Month: August 2015

Seattle Trip

Hey Everyone! 

I left yesterday morning and headed up to the Tacoma and Seattle area. I took one of my friends and her sister up to Tacoma as they were going up for the weekend so they rode up with me. We stopped in Chehalis on the way up for a bathroom break. I had made the comment as we were getting back into the car to keep going that we had made it in and out of the small town grocery store without seeing anyone we knew, and I jinxed it. My friend was like “Erica, is that???” I turn to look in the direction she is looking and I am like “yes it is.” And I go after said person, because I have known him my entire life and he is a second dad to me. He was like “what on earth are you doing here?” So we told him. 

Once we got to Tacoma, we dropped my friends sister off before heading over to where my Dad, uncle and many others we know went to High School. It sits on a hill overlooking commencement bay.  

 The exterior she’ll was designed as a French Chateau, and was intended to be a Railroad Hotel, but due to a financial panic in the late 19th century it was never completed as such and then a fire gutted the interior. It was later bought by the city and was turned into a High School, which it has been used as since 1906. The exterior was also used as the exterior of the high school in 10 things I hate about you with Heath Ledger and Julia Stiles.

I checked into my hotel and we had gone to dinner and a movie before I took her back to her parents house, before heading back o the hotel to o to bed. 

I got up this morning, showered, got a little bit of food that I could eat at the hotel before checking out and going to Seattle for VloggerFair. I went to a gluten free vegan bakery up there for baked goods to finish out my breakfast, while I was trying to find a parking spot by the bakery I accidentally found the Fremont Troll.  

 I got a little lost again getting to the convention center, so I was able to get a few pictures of the space needle.   

I finally got there, as was able to get pictures with all my favorite vloggers, who were there. Ellie and Jared, The Chick’s Life – James, Ashley and Baby Chick, The Daily Bumps – Bryan and Missy (Ollie was with his auntie Cassy) as well as Cullen & Katie and their little girl Macey Gaines. 

I had also tried to go to Pikes Place market so I could go to the Original Starbucks and get the Pikes Place “you are here” collection mug, as well as the Seattle mug. That didn’t work out. Traffic was horrible and there were too many people. I eventually got food, gas in my car and coffee while on my way back to Portland. 

Over all it was a good weekend.