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Last Beach Trip of my 20’s

Hey Everyone!

Over the course of the past few days the weather forecast had been showing a stretch of dry and warmer (for this time of year anyway), weather. So I had decided to keep my eye on the forecast for the northern coast. For the majority of the week it was showing sunny and upper 50’s for highs along the northern coast. I decided yesterday that I would go to the beach today, beings that I had only gone 3 other times this year.

Beings that this month is my birthday month, as well as the good weather and the fact that this month is only going to get crazier, today was the perfect day to take off and go to the beach one more time this year and while I am still in my 20’s.

I, of course took Tigger and Pooh with me, as they have become my little adventure buddies over the course of the last six and a half years. I got them just before I went to New York when I was 23, and they have gone on many adventures with me since then.


October in Portland!

Hey Everyone!

Beings that I am currently working nights, most afternoons it takes all the energy I have to get and make food for myself and then knit for a bit while watching Hulu or Netflix for an hour or two before going back to bed for a bit before having to get up and get ready for work.

Beings that I had today off (and didn’t have to work during the overnight hours of this morning), I actually woke up at a normal time today and actually felt like a normal human being this afternoon.

Today has turned out to be a beautiful day, and I had the energy to do so, so I went out for a short walk this afternoon.

We don’t always get a few gorgeous days in October that are gold when we do get them.

I have definitely missed going out hiking, and going for walks on beautiful afternoons.

Working nights and sleeping during the day, thus being stuck indoors all day for days on end, even when the weather is perfect has really cemented in how much of an outdoorsy girl I am. Days like today, I get restless easily and all I really want to do is go outside and go.

Eagle Creek Fire

Hey Everyone!

If you haven’t heard about the Eagle Creek Fire yet, it is a large wildfire that is burning out of control in the Columbia River Gorge. At last check, earlier today it had grown to over 20,000 acres since it was started on Saturday, and is 0% contained. It is burning in a rugged, mountainous area that is hard to get into with equipment.

It is a human caused fire. It was caused by a 15 year old boy who was out on the Eagle Creek Trail with some friends, and he was throwing fire crackers over the side of the cliff, on at least a couple of occasion, which was witnessed by two different people that weren’t part of his group. There were also roughly 140 trapped on the trail because of this idiot’s actions who had to be rescued.

It has gotten under my skin because of the complete disregard and disrespect for anyone and anything other than himself. He has now gone and completely changed one of Oregon’s most famous natural attractions, and you know it’s not going to look like the picture below again for years to come, if ever in my lifetime. All of these trees and underbrush, burned, in a senseless act of selfish self-centeredness.

These pictures were taken a few years ago when a friend of mine and I had hiked up to the top of Multnomah Falls.

Anyone who has read my blog at all knows that I absolutely love the outdoors and going hiking, especially here in the Pacific Northwest. While I am sure there are other beautiful places to Hiking outside of where Oregon, Washington, Northern California, Oahu and British Columbia, these are the only places I have had a chance to go Hiking in so far. No matter where you live, having a complete and utter disregard for the natural spaces, not to mention people’s lives, homes, businesses, places of work and churches is horrible (and criminal).

You know that this Creek that makes Multnomah Falls no longer looks like this, and will not look like this again for years to come.

I am an advocate for fire safety, as well as for preserving our natural spaces so that they can be enjoyed by anyone who wants to visit them. I have zero tolerance for entitled idiots who choose to ruin these places for everyone else who wants to enjoy them. Wildfires caused by lightning is one thing, human caused wildfires are plain and simply criminal.

I am not judge or jury in this case, but I would like to see a precedent and example made of the teen with the fireworks and his friends. I would love to see them have to replant trees across Oregon and Washington (the two states effected by their actions), every spring and early summer, for a good 20 years, as well as have to help with wildfire clean up and forest restoration in the late summer and fall, help rebuild houses and businesses burned by wildfires, and have to pay some form of monetary restitution for the financial damage they have caused. Then this should be used as a teaching example in schools on the subject of what can happen when you choose to be an idiot and play with fire in the forest, especially when it is a tinderbox.

Too hot and Smoky for outdoor adventures

Hey Everyone!

I haven’t been on too many adventures, especially the past month and a half because it has been to hot and smoky most of that time.

Beginning in late July and early august we were getting smoke from forest fires in BC (British Columbia) and Washington. Now we have a lot of fires burning up and down the west coast, including as close as 20 – 30 miles away in the Gorge.

Here are a few pictures taken locally within the last 36 hours:

The air has been at an unhealthy level quite a bit. I stepped outside about an hour ago, and it was very hot and smoky. The air even smelled very smoky. My allergies have been very bad today and my nose, throat and lungs are burning, just from a few minutes outside.

Summer Beach Day

Hey Everyone!

It was so good to be back at the beach today. I have missed it so much, you all have no idea. 

There is one particular area of the North Coast, which has felt like home for the past few years. 

Today I had gone to Rockaway Beach for part of the day. It was a beautiful day. It was pretty windy but beautiful. There is a state park near there that I absolutely love. 

