Month: September 2016

Mt Angel Oktoberfest

Hey Everyone!

Yesterday, my family and I went down to Mt. Angel to go to Oktoberfest. Mt Angel is this cute little town of about 3,300 people that lies within the farm, wine and hops country that is the mid Willamette Valley. 

It’s been a good 16 or 17 years since I had last gone to Oktoberfest…. now I am kinda wishing I had gone on my own with my best friend over the last few years. Being half German myself, Oktoberfest is part of my heritage. One set of my great grandparents spoke German and my had taught my grandma’s oldest two sisters when they were young. 

I find these kinds of festivals fun, this year alone I have been to a Renaissance Faire and Oktoberfest. Getting to Oktoberfest was a bit of a drive, it’s about a 45ish minute drive from Portland to Mt Angel. It didn’t seem all that bad as it is about half way between Portland and where I went to college, so I got used to (and still am used to) driving that far. One of these days when I have a day off I would love to go back to Mt Angel and explore the town when Oktoberfest is not going on. 

This is how one does generally gluten free and completely dairy free at Oktoberfest: Beer sausage on a stick and sauerkraut. It was so good. 


Perfect Hiking Day

Hey Everyone!

Sorry for the absence from the blog, I hadn’t been on any adventures in a couple of months, so there wasn’t anything to blog about. 

This past Friday I was finally able to get out and go for a hike with my best friend, as well as go some of my other friends and watch a movie with them.

I met up with my friend at the zoo and from there we went to Cooper Mountain, where we hiked the trails there. It was hard for both of us since neither of us had really been out hiking for a while. We totally pushed through and finished the loop. It a beautiful, albeit hot (for me anyway) day, for a hike. 

I love being outdoors and going hiking, that is where I feel I belong, and it is so second nature for me that I feel like I go through withdrawals when I am stuck in the city too long. 

After my friend and I had gone and gotten lunch at Red Robin (and we had seen one of her sisters, and her sisters friend there as well), we stopped at Joann’s for a bit before we parted ways. On my way home I stopped at the bank (since I literally was like oh, there is the branch that is on this side of town), then stopped at Michaels, where I got a soap knife, since I had asked my friend who sells posh where she got hers, since she has one that cuts soap with ripples, and I wanted one to be able to cut my posh bars down into more manageable pieces since the bars are huge! I totally found what I was looking for and even got it for half off.

From there I went home, showered and left again to go see my friends who live down in the area I went to college, they were having an outdoor movie night with the young people from the church I went to while I was in College. By the time the movie was over, and I got Dutch Bros, I was on the road again at about 10:50 pm and got home at 12:05 Saturday morning.