Month: May 2016

Heirloom Rose Garden

Hey Everyone! 

It’s been a little while since my last adventure. I was sick for a bit and then have been busy. 

This weekend has been a busy one, just with life. Yesterday I went up to Battle Ground, for an ItWorks team meeting. I didn’t realize how far into the country Battle Ground is. 

My mom had mentioned awhile back that she heard about this rose garden near St Paul (Oregon not Minnesota), and that she would like to go sometime. Well that sometime turned out to be this afternoon. So we took the drive from Portland to the Heirloom Rose Garden (it’s a little north of St Paul). It was really pretty to walk around and look at the roses. 

I was totally a happy camper, since I was outside and in the country. Life couldn’t have gotten much better. Well the only thing better would have been able to stay in the small town and not have to return to the city. 

Neat old (or new houses built with older architecture) houses in St Paul

Some of the Roses I saw today

Yes, I was standing in the middle of the two lane country road to get a picture. 
Catholic Church in St Paul


I Voted!

Hey Everyone!

While I have been old enough to vote for the past decade, and most of the time any more I am complacent about that fact. Recently I reminded why voting is important, even when my one vote doesn’t really matter in the grand scheme of things, when you break it down, not even on a numbers level but on a social and historical level it does. Even when the outcome goes the other way or has an unfavorable outcome. 

On the historical level, women have only had the right to vote in this country, country wide since 1920) which is only 96 years. While some states granted women the right to vote prior to 1920; for example: in Oregon (my state) women were granted the right to vote in 1912. Some minorities were not allowed to vote until the mid 20th century. 

Even if we feel like our voice and our votes don’t matter, what happened if no one voted? That is largely what our society is built on, and the whole point of the Revolutionary War, so that we would decide who we wanted to represent us, and built off the idea of the will of the people. While one vote may not matter it’s the actually act of being have a voice and have a say.