Month: July 2015

Oregon Coast Scenic Railroad

Hey Everyone!

I have been stuck in the city for the past 3 weeks and began developing a case of cabin fever about the time my cold started so I have spent the past week and a half sick and stuck inside when all I wanted was to be out roaming free. Today was the first day off that I have had since I have felt better. 

   I have been wanting to go on the Oregon Coast Scenic Railroad excursion train between Rockaway Beach and Garibaldi for the past several months, especially since they have been doing a lot of work on upgrading the tracks and stuff. I had been on it about a year ago, and it was rather bumpy, since they have been working on it, it was a lot smoother of a ride.

It was awesome to be at the beach, once outside of Tillamook it smelled awesome. Tillamook just smells like cow manure. The air in Rockaway Beach smelled like the ocean (duh) and camp fires (hopefully they were contained to fire pits as the fire danger is extremely high for here). It smelled amazing. 

Riding the train was amazing, they were using the Heisler #2 engine, while the McCloud #25 is down for maintenance. Both the Heisler and the McCloud are actual steam engines, which I love. Steam Engines are my favorite, the look amazing, sound amazing, and of great historical significance. 

I had hit road construction on the way out to the coast, as well as knowing what traffic is like in the metro area during rush hour which is made worse in that area because the air show started today, so I wanted to avoid that area on the way back. With that in mind I had sent my “sister” a text to see if she would be up for having me drop by on my way back inland to say hi and see her and the kids, which I did. 



Oregon Rail Heritage Center

Hey Everyone!

I had been planning this trip for like seriously 2 weeks, since one of my friends had told me about it. 

Yesterday I had gone to the Oregon Rail Heritage Center. It is down on SE Water St, in Portland, across the street from Omsi. Finding someplace to park was a pain. In the butt, and I had to walk, several blocks. 

In the heritage center there were four engines, three were steam engines the other was a Diesel engine. They were massive. The wheels one the steam engines were as tall as me. One of the engines was undergoing it’s 15 year boiler check thing. I had the process explained to me a couple of weeks ago by someone I know who works on trains. 

I was a little disappointed that I couldn’t actually go inside any of them, and see the inside of them.