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Hey Everyone!

I had finished up a pair of wool socks today. After I had washed them, I put them on their blockers, and had taken them outside to the deck to attach the blockers to the line, to give them some time outside to dry, and help keep the wet sheep smell out of the house. I don’t mind the wet sheep smell, but others that I live with don’t particularly care for it – they are city folk through and through.

As I was out on the deck rigging a system to attach my sock blockers (with the wet wool socks on them), I noticed that someone in the neighborhood was having a fire – I could smell it. I love the smell of a camp fire or fire in the fireplace. That smell really made me want to get out and go camping, and be able to sit around a campfire after a long day hiking, or doing some sort of outdoor activity, and relaxing while smelling the smell of the fire, and warming up while listening to the crackle and pop of the fire.

A campfire is inviting and comforting. It brings people together. There is something about sitting around a fire in the evening, after all the work and the activity of the day is done, and having a warm drink (like tea or hot chocolate), and winding down. The smell of the campfire, always makes me want to be outside, and spending time outdoors adventuring and exploring.

For me, there is more to life than sitting inside all the time, at a desk, and spending my life confined to the indoors, all the time. I don’t mind wintering indoors, but at the same time, even in the winter, we still get some really nice, cold but clear days, and on days like those I love being outside, enjoying the winter day.

I would love to have a career, where I have some versatility and flexibility, where I don’t have to spend 40+ hours cooped up in an office. I am the kind of person who would be willing to do a certain amount of indoor, office-y stuff that would have to go along with the being outside stuff.

Back to smelling the fire someone was having – it made me long to be out camping, and sleeping out under the stars, away from the hustle and the bustle of city life.

While the smell of a campfire is one of my top five smells, I think my #1 smell, that I absolutely love is the scent of a camp fire mixed with the salty sea air of the beach (particularly those in Oregon).


Working Hard on the Weekend

Hey Everyone!

When it comes to knitting and working on projects, I don’t stop just because it is the weekend. Sometimes I work even harder on my projects on the weekend. I am also working on not letting myself get distracted as much during the day, so that I am more productive and make better use of my time. That and I am not liking the whole going to bed past midnight, because I was not as productive as I could have been during the day, so I stay up later working on projects, thus sleeping later in the morning. It is a whole vicious cycle that I am trying to break.

The last couple of days I have been working all out on my sweater, just because I am trying to get it done, and so I have one less project just sitting around, taking up space. I am also tired of looking at these colors, and want to move on to something else. For the first week and a half after I bruised my tailbone, I was content with taking it easy and not doing much in the way of knitting. My tailbone is taking its time to heal, but I am tired of having the same projects sitting around, and seeming like I am not getting much of anywhere with them, I want and need fresh material for The Knitter’s Notes, not only just for having something to write about, but to also help me out, for exposure and getting new readers, and growing the blog and stuff. It is easier to come up with stuff to write about, because this blog is more focused on the day to day goings on, or what I have on my mind, so it is more about just blogging, writing and sharing my life and experiences with you all.

I also feel that the more projects for kids in need that I do get done, the more I am able to add to help bolster myself, and make my dream a reality, and give me more credibility for becoming a Charity Knitting Advocate. Have new and fresh content for the knitting blog is part of that, the more I get done, the more I have to write about, post pictures of, and the more I am able to put myself out there. What started as a hobby fourteen years ago, is now turning into what I want to do with my life as a career. Making your career goals happen takes time, perseverance, dedication, and if it were easy it wouldn’t be worth doing. I have spent a good 2.5+ year period throwing myself into knitting sweaters, and getting more and more done, and that was before I even knew that it was what I was wanting to work toward as a career. The career is not the final total of sweaters that I knit, but rather the process about what goes into it, the kids that are benefiting from it, and why people like myself choose to get involved. It is also a resource for those who want to get involved so they have aren’t struggling with how to go about it, or where to send their final projects. I want to help bring the resources that are out there, to knitters and crocheter’s who want to get involved but wouldn’t otherwise know how to go about it.

