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Ready for New Adventures 

Hey Everyone!

I know I mentioned in my last post, that I love this part of the country, which is 100% true, I do love it here. At the same time, I am ready to move. I don’t want to move super far away, but I am wanting to move somewhere that would open up more adventure opportunities that are in the Rocky Mountain region, yet also near an international airport. 

Living where I am, we have old company owned lumber mill towns that have been Demolished, and are not open to be explored. 

I am wanting to go and explore the old gold and silver towns, and towns of the Old West / Wild West history. I am always looking for new content to write about and post pictures of for you all. 

While I love this part of the country, I can only go back to the same places so many times before it is redundant, and boring for all of you, as well as for me. 

I will keep you all updated when things and the details fall into place and a move takes place. 


Places I want to go Hiking

Hey Everyone!

I have done a bit of hiking here in Oregon, and I really want to go hiking other places as well. I have begun a list of places I want to go hiking in. Some of the hikes I want to go on will also include camping, which is totally fine by me.

  • Garden of the Gods – Colorado Springs
  • Trail of Ten Falls Loop – Silver Falls State Park – Oregon
  • Alaska
  • The Scottish Highlands
  • Short 2 – 5 day hikes in the Sierra Nevadas, along the PCT
  • Somewhere in the Colorado Rockies
  • The Grand Canyon
  • Monument Valley – Arizona
  • The Great Smoky Mountains
  • The Adirondack Mountains
  • The Peak District – UK
  • Lake Louise – Alberta

This is not a complete list, it is just the beginning. I know I want to do more hiking than what I have listed here. The places I have listed above are just the places I currently know that I want to go hiking at.

As I do more hiking, and go on more adventures I will for sure be keeping you all updated.

If you all want to see more pictures from my adventures than what I post here on the blog, be sure that you have liked my Facebook page, as I will be posting pictures, and updates and all that kind of stuff there, that I may not necessarily post here on my blog.


Hey Everyone!

I had finished up a pair of wool socks today. After I had washed them, I put them on their blockers, and had taken them outside to the deck to attach the blockers to the line, to give them some time outside to dry, and help keep the wet sheep smell out of the house. I don’t mind the wet sheep smell, but others that I live with don’t particularly care for it – they are city folk through and through.

As I was out on the deck rigging a system to attach my sock blockers (with the wet wool socks on them), I noticed that someone in the neighborhood was having a fire – I could smell it. I love the smell of a camp fire or fire in the fireplace. That smell really made me want to get out and go camping, and be able to sit around a campfire after a long day hiking, or doing some sort of outdoor activity, and relaxing while smelling the smell of the fire, and warming up while listening to the crackle and pop of the fire.

A campfire is inviting and comforting. It brings people together. There is something about sitting around a fire in the evening, after all the work and the activity of the day is done, and having a warm drink (like tea or hot chocolate), and winding down. The smell of the campfire, always makes me want to be outside, and spending time outdoors adventuring and exploring.

For me, there is more to life than sitting inside all the time, at a desk, and spending my life confined to the indoors, all the time. I don’t mind wintering indoors, but at the same time, even in the winter, we still get some really nice, cold but clear days, and on days like those I love being outside, enjoying the winter day.

I would love to have a career, where I have some versatility and flexibility, where I don’t have to spend 40+ hours cooped up in an office. I am the kind of person who would be willing to do a certain amount of indoor, office-y stuff that would have to go along with the being outside stuff.

Back to smelling the fire someone was having – it made me long to be out camping, and sleeping out under the stars, away from the hustle and the bustle of city life.

While the smell of a campfire is one of my top five smells, I think my #1 smell, that I absolutely love is the scent of a camp fire mixed with the salty sea air of the beach (particularly those in Oregon).

Silver Falls State Park Hike

Hey Everyone!

