Month: April 2016

Adventure Pants and Horse Manure

Hey Everyone! 

What a long yet amazing and crazy day. 

It started out like any other ordinary Friday that I have had lately: Get up, shower, get food and then go out for the day and not come home until after dinner time. 

Today, to celebrate my best friends birthday, we went for hike at Tryon Creek State Park. There are some horse trails that you have to walk along for a little bit to get from certain pedestrian paths to other pedestrian paths, so I had mentioned to watch our step so we didn’t step in Horse Manure, as I didn’t want it in my car, as it would be a nightmare to get off the floor mats and get the smell out of the city car (if I had a work truck and Weathertech floor liners I wouldn’t have cared as much). 

It was also raining when we went out hiking in the first place so my pants go wet and muddy and at one point I had said something about “its ok, I am wearing my Adventure Pants” and my friend was like “Adventure Pants, that’s a good one, you have to put that in your blog post”, so here it is, in my post. 

After our hike, we sat in the covered shelter, and are our lunches before heading to the NW industrial area to go to a tea shop. Yes I know going to an industrial area to get tea sounds crazy, it sounded crazy to me too, but it exists and we went. We had a great time enjoying tea. We had ordered a tea flight and got to sample 4 different teas. I found one that I really liked so I picked up a box of it to bring home.

One of the goals my best friend and I had for this year was to get out and explore more of the city we both grew up in. We have definitely been doing more of that and being more adventurous. 

I know I have probably mentioned it in previous posts, but I would love to do more of what I did today, explore new places and explore areas I have never been to before. I don’t spend much time in the Pearl District, and this tea shop is not on NW 23rd, or any of the main streets in the Pearl, I loved that it was off the beaten path. 


Cooper Mountain 

Hey Everyone! 

Yesterday my best friend and I went on an adventure. 

Our day started out with the Scottish shop to get tea for my aunt, to send up to Canada. 

We then went for a hike at Cooper Mountain nature park. We had done it once before, and decided to go the opposite direction which  was a lot easier. It drizzled a little bit on us, but otherwise was perfect. There are some great trails there. 

After our hike we went and got food, before we went to a tea at the church of one of my friends coworker’s. It was fun to meet some new ladies. 

Being able to go on adventures and live my life while still working, that is why I started ItWorks, as a distributor. I fell in love with the products, and figured why not earn some money while I am at it. 

Babies, Life and The Beach

Hey Everyone!

Going to the beach = my free time lately. I drove down to the beach last weekend on my own for a bit, and I had made plans with my best friend on Friday, a wedding to attend yesterday, so I really had no plans to go back down to the beach this weekend.

Friday, I ended up helping my friend babysit her 19 month old twin nephews, who are super adorable. We had taken them to the park and then gave them lunch, and got them ready for their nap before their mom put them down for a nap. We then got lunch ourselves before getting lost on our way back across the river. 

My parents had decided they were going to the beach today, so I went with them even though I had been there last week. I never get tired of the beach. It is always different each time. It is one of those places that I have been visiting my whole life.  


While I was walking along the beach, the sound of the ocean is constant and comforting. I never get tired of it yet get lost in it. 

Going for a Drive!

Hey Everyone! I am finally getting around to writing this post. 

Friday, I was just ready to get out of the city for a while. I drove out to The Dalles. It is still very green out there which is crazy. The Dalles is pretty much on the northwestern end of Eastern Oregon. 

On the way back I stopped at Bonneville Dam and actually went out on the dam which is pretty cool. They do ask if you are carrying a gun (since they aren’t allowed) and check the trunk of your vehicle, but I really didn’t have a problem with it since I had nothing to hide. I know some may argue that it is an invasion of privacy, but that doesn’t bother me so much since it is to keep us (the guests) and the Dam safe. Around here we rely on the Dam for hydroelectricity, and beings that it has been in place for so long that the flood plane, river traffic,  salmon, and communities have adjusted to the backed up River that at this point deactivating and demolishing the dam would do more harm than good, at least with Hydroelectricity, that is a renewable resource out here, it’s gonna keep raining and the river is gonna keep flowing, so why not turn that energy into electricity. 

So that was my Friday.