Next Steps

Hey everyone!

I feel like I have finally “figured out” what I am supposed to be doing with my life. Now I am trying to come up with a plan of taking it to the next level. I had kind of been seeing it coming for the last few years because I have fallen in love with knitting items for children in need. In the back of my mind I have been like “too bad I can’t make a living from doing this”. I don’t want to make a living from the actual items that I make but rather getting it out there that there ways to help children in need here in our own country and around the world from the safety and comfort of your own home and community. The working title I had come up with and wrote about in today’s post over on “The Knitter’s Notes” is Charity Knitting Advocate. I am not much of a person who enjoys speaking my thoughts which is why I blog a lot, and I want to use my knitting blog especially to help further this, and engage more people.

I just wanted to share a bit about that since that is what has been going on with me the last couple days while I continue taking it easy while my tailbone heals.

If and when my career gets going I will still find the time to go on adventures. I have no desire to give up spending time in the great outdoors.

The Most Rewarding Work

The most rewarding work wears you out by the end of the day, gives you the best nights sleep and wakes you up in the morning with the energy, motivation, and strength to do it all over again.

This past week has been a long week. I decided to condense down my blogs to two blogs, my knitting blog, and this blog. Why I chose to condense the other two into this blog had several factors, which included how many followers I had on each, how many total page views I had on each, how many posts I had written on each, how many pictures I had posted to each individual facebook pages. It turns out, that while I had a lot of adventures pictures to repost to this blogs corresponding Facebook Page, on the whole I have a larger audience here, as well as having more posts, and such so I decided to bring the Adventures posts here rather than taking these posts to that blog.

This past week I have spent working on condensing the facebook pages, and remaking some of the videos I had on my Adventures youtube channel on the youtube channel for this blog, and getting everything set to how I wanted it. It has been a long process, but it is worth it, and I can see the benefit of the work that I put in.  I have left my charity knitting blog and facebook page as is, on the account because it has its own audience and is separate enough from everything else I write about that I won’t have a hard time keeping it up.

Looking back over the last ten years, and even so still today, that I feel the pressure to know what I want to do with my life career wise. With that knowing innately how to go and achieve that. I was taught from early on in high school that I needed to know what I wanted to do with my life by 20 at the latest, and go to college, and after I graduated get a job in that degree field. Well here I am, in my mid 20’s, having graduated from college in the height of the great recession and as directionless as most high schoolers. In the years since college I have struggled to find a job, because I was in this catch 22 that I have little “work” experience, and a college degree in Social Science (not Social Work but the broad field of Social Science that encompasses at least 6 subfields, of which I took classes in 5. The one subfield I did not take any classes in was sociology which would be more directly linked with Social Work). I took primarily History classes with a few Anthropology, Criminal Justice, Geography and Poli Sci classes that looked interesting thrown in.

I have spent most of my time since having graduated from college almost four years ago just looking for a job, and I have been so desperate just to get “work” experience that I would take anything I could get my hands on. Times have been tough, and through the hardest parts I have always come back to Knitting, Going on Adventures (anything to get me outdoors, but I enjoy Hiking the most), and Blogging/writing. I have made a couple Vlogs, and I may make more, but I don’t know if, or how much I will keep that up, it is easier for me to take pictures and write about my life and experiences/adventures than it is for me to talk about them to a camera.

In the years since I graduated, and while looking for jobs (and in my free time) I have spent as much time as I can outside. I have found that Hiking especially, but walks are good as well to help clear my head and alleviate the stress that has built up.

The year I spent a week in New York I had made several sweaters, but my love and passion for knitting really began after I had come back from New York, and flourished in 2012. That was really when I had the time, energy, passion and the realization that I could make a difference in a child’s life thr0ugh a simple sweater or a hat. I have learned through experience that while I love working around kids, and doing things to help give them every opportunity, that my personality is not one for being a teacher or working in a daycare or preschool.