Today has been an amazing day. I got to go Hiking at Silver Falls State Park. The little two or three mile hike that I went on, had me stopping every few feet in the steeper inclines. I know I am out of shape, and I am working on getting my endurance up by doing hikes that are challenging, so that in time I can keep getting stronger, and so these hikes become less challenging. The Hike back up to the top from the Lower South Falls was what got me the most.

I was talking with my brother last night, and the subject of Traffic in So. Cal. came up, and how it seems like from Sacramento to San Diego, along I-5, that the cities bleed into each other. I was thinking about that today, as it didn’t take very long to get away from the city, and anything really relating to a city today, and how much I prefer it here, where it rarely gets as hot as it does in So. Cal. and for not as prolonged periods if it does, and that fact that I live so close to a lot of amazing places to hike that are in the country.

My hiking buddy had asked me where I wanted to go today, and I had mentioned Silver Falls because I hadn’t been there in almost seven years, and I have been wanting to go hiking there again, so that is where we went. I love the sound of rushing water, and waterfalls, and hiking. We have quite a few major waterfalls in the area I live in. They are popular hiking spots, and are some of my favorite places. Some of what I love about Silver Falls, is not only the beautiful scenery, but the fact that there is the Lodge, and a couple other buildings that were built during the 1930’s by the CCC (Civilian Conservation Corps), that are mainly original, and the updates and restorations that have taken place have been to preserve the original where possible, and make the necessary improvements as codes have been updated. It still looks and feels (architecturally) like it would have when it was built.

As a kid, there was a several year span where the first camping trip of the year my family would go on, would be to Silver Falls State Park. I enjoyed camping, but I didn’t particularly care for hiking back then. As a kid, there was a lot of stuff I didn’t appreciate like I do now that I am an adult. I liked being outside, and going camping. Those two things carried over, but Hiking became an acquired tasted in the last few years. Part of my greater love for all things outdoors and country came after I had gone to college, and starting figuring things out for myself, and really discovering what I liked. When I found something I liked I kept it up more and more and didn’t let anyone stop me from my adventures.

Love for the Great Outdoors

For many years the love of being outdoors, and wearing myself out with fresh air, and enjoying life, was forced underground, and a semi girly girl emerged, only because it was what I was supposed to do, not because I really wanted to. During the Jeans and sweatshirt phase that I know as college, after changing my major to Social Science, the outdoorsy girl started to reemerge. City life bored me. In the last few years I have been finding the balance between adventure (whether it is an outdoors adventure or travel adventure), and curling up with a good book next to a fireplace with a roaring fire, all of that is part of me.

That thought came to me while working on my post for Life is an Adventure, for today’s trip back the North Coast.


There is nothing like coming home at the end of a day exploring someplace new, getting a day full of fresh salt filled sea air, and a tad sunburned (and yes I did put sunscreen on my face before I left). There is nothing like figuring out the best way to get from the base of the Jetty to the top without hurting oneself and then to get back down again. If I tell myself that I can’t do something then I can’t, but if I set out and try something, there is a 50% chance that I will succeed. The more things I try and succeed at, the more I want to try new things. Granted there will be times I fail at something, but in those occasions, I remind myself of all the successes I have had, and that the successes outweigh the failures, so I refuse to give up.

I may not be a girly girl through and through as I am not a fan of wearing a lot of make up, or wearing dresses, or really being interested in fashion, and hairstyles. I have always been more interested in being outside, exploring, climbing rocks, digging in the dirt, smelling like a campfire, going fishing, and breathing in fresh air. That’s all okay, there is nothing wrong with me, being myself. I know I will find a job, in the mean time I will keep knitting,  reading, getting out and going places, and writing about it.

I just realized that some people who may be reading this might be wondering how majoring in Social Science is related to the enjoyment of being outdoors. Here’s the deal, a lot of the History of the American West revolves around the outdoors, and take one outdoors to see and experience them. Some examples of this are Ghost Towns, Forts, The Oregon Train, The Coast, and so much more.