Month: June 2016

Beach Road Trip

Hey Everyone!

Today my best friend and I went to the beach. 

We went down to go visit the Oregon Coast Aquarium, and we did a bit more while we were there at the beach. 

We started off with stopping to get salt water taffy, and then some lunch before heading down to Newport to go to the Aquarium, a lighthouse and down on the beach. 

This summer will likely be the summer I got the most tan I have ever been, just because I didn’t have sun block on. As of right now I would gladly go back to being pale, at least I am not so pale I almost glow. 


Oregon Renaissance Faire

Hey Everyone! 

Yesterday, my best friend and I had gone to the Oregon Renaissance Faire down in Canby. It was a first for both of us. 

Despite the storm that rolled through which had thunder, lightning, pouring rain and forced evacuation to a tent for shelter. We were in the middle of the joust when we were evacuated. Fortunately all the events that were interrupted picked up where they left off. We walked around and looked around at the booths before we left and got food. 

Beating the Heat! 

Hey Everyone! 

Today was pretty warm but tomorrow (Saturday) and Sunday are supposed to be downright scorching hot. 

Today I decided to make a trip to the beach for a few hours for something to do and beat the heat. 

I got up this morning and went for a walk with my mom, at 5:30 this morning. I managed to get out of town by about 11:00 am. 

Once I was at the beach I stopped and got some lunch before I went and took a walk on the beach (that’s right two walks in one day!) . It was an absolutely perfect day at the beach. I totally forgot to put sunblock on and got a sunburn. 

I have always loved being at the beach, I have often wondered about what it would be like and dreamed about living at the beach, the only thing stopping me is being to support myself while living there. 

It’s days like today that get me up in the morning and really get my day going, and get me excited about life and the possibilities there are.