Month: January 2017

Silver Falls State Park

Hello Everyone!

November and December were busy with the Holidays, and this month, we have had so much snow and ice that made going to the grocery store an expedition, and leaving the city, unless it was absolutely necessary was not going to happen. Being stuck inside, because the roads were in such poor conditions caused a case of cabin fever for me, and I was going stir crazy. The temperatures finally began rising enough above freezing that the rain was warmer to aid in helping melt the snow and washing it off the roads, so by the time yesterday came around, the roads here in the valley were back to normal for this time of year. Wet roads I can handle.

Beings that the roads were back to normal I decided to take a drive yesterday, and I drove out to Silver Falls State Park. It has been a few years since the last time I was there, and I wanted to go through the town of Silverton, since I love small towns. I wanted to check it out, and get a feel for it. It’s really a cute town, and I could totally see myself living there, It is also close to an amazing state park that has some amazing hiking trails. This state park was where I ended up yesterday. I didn’t do much hiking as I was on my own, and it was already around 1:00 pm when I got there. I did go for a bit of a walk while I was at the South Falls entrance. I wanted to go by the Lodge and then go see the south falls.

I had left the house yesterday, not planning on being outside for long, so I had not dressed for being outside in the drizzle. I had worn a jacket, but it wasn’t a good hiking jacket, so I had gotten a little chilly, but it s was still as beautiful as ever being out in the woods near the south fork of Silver Creek. Beings we have had so much rain, as well as Ice and Snow, most of which has melted off, has led to the creek to be running fuller. Beings that the creek has been running fuller from all the rain and melted snow, the falls have more water going over the cliff. While I love being there even in the summer, when the falls are not as grand, but it is so cool to see it that full. I don’t know if I have ever seen it that full in all the times I have been there visiting.

As a kid, my family used to do several camping trips during the spring & summer months, and it had become tradition, that our first camping trip of the year would be to silver falls. I didn’t appreciate the hiking as much then as I do now. I have to say that besides the beach, Silver Falls is at the top of my list of my favorite places in the state.

I also love escaping the rat race that is the city, and getting back to nature. This is part of why I work 4 tens at my current job, so that I have a week day off to go do whatever I want, and go on adventures. I can only handle so much of the city life, and then I have to escape and get outside and breathe in fresh air, listen to the sounds of the breeze rustling the trees, the sound of running water. If it is a day like yesterday, feeling the cool damp air on my face, and having the room to roam and explore. Even though I am in awe of all of this each time I see it, I still take much of it for granted, even though I am trying not to. I keep reminding myself when I was in New York, and the only nature I saw were how many story high buildings, and the wildlife were the people rushing wherever they were going. I know I definitely appreciate the state parks and open space of Oregon, more now than I ever have, though I know there is a part of me that still takes it for granted, because it has always been there, for my whole life. Having natural spaces to go explore and get away from the city life, has been all I have ever known, and I personally don’t want to know any other kind of life.

Being an outdoorsy girl, who prefers jeans and hiking boots over a suit, nylons and heels is in my blood, and is now so ingrained in me, that it is what I want to continue doing, even if it never becomes a career (which I would love if it were), it will still be one of my hobbies.


2017 Adventure Goals

Hey Everyone! 

This year I am setting some goals for myself in the adventures I want to accomplish this year. 

Last year was kind of a let down for me in terms of the quantity and the quality of my adventures. 

This year i am wanting to put in the time and energy into what I am the most passionate about, part of which is adventures. Part of what makes adventures amazing is having the right gear, and that is on my radar for this year as well. 

It’s a new year, and with that I am hoping to make it a great year. I don’t have much planned yet in the way of adventures, other than I want to spend more time at the beach and exploring new places.