Month: March 2015

Good Things come to Those who Wait

Hey Everyone!

I went home again this afternoon/evening for the second week in a row. This weekend has been one of those weekends where I just needed to go and do something, and get out of the big city. Tonight I got to be home, in the towns I love so much. I also got to put on my “auntie” hat, and be auntie to my friend’s kids. I love them so much. I got to hold their foster daughter for the first time when she was 6 months old, and had waited patiently for the day I got to hold her. I waited until my friend asked me if I wanted to hold her, rather than asking to hold her myself. The first few months that they had her, were busy for them, and they needed time to bond with her. Beings that Little Miss is their foster daughter I wanted to let them initiate letting me hold her. They are great parents, and I knew when they were ready and things had calmed down I would get my turn to hold her, and I am glad I didn’t try to push the subject without knowing or before they were ready. Baby Girl is now almost 2, and back in their care, and I still get to hold her when she (Little Miss) will come to me, and my friends aren’t trying to get all the kids out the door to go home.

Getting to hold Little Miss is just an example of why there are times and situations where it does pay off to be patient and let someone else gives you the opportunity in their time, even when you would like to have had it happen sooner.

There was something there this morning nudging me, to go home this evening. I am glad I listened to my gut and went. I felt like a couple of things became clearer for me, in terms of life stuff.


Why I don't go Hiking Alone

Hey Everyone!

While I do consider myself to be very independent, and I do go and do a lot of stuff on my own, going hiking alone is not one of them. That is a decision I had to come to myself. While the whole possibility of being sexually assaulted, kidnapped and killed by another human being has factored into this decision, it is not the sole factor in it.

Getting Lost, stuck, critically injured, or attacked by a wild animal somewhere more remote without cell service, and that isn’t traveled enough for anyone to hear my screams and cries for help for hours if not days is also a huge part of why I don’t go hiking alone. I firmly believe that there are safety in numbers, and I don’t go hiking alone just to be on the safe side. This last list of reasons applies to guys and girls as to why Hiking Alone has its risks.

Just Needing to Drive.

Hey Everyone!

It feels like I have been going to the coast about every other weekend. Something about being at the coast feels normal to me, and it is such a part of my life. I know it would cost more to live there, especially in terms of gas of finding someplace closer than the Portland Metro area that sells almond coconut milk. I would also need to come to the metro area specifically for going to Bob’s Red Mill, and to get the skin care products I use. Fortunately the mall, and the Body Shop are like 10 minutes from Bob’s Red Mill, and there is a couple of Safeway Stores, a Bi Mart, and a Fred Meyer store roughly 10 minutes away from there. So, really I could do a major stock up every couple of months in the metro area of the things I absolutely couldn’t go without that are more readily available here, and then do the bulk of the rest of my shopping there. I would like to support the local economy wherever I move as much as possible, but there are some foods and skin care products that I have found that work for me. Fortunately Portland to the Coast is only about a 90 minute to 2 hour trip, and I would just make a day of it, and maybe see my parents while I was in town.

After having kind of a rough day yesterday, I needed to just go somewhere and drive. So, drive I did. I loved that I only used 1 actual interstate, all the other roads I used were state highway’s. Highway 26 from just west of Hillsboro to just outside downtown is a true freeway (3 lanes each direction, with heavy traffic any day of the week). All the rest of the time, I was on 2 – 3 lane highways. The 3 lanes was if there was a center turn lane, or 1 lane going one direction, and two lanes going the other.

Going to the beach is always a favorite adventure of mine. I would live at the coast if I had the opportunity.

I cannot get enough of the coast. 

Good Evening All!

Today I drove to the coast, as I needed to get out and get away from the city, and the stressful and frustrating stuff that has been going on the past couple of weeks. 

I took the freeway down to Salem, and went out from there to Lincoln City, where I went down on the beach. I love being at the coast. I love gray misty days, that hold the smell of campfires in the air, as it mixes with the salty sea air. 

I then drove down to Newport, where I stopped at the yaquina bay lighthouse, and stopped at Dutch Bros, before heading back over the mountains. By the time I got to Philomath I needed to make a rest stop, so I stopped at where I went to college before finishing the trip. I left the school about 5:30, and I was expecting typical parking lot type traffic all the way back. The trip took only a little longer than normal, but traffic was incredibly light for any commute, especially a rush hour commute. 

I went home! 

Hey Everyone!

One of my friends had told me earlier in their week that I should go do something spontaneous and fun today, so I did. I went home. I spent four amazing, tough, trying, all worth it years of my living in this amazingly beautiful area that helped shape who I am today.

It took me a couple years to really make it my home. By the end of my sophomore year of college, it was more my home that living in the big city ever have been. I made friends, and I had a second family. I still visit home quite often. I knew when I had to leave I was leaving my heart there. I love it there, and I don’t know when or how but I believe I will live there again one day. I took an additional drive that was typical of ones I took at the end of the term, to clear my head after a long stressful term. The foothills of the coast range is a beautiful place to take drives. I love thy I know that area so well that I can find my way back with ease. That area really helped me find out who I really am. So this adventure was a bit bittersweet and yet filled with hope that one day, hopefully soon I can call it home for real soon.