Month: June 2015

Northern Oregon Coast Forts

Hey Everyone!

Today I really needed to get out of the city and go on an adventure on my own. 

I drove out to Astoria, and went to Fort Stevens and the reconstructed Fort Clatsop. I have loved exploring fort Stevens for years. Fort Clatsop is cool, but once you have seen it once, you have seen it. It isn’t even the original, it is the second reconstruction of it. The history of it, is just a blur of a few months while the Corps of Discovery wintered out here. 

I am partial to Fort Stevens and Fort Columbia over Fort Clatsop. With the first two forts, Fort Stevens being on the Oregon side and Fort Columbia being on the Washington side of the Columbia River. Their history is much longer, there is more to explore, they were used and in operation during 2 or more wars, and the impact that they each had on thousands of lives during their years of operation is incredible. Each person stationed there left behind parents, siblings, possibly a spouse and children. 

With Fort Stevens and Fort Columbia being the actual forts that were used, you can actually see, touch, and to a certain extent, smell, hear, and feel what the soldiers who were stationed there experienced. To be able to look out and see the town of Astoria, and smell the salty sea air, or even better smell the wood smoke from a fire combined with the salty sea air, in my book that smell is one of my two favorite smells (the other is when fall is coming and you can smell it in. The air). 

There was so much to explore and so much left unexplored for another trip. 

There was one bunker that was locked, that I really wanted to figure out how to get into and go Exploring. But I didn’t since it was locked. I am one of those girls who isn’t afraid of climbing up things or getting dirty or hot and sweaty while on an adventure, and doing what I love. 



Adventure Bucketlist Check Off

Hey Everyone! 

I am writing this post as a frame of reference of what I have done adventure wise. 

I have done and seen the following things (in no particular order)

•see all the Oregon Coast Lighthouses

•Eat clam chowder at eat Mo’s Location (I completed this before I became dairy intolerant)

•Hike Silver Falls

•Hike to the top of Multnomah Falls

•travel 3000 Miles away in my own

•Spend the 4th of July in Manhattan and see the Fireworks

•Visit Canada

•Go to a Marine Corps Boot Camp Graduation

•visit Old Town San Diego

•Ride in the cab of the Train Engine with the engineer for the duration of the trip

•Visit Fort Columbia

•Visit Fort Stevens

•Visit Hawaii

•visit the Arizona Memorial in Pearl Harbor

•Explore the USS Missouri 

•See the Palace in Honolulu 

•see the Dole Plantation

•Get a sunburn while sitting on Sunset Beach on Oahu’s North Shore

•Hike into the Waimea Canyon

Letting Go of a part of my History

Hey Everyone!

Everyday of this weekend I have gone on some sort of Adventure. I have spent a lot of time in the car this weekend, which I am ok with. 

This afternoon and evening I had gone back down to where I had lived and attended college for four years. I had gone down to see friends and their kids. 

I stopped back through where I had gone to school, before heading back to the city. While I still love the Mid-valley, and it was the first place I really considered to be home, I have changed over the past few months and this place has changed for me. Like there is no future for me there anymore. It will still hold a special place in my heart, as being my first home of my own, and a place where I made a lot of great memories, but I am ready to move forward and give another town the opportunity to be called my home. 

The scenery is beautiful, as it is in the middle of Farm, Wine and Hops country, at the foothills of the coast range. Where I went to college is the oldest public university in the state of Oregon, it was established in 1856, 3 years before Oregon became a State. 

This building is one of the oldest buildings, if not the oldest building on campus. It used to be bigger and had a bell tower, until the Columbus Day Storm took out part of the building. 


Beach: 2 trips, 1 week

Hey Everyone!

Like I mentioned yesterday, my weekend has not been going according to plan and I am ok with that. Yesterday a friend of mine invited me to go to the beach and go for an excursion on the train he was running. He and I are just friends, and we’re just hanging out. Getting to ride up in the cab of the train engine was an amazing experience. 

It was a lot of fun, and afterward I stopped at one of the nearby state parks to go down on the beach for a little bit. It was a last minute invite to go out there today and I went with my gut and did it. 

The excursion went along the Nehalem River, and it was absolutely gorgeous.   



Everything is Coming up Roses

Hey Everyone!

Today’s itinerary did not go according to plan and I am glad it strayed from the plan as it did. I will talk more about why in a post later this weekend. 

Today I had gone up to Washington Park, and had gone to the international test rose garden. It was the perfect day, mid 70’s, so it was warm but not to hot and not freezing cold either. The sun was out, you could see Mt. Hood. The flowers were in full bloom, and absolutely gorgeous. While roses aren’t my favorite flower, I do like them, and having grown up in the city of roses you kind of learn to love them even if they aren’t your favorite flower. I love rose gardens, there is something about them that is so awesome. 

I am trying to get out and explore more of the city while I still live here. 

Before I left Washington Park I stopped and saw Peggy, the old steam engine that was used for logging and now sits outside the world forestry center. She is a magnificent piece of machinery.    


Too Hot in the City

Hey Everyone! 

Today got hot, while I don’t know what the official high was today in Portland, I know it was hot (like upper 80’s to low 90’s), so I took off for the beach. 

My trip to the beach started with a short stop in Tillamook, to get something to eat, before going to Rockaway Beach, where I spent time on the beach and wading in the ocean. 

About 2 this afternoon I was winding down with being on the beach, but was not ready to ready back inland so I drive up to Astoria, and went to Fort Clatsop, and took a walk through the woods before leaving to head back to the big city. The site of Fort Clatsop is where Lewis and Clark and the Corps of Discovery spent the winter of 1805 – 1806, the “fort” is actually the second reconstruction of the fort, after the first reconstruction burned a few years ago. This reconstruction was based more on what was actually known about the real Fort Clatsop, which is pretty cool. I loved the way the fort smelled. Between the wood and everything else there, it smelled amazing. 

All in all today has been an amazing day, I spent a lot of time driving and it was totally worth it. N drive I kept moving, kept going, kept seeing the scenery. Today I was reminded of why I love Oregon, and why it would be hard (but possible) for me to leave. Every time I go to the beach it recharges me and helps me keep pushing forward to keep striving to find a paying job to do what I love doing.