

a Much Needed BEACH DAY!!!!!!!!!!!

Good Evening to All!

I haven’t been home very long at all from having spent most of the day at the beach. I met up with one of my friends, and we had headed out mid morning. I drove and got us to the beach just fine. We stopped at one of the State Parks in the area of Rockaway Beach, and walked along the beach and then back for about an hour and a half. We continued on to Cannon Beach, where we ate at Mo’s, and then went down on the beach again there, before heading north yet again to Seaside where i spent time wandering around the shops and then ending the evening on the beach again, freezing our butts off to watch the sun set over the Pacific Ocean.

IMG_0020You don’t have to ask me twice to go to the beach. I also don’t mind driving. I am comfortable enough with going to the beach that even with not knowing for sure where I am going, I can still get around. If all else fails I know I have google maps on my phone. I also know that if the ocean is to my left I am heading north, and if it is to my back I am heading east.

Today’s goal was just to relax, and forget about real life for a while, and the mission was a success. Even with being a bit cold at the end of the day, I was totally in my zone, and I was someplace I love, doing what I love, enjoying life with a good friend. Even though, there are many times I go back to the same beaches, each time is different, whether it is with a different person, or different day, each time is different and unique.

I don’t know if I have mentioned it in previous posts, but for me, the beach, the ocean, the sights and sounds of them are calming and soothing to me. The ocean is a powerful force of nature that is a force to be reckoned with, and has claimed hundreds of thousands, if not more lives. That power has a beauty to it, as well as a calming force. It is like the sun, and the moon, it will always be there, and the waves will continually come crashing into the shore. The tides change, but the fact that the waves roll in, and there is the constant roar that is amazing, it is the original white noise machine.

I love the whole sand between the toes feeling, and coming home, and having to wash sand out of my hair for days even when I just sat on the sand, if even that. I love coming home and smelling like the beach, which is a combination of campfires, salty sea air, and having been outside. I love that smell.

IMG_0107Spending that much time with a good friend, and picking up where we had left off is also amazing. There are different dynamics with different friends, and it is amazing to be reminded on a regular basis on what it is like to have fun.

Having spent so much time outside, walking around, driving there and back, and swinging on the swing set I got a good workout in today. Being outside walking along the beach, breathing in the air, exploring, these are the kinds of days that bring out the best in me, and give me energy to get up each day.


This is Why I Love my Life

Hey Everyone!

IMG_0133Today I went on an amazing adventure with one of my friends. We had gone up to Forest Park and Hiked along one of the trails for a a fair ways. This was also my second outing with my new hiking boots, and I have to say that my new boots are working out great. They have good support as well as good tread for being out on the unpaved trails. This was their first proper hike. I am looking forward to many more adventures with them. I had also used the REI Flash 22 pack I had bought in the Black Friday sale. I have to say that I love it, and I am going to be using it a lot more often.

We had been wanting to go out for a hike for a while, and I had checked the weather forecast about a week ago, and the weather for today looked like it was supposed to be nice, so we too the chance and planned a hike for today. Today turned out to be gorgeous. We had wanted to check out the old stone structure in Macleay Park, so we did and kept hiking. Today was absolutely beautiful. It was cool, but not cold, and it wasn’t too hot either which was fantastic for being out hiking. The sun also burned off the clouds and was beautiful by the end of the hike. We had found some large pieces of logs in which we had taken the time to eat a mid morning snack. The trail along the creek was beautiful. Being outside and moving, and going was amazing. I loved the feeling of being out and being free. I love being outdoors. It brings out the best in me and actually makes me feel alive and like I am actually living. We finished up our hike around 1:00 this afternoon, and from there we went to go see a couple of old homesteads in NE Portland.

IMG_0144The first homestead we went to was the Zimmerman Homestead, which dates back to the 1850’s. The property used to be a dairy farm, but has since been downsized to the 6 acres it currently sits on. The old Farmhouse still remains, and is amazing to see. The collection in the house is a closed collection, which means that everything in there, was owned by the family that had built and owned the house. Not only is the architecture amazing, but the historical value of the collection is fantastic. From what I remember, three generations of the family had owned and lived in the house, which is incredible. We were not allowed to take pictures inside the house, so my friend and I respected that, and hence there will be no pictures from inside the house. The second was the Heslin House. Both of these houses were amazing to go visit, and explore.

Today was amazing, and it stood out, and reminded me that for all the days I get up and go to work, I can enjoy the days I am able to go do stuff like this, and work my way to the career I really want.

Fort Vancouver

Hey Everyone!

Today was a beautiful day, and I have been antsy to go do something for several days now. I was going stir crazy sitting in an office all week. I needed to go, move, and do something. Yesterday I decided that I would take today, and go to Fort Vancouver, which is just across the Columbia River from Portland.

I love History, and this is history in the physical. I got to explore, and just wander around and take it in.

The Fort itself dates back to the first the early 19th century (1824), by the Hudson’s Bay Company as a fur trading post, and was later used as military post.

I love exploring the old forts we have West of the Mississippi, that got their beginnings through the French, IMG_0644British, and eventually through early American exploration and migration. I also love the architecture of the outpost and military structures from the 19th century and early 20th century. Beings that it was originally a fur trading outpost, and over the years has had the French, English and American influences, they at least had Blue Willow China in the dining areas, which to me is quintessential British imperialist and early American Fine China. Even the small details were looked after.

Today, I felt like I was actually in my favorite place, of being outdoors, exploring history, taking pictures, taking in all I saw, heard, smelled, and felt, knowing that at the end of the day I would come home tired, and yet looking forward to sitting down and writing about my day.

IMG_0614The fort in and of itself is on the small side, I had walked through it, taking my time in like 45 minutes to an hour. I then left the fort and continued on to walking over to the Barracks which are about an several hundred feet from the fort itself. The Infantry Barracks were built in 1907, and reminded me architecturally  of what I had seen at Fort Columbia when I had been there. Military Barracks of that Era all have a similar look to them, even with their differences you can tell what Era they are from.

I had also walking along Officer’s Row, which is where all the amazing houses are. I was all but drooling over the houses as I walked passed. I was in awe. I am a huge fan of that particular era and style of architecture. They are so big and grand without being too big and too grand.

Today was an amazing day and an amazing adventure that I so desperately needed. Today I was seriously loving my life, and loving my adventurous independent streak that I have had my entire life. I also gave my new Hiking Boots their maiden adventure, and I have to say that I am loving them. I am looking forward to testing them out on the actual hiking trails.





New Hiking Boots

Hey Everyone!

Today I went to the mall, so that I could go to REI and got a pair of hiking boots. I got a pair of Merrell Moab boots. I wanted a pair that came up over my ankles, because I have a weak left ankle. I had badly sprained it when I was 15, and it never healed properly.

I love going hiking and being in the great outdoors. There are so many places I want to go hiking. I know that to be able to go on some of the longer, bigger hikes I need to get in shape to do.