Month: July 2016

Beach Trip

Hey Everyone!

This past Sunday, I picked up my best friend, and we want to church, at the church we attended in college, before grabbing lunch and heading to the beach. 

On the way to the beach, the route I was going to take which would have saved some time had an accident on it (fortunately we got stopped less than a mile in on that route), so I turned around and stayed on the longer route and headed north on 101. 

Once in Tillamook we stopped at the grocery store so I could get food, then stopped at the Tillamook smoker store and picked up jerky. 

We eventually made it to the beach house and changed into more comfortable clothes before playing with babies (even though the twins are like 22 months, they are still part of the “babies” group that were there) and having dinner before going for a walk on the beach. 

We went back to the house then went into town for matches and then went back to the beach to watch the sunset and collect some kindling for our campfire. We built our campfire ourselves, and made s’mores, had tea and talked until about 11:30 – when the fire burned low enough to just douse with water before we went to bed. 

Te next morning (Monday), we did our own thing which included going down on the beach, on our own, before breakfast. We then helped with babies, before going up to Cannon Beach, where I got some yarn and we walked around before going to mo’s for food, before going to an Antique store in Wheeler. After which we went back to the beach house where I packed up my stuff and had to say goodbye and head back to the city.