Month: January 2016

Scouters Mountain 

Hey Everyone!

I hope you are all having a good day!

Yesterday a friend of mine and I went for a hike at Scouter’s Mountain in Happy Valley. 

I had seriously needed to get outside and go hiking. I had felt like I had been stuck inside for far too long, especially with all the rain we have had te past couple of months. 

Even though Scouter’s Mountain is in the city, it feels like it is I the middle of the country. I love being in the woods, especially after it has rained. I bought hiking boots a while back and I love putting them to good use. I also love being able to get a bit dirty in the process. 

Yesterday the temperature got into the mid or upper 50’s and it felt like spring outside, and it wasn’t raining so it was a perfect day to get outside and go for a hike, yet was still damp and a bit muddy, and it smelled amazing. I love the way the woods smell after it has rained. 

I am very much the type of girl who knows how to “act like a lady” when I need to, and when the situation calls for it. Given the choice I would rather be outside exploring, going for a hike, taking in my surroundings and enjoying nature. 



First Beach Trip of the Year

Hi Everyone!

That was totally unexpected, yesterday morning as we were eating breakfast mom was like “let’s go the beach”, and I am I was like “let’s do it!” So we did. 

There was one place my mom wanted to get to before it closed, which was easy enough, otherwise we just went where we wanted, when we wanted. We stopped at where I had gone to college to use the facilities before continuing on. 

We stopped in Lincoln City for lunch and to get some salt water taffy before going to Depoe Bay and Newport. We stopped at a coffee shop so my mom could get something for my aunt. We also went and saw the two lighthouses in Newport. 

We has also stopped along the way to watch the waves come crashing in over some rocks, which was pretty awesome, especially since it is winter and the surf is rougher. 

I drove the whole way, which was fine. On the way home there was only one point where I was like “it is really dark out here”.  I am not as concerned with breaking down in the middle of nowhere, it could happen, but it isn’t at the top of my list of worries, where as I am more concerned with hitting a deer. Deer are plentiful in this part of the country, and stupid as all get out, and I have seen my fair share of them along country roads in the dark. Beings that the weather has been warmer and wet this past week, the roads over the coast range were easily passable with my little 2 wheel drive car. 

Even with having gone to the beach like 14 times last year, I knew I would go back again this year, I just didn’t think I would be back there in Mid January.