Before coming back to the city, I stopped in Seaside, to grab some food. I had found a parking spot a little bit of a walk from the main drag that goes down to the beach. I am super glad I had parked where I did beings that there was so much traffic and not a park to be found along the main strip. Seaside is pretty much my least favorite town along the Oregon Coast. It is so touristy and has lost the character that many of the other smaller towns on the Oregon Coast have. Seaside has definitely turned into the top coastal tourist destination and has been trying to imitate the Southern California and East Coast beach towns that have all the attractions and shops. It also has a huge to do over spring break. For those of you who have watched Gilmore Girls in season 4, when Rory, Paris and some of the other Yaleies go to Florida for spring break, Seaside is where you are going to get as close to that kind of spring break as you will get here in Oregon. 

I definitely prefer a beach that is relatively empty and fairly clean. I definitely prefer being able to get out and walk along the beach, and be able to stay somewhere (whether I am camping or staying at a house) where I can have a campfire in the evening, and relax and drink some tea and maybe make some s’mores. 

I have loved the ocean for as long as I can remember. Whether it is a beautiful sunny day like today or whether it is pouring down rain and the seas are super rough, or even the rare occasion when it snows on the beach. I love it all. 

The Aftermath of Hiking

Hey Everyone!

The hike I went on yesterday was fun, but now I am paying for it, with a blister and sore muscles and joints. 

I put my ankle brace on my left ankle and I am sitting here with ice packs on both of my knees. I have also taken some Ibuprofen to help with the pain and swelling. 

My left ankle was severely injured about 14 years ago, when I badly sprained it, and was not able to let it heal properly.

I love hiking and don’t want to give up hiking, even though I have old injuries to contend with and am more apt to reinjure them. 

I am quickly learning that footwear is important, and even though I have hiking boots, I feel like they are a bit too loose for my feet, so when I can get back to working again, I need to try out more pairs. I am willing to pay for a quality pair (or pairs) of hiking boots when I find a good fit. 

I know I really need to work up to more strenuous hikes, and get my body used to moving more than I currently do. Getting my muscles and joints used to moving more will help. I also need to do more “easy” hikes and get my body used to elevation gains and descents, as well as rougher terrain. After yesterday I also want to steer clear of the popular spots during peak times/seasons so I don’t have to contend with a ton of people trying to go by, and walking on the rougher edges where I would be more apt to roll or resprain my ankle or pop one of my knees out of joints. Earlier Mornings (like as soon as the park opens or as late as 8:30 – 9:00 am to start out) and the off seasons are good for the popular spots, especially the ones with narrow trails. 

I will be fine in a few days. 

When Your Legs feel like Jelly

Hey Everyone!

It’s been a while since I have gone for a hike, so yesterday (Tuesday) I went for a short (somewhere in the ball park of 2 – 3 miles) hike at Silver Falls State Park. 

There are several things I learned yesterday: 

1. Start off with an easier hike when so out of shape

2. Pick a less popular spot in the summer, the tourists will stop right in front of you on a narrow path to take a picture and slow you down

3. Don’t go hiking on such a warm day (or go in the morning if I am visiting someplace with a warm to hot climate)

4. If I ever have kids, take them hiking from the time they are still being worn in a mobywrap type wrap (or at least a backpack carrier) so they will learn to love it from a young age and have fewer meltdowns on the trail. 

5. Invest in a better pair of hiking boots

6. Finish knitting up my boot socks, as Hanes socks don’t stop blisters. 

7. Wear as lightweight clothing as possible this time of year. Jeans are just too hot.

I do have to say that when I got away from where the bulk of the crowds were congregated, it was fairly quiet of human sounds, and the air smelled like being in the woods (which I was), and a bit like being at summer camp. The birds were chirping and you could hear the sounds of the creek flowing by as well as the sound of water going over the falls. 

I feel like I may have gotten a little sun kissed, but not too bad. I thought about putting on sun block, then reminded myself that I could use the vitamin D. We don’t get enough of it this far north, especially for those like me, who prefer to hide out indoors when it is sunny and warm. I know sunburns aren’t good for your skin either, it doesn’t look like I really got burned, my arms just feel a little warm. 

I could totally tell that my muscles aren’t used to hiking anymore, and that I will likely be sore in the morning. By part way through my legs were feeling like jelly. 

Note to self: I need to go for more walks and easy hikes, before I really try tackling more of the moderate to difficult hikes and work up to them. That, ultimately is my goal, to be able to go on longer and more strenuous hikes. I want to have the stamina and endurance to be able to do the whole 8.7 mile trail of ten falls loop hike at Silver Falls State Park, and be able to do it easily in a few hours. It is a “moderate” difficulty hike with an elevation gain of 1,300 feet. That is my first “big hike” goal, from there I would love to consider doing other tougher hikes. 

Oregon has so many hidden and not so hidden gems to be explored, that I could be kept busy for a while exploring what is in my own home state.