Hiking, Outdoors, Travel (a missions trip is definitely on the list of things to do), History (especially when combined with the first three), Knitting (yarn, and knitting for kids in need), and Writing are how I keep pushing forward, and they are what I love. While I am still figuring out/looking for the way that I will get paid to do some combination of it, I will continue looking for work that will at least pay the bills, but not stop doing what I love.

A Sunday of Hope

Hey Everyone! 

I have been pretty busy the last few days with work, and life. I have been wanting to blog but really have not had the energy to sit down and write a post until now. 

I have been busy with work, There has been a lot going on, and so far the busiest it has been since I started, and it has been busy since I started. 

Each of us take longer of working toward the career that we want, and the tough times we have had over the last several years, that is far from over, hasn’t helped, but I am thankful that I am able to be gaining work experience, while not in my chosen career field is work experience. I am also hoping that with having an income, I will be able to go on more adventures, and work my way into the career I want. 

Over the course of the past week, one of my friends had been on my mind, as she was nearing her due date, and I had not heard anything about weather she had her baby yet. I found out that her baby was born today. I am really happy for her and her husband. I have known her since we were in 7th grade, and I had the privilege to help serve at her Wedding 3.5 years ago. 

Learning Things About Myself

Hey Everyone!

After church this morning I talked with one of my best friends for a bit, about everything that has been going on with work and stuff, and I am so thankful that I have friends that I do. They are able to let me be myself, and not be judgemental about the things we disagree on, and I love them for who they are.

There is a lot going on right now, with it being the holiday’s, and work, and such. I have spent time lately pondering what do I want to do with my life, I know I went to college, and studied history, and I still love history, don’t get me wrong. I wouldn’t say that I am having a quarter life crisis or anything, I am just wondering what I am supposed to be doing with my life, as far as career, and where I live and all that jazz, because I am really not liking where I am at, I am just biding time, working where I can to help pay off my loans, and hopefully start saving some money so I can actually start doing what I am passionate about, and find out more about myself, and who I am, and who I am supposed to be through experience, and learning from my experience of what I don’t want to do long term.

I know I love going places, and seeing new things, and learning about history and cultures by going and seeing them first hand. I also know that I like having a “home” or a place of permanence to come back to in between adventures. There is so much that I want to go see and do, that feeling like I am stuck somewhere, and can’t go do what I love, is discouraging, which is part of why I am still where I am for the time being, so that I can go and accomplish all that I want to do.

Keep Pressing Toward the Mark

I am one who tries to stay positive, especially about my job situation, on the outside, but having spent the last 3.5 years looking for a job, beginning back before I graduated from college, and having at most 6 weeks of work at one time is discouraging. I went to college to get an education, and try to make a better life for myself. Yet here I am, more than three years after I graduated from college, living in poverty. I am fully aware that I am one of millions of Americans who are in a similar situation as I am, and now we are facing Obamacare, which is really not helping anyone at this point, only making the situation worse for millions of Americans such as myself.

The whole unemployment situation has a lot to do with why I have become so passionate about knitting items for kids in need, mainly because I have had the time, and even with having projects to work on, I am still very bored and would like to be working. When people ask me what kinds of jobs I am looking for, I tell them that I am looking for just about anything that I could conceivably do with a Bachelors of Science Degree, in Social Science (mainly History with a bit of Anthropology, Criminal Justice, Geography and Political Science). 

What I don’t often talk about with anyone outside of my close group of friends is that I want to work with knitting/crochet groups either in an geographical area, or at a retreat center through crafting conferences, talking to them about the projects that are out there, to benefit children in need, and support our troops, and makes sure they have the patterns, and know where to send their completed projects, and so on and so forth. I love knitting, and using that knowledge, to help children in need, especially here in our own country, as well as supporting our troops. 

I know what it is like to have to live in poverty, and I have hated it, but I can’t imagine what it is like for children who live in generational poverty, and are not likely to even graduate high school.