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October in Portland!

Hey Everyone!

Beings that I am currently working nights, most afternoons it takes all the energy I have to get and make food for myself and then knit for a bit while watching Hulu or Netflix for an hour or two before going back to bed for a bit before having to get up and get ready for work.

Beings that I had today off (and didn’t have to work during the overnight hours of this morning), I actually woke up at a normal time today and actually felt like a normal human being this afternoon.

Today has turned out to be a beautiful day, and I had the energy to do so, so I went out for a short walk this afternoon.

We don’t always get a few gorgeous days in October that are gold when we do get them.

I have definitely missed going out hiking, and going for walks on beautiful afternoons.

Working nights and sleeping during the day, thus being stuck indoors all day for days on end, even when the weather is perfect has really cemented in how much of an outdoorsy girl I am. Days like today, I get restless easily and all I really want to do is go outside and go.


Making Plans

Hey Everyone!

I know I recently made a blog post about places I wanted to go hiking, and I have gotten thinking about the places, that don’t necessarily include hikes, or are not hiking specific that I want to go visit, and see.

I have been interested in, and loved exploring the old ghost towns, and restored ghost towns of the American and Canadian West. This began the first time I had visited Barkerville, British Columba, in Canada. I would love to go back to Barkerville again, now that I am an adult.

I am fascinated by old places, as of yet, I am a die hard urban explorer, but I do love seeing these old places, that have a history, and at one time were living, breathing towns that were bustling with life. Then for whatever reason these places became abandoned, and go from bustling to nothing. I don’t believe in ghosts or paranormal, yet I do believe that the places still hold memories of the people who lived there, which is eerie in and of itself. I know buildings aren’t alive like humans are,  but there is just something about old, abandoned places, where human life has left an imprint.

Some old Ghost Towns I would love to visit include:
Bannock, Montana
Bodie, California
Tombstone, AZ
Virginia City, Nevada
Goldfield, Nevada
Barkerville, British Columbia

Idaho Silver Mining Towns such as:
Chesterfield Historic Town Site
Wallace Area
Bayhorse Ghost Town and Trails
Silver Valley Historical Area
Custer Historic Mining Town
Silver City Historical Area
Idaho City Historical Area
Sierra Silver Mine Tour

On a less creepy, old, scary note other places I want to go visit include:

Going back to New York City, two more times, once when the weather is decent and warm enough to go see all the sights, and the second time, being sometime between Thanksgiving and mid December. I want to see the skating rink and the tree in Rockefeller center, as well as everything decorated up for Christmas.

I want to visit Vermont, New Hampshire, or Maine in the fall and see what all the fuss about Autumn in New England is all about, especially since fall is my favorite season.

I also want to go to Disneyland in October to see it decorated all up for Halloween, as well as in December, to see it all decorated for Christmas. One of these trips (Probably the October Trip), I would love to go back to San Diego. I didn’t get to see as much as I wanted to the first time.

I would also love to be able to spend a Christmas Eve and Christmas Day in London. I would love to attend the Midnight Mass at Westminster Abbey, that begins Christmas Eve night and goes into Christmas Morning, as well as attend a Christmas Service on Christmas Morning. Then head up to Scotland, and stay through New Years (which would include my birthday), before coming back to the States.

I would also love to visit Yellowstone, Yosemite, Glacier National Park, Denali National Park, see the Great Smoky Mountains, as well as Nashville.

There is a lot I want I want to see, but nothing that can’t be done in my life time, yet still be able to put down roots somewhere, and have a home of my own. At worst be able to do some urban homesteading, at best have a bit of property and do a bit more intensive homesteading.

Oxbow Park

Hey Everyone!

A couple weeks ago, a friend of mine had asked me if I wanted to go to Oxbow Park with her for the annual salmon Migration. I was totally like “sure, I will go along”, so that was our adventure for the day. Oxbow Park is pretty much at the base of the western foothills of the Cascade Range. It is so beautiful.

While I will say, I am definitely more of an Ocean girl, I also love going for hikes along creeks and rivers. It had turned out to be a beautiful day to be outside.

After we had walked down to the riverbank to see if we could see any Salmon spawning, we hiked back out to where I had parked and the drove out to one of the other hiking areas where we took off up a trail. Beings that it was wet I was kind of slick, so going back in late spring – early fall would be ideal, but otherwise I liked how rough the trails were. I have gone hiking a few places with nice manicured trails, where as these almost felt like goat trails. It was the roughest, rugged, most untamed trails I have hiked, and I liked it.

While my friend and I were out there today, it had got me thinking about the early settlers in the area, and what life had to have been like for them. It was totally a different existence that we have nowadays. The way of life as a pioneer, and one of the early white settlers was a difficult one. You had to hunt, fish, know what berries and plants were edible, forage for food, have some idea of medicinal herbs, ingenuity, and make what you needed out of the resources you had available, to be able to survive.

Summer is Winding Down

This morning I woke up to a gray blanket covering the skies above me, and the air heavy with the smell of rain. I woke up to an amazing morning. The gray blanket the covers our skies is a comforting, light filtering blanket that calms my mind. I love the smell of impending rain on a summer’s day. 

I am enjoying this late summer/early fall day enjoying the gray skies, a cup of tea, and my knitting. 

So Ready for the Weekend

Hey Everyone!

I am glad that friday night has finally arrived. Winter weather has arrived here in the Pacific Northwest, and it has gotten downright cold. I noticed how cold it gets here in the mornings here a couple days ago when I got up. Normally, I can tell that it is chilly, but I am not normally one who is freezing cold, but I was that morning, and had a hard time getting warmed up. I also noticed today as I walked to the Co-op and back that the air smelled like it does in the Winter. Around here the air smells different in each season, and if you have been around long enough you can tell when the seasons start to change by the change in the smell of the air. 

I stopped and got coffee on my way to work, and I so needed the extra boost today. I also went to the co-op on my lunch and got some hummus and crackers to go with my lunch. getting out for even a few minutes was a much needed break. 

Since I have been home I finished up a child size hat that I have had in the works, and watched some Vlogs on youtube to wind down my day and help me relax after a long and stressful week. 

September is Flying By

Hi Again!

It is a beautiful fall day here. There are a few clouds in the sky, but there is plenty of sun, the high for today is to be in the low 70’s (Fahrenheit) with a nice breeze. I couldn’t have asked for a better Wednesday. I do prefer cloudy days to sunny days because they are cooler, but during spring and fall, when the temperatures are lower, I do enjoy the partially sunny days we get here.

Today I spent the day finishing up a hat for a child in India, which I will be writing about in my project of the week over on Gifts from the Heart.

I also realized that most of the shows I like to watch will be back with new seasons next week, Well all except for Grimm, I have to wait for about another month for the season premiere. I like being able to watch TV shows on my computer through Hulu, even though I have to wait until the next day to watch them, it is all good. I watch them while I am working on knitting whatever project I have going at that point in time. This summer has been a bit on the boring side, with the summer hiatuses, at least I found The SacconeJoly’s on Youtube.

Growing up, despite having to go back to school, I always loved this time of year. The only year of school in which I actually looked forward to was my senior year of college, not only was it my last year, I also had an entire year of classes that I was taking because I wanted to take them, the vast majority were upper division Social Science and English classes. It is amazing how well one does in school when you are actually interested in your classes.