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Late Spring Afternoon Drive

Hey Everyone! 

Today I just needed to get out of the house and go for a drive. 

I headed Southeast out through Clackamas County, out to Estacada, and a little way up into the Cascades.  

While I am definitely a beach person, I grew up living in between two mountains ranges, so I am used to seeing them everyday. Even though I am using to seeing the mountains everyday, I never get tired of seeing them. 

It was hot today, so, on the freeway I definitely used the AC, but once I was on the back roads I just rolled the windows down to get the breeze. It made for beautiful pictures. 

It’s days like this (as long as I have AC), that remind me why I love this part of the country. It is so pretty here, and it’s not all built up, and there are still many wide open, natural spaces. It’s not all concrete and steel here. 


Adventuring in the Rain

Hey Everyone!

Today was my day off, and I have spent far too much time in the city lately. Being able to get out of the city and into the country, and not take forever to get there is. One of the many reasons I am thankful for the urban growth boundary. The urban growth boundary means that it doesn’t take as long to get out into the country and the middle of nowhere, which is one of the things that keeps me going, and keeps me functioning in my current day to day life. 

In the past few weeks, I have really realized that this part of the country, the Pacific Northwest (and I include Alaska in that too, and if you know me, you understand why), is my home and where my roots are. I have definitely put down roots in this part of the country. I also love that I can have roots and wings – that means I am free to go and explore this great big world we live in, yet I always know where home is. 

Today was one of those grey, rainy days we are known for out here. Many people find it to be gross, disgusting, nasty and miserable. I honestly love it. I was also feeling a bit cooped up with work and everything that I just needed to go,  drive and explore.having it pouring down rain made the woods look different than they do on a clear sunny day. 

I had pulled into a parking lot in Colton to get my bearings and to see what way I needed to go, to get back to the City, as if was getting later and I still had errands to run. As I was getting ready to leave said parking lot, I saw this little church across the street, and had to take a picture. 

A Drive Through the Gorge

Hey Everyone!

Yesterday was a busy enough day as it was, then today I decided to add in going for a drive out the gorge. 

Yesterday was my adventure in the city, today was my adventure outside of the city. 

I just felt like driving, and since gas is still under $2.00 a gallon, going for a drive because I feel like it is a lot more affordable. 

Normally on my adventures I go west or south, or sometimes I even go North. On the rare occasion I go east. Today was one of those days I went east, out the gorge. I ended up in The Dalles where I got lunch and Dutch bros before coming back to the city. 

Today was one of those days where I missed having a jeep, and miss living in a small town in the middle of nowhere. I am glad we have plenty of small towns in the middle of nowhere so close to the city, I know I take the mountains and the forests for granted, yet I never get tired of them. One of the things I love about the gorge, especially as you start getting closer to Hood River, and the scenery changes drastically, right around Hood River you go from the western side with Douglas fir trees to the central Oregon scenery with drier land, sparser trees that are pine trees rather than fir trees to more of the dry eastern Oregon landscape around the Dalles. There are three distinct ecological,  geological, topographical, vegetation changes.   

As I have gotten older, I have become for adventurous and able to figure out where I am, and where I need to go based on what is around me. It is nice to have a smartphone with Google maps should I need it. Granted there are several geographical features out here that I am familiar with such as certain mountain ranges, certain rivers, and such that orient me to direction. That is something I have worked on, starting in college is being able to generally figure out what direction is what based on topographical features. 

I am sure all this talk about certain survival skills is boring for some, but I find it fascinating. “But Erica, why would a city girl like you be fascinated by survival skills and edible plants?” I hope I never need them, but I love the idea of being more self sustaining, and living more so off the land. Granted with food intolerances and the fact I live in the 21st century I am going to still be somewhat reliant on others for my food. Beings that I love history, especially this history of the American West and love being outdoors, as well as a love for cooking, baking and preserving fruits and stuff like that, survival skills and embracing my own pioneer and homesteading history. It is in my blood and it is quickly being lost because we no longer have to do it to Survive.  Our survival isn’t dependent on what we plant in spring,  the livestock we are able to raise, the fish we are able to catch and the game we are able to hunt. I realized it is a lot of hard work, but I love working hard and seeing the fruits of my labor. 

Just Needing to Drive.

Hey Everyone!

It feels like I have been going to the coast about every other weekend. Something about being at the coast feels normal to me, and it is such a part of my life. I know it would cost more to live there, especially in terms of gas of finding someplace closer than the Portland Metro area that sells almond coconut milk. I would also need to come to the metro area specifically for going to Bob’s Red Mill, and to get the skin care products I use. Fortunately the mall, and the Body Shop are like 10 minutes from Bob’s Red Mill, and there is a couple of Safeway Stores, a Bi Mart, and a Fred Meyer store roughly 10 minutes away from there. So, really I could do a major stock up every couple of months in the metro area of the things I absolutely couldn’t go without that are more readily available here, and then do the bulk of the rest of my shopping there. I would like to support the local economy wherever I move as much as possible, but there are some foods and skin care products that I have found that work for me. Fortunately Portland to the Coast is only about a 90 minute to 2 hour trip, and I would just make a day of it, and maybe see my parents while I was in town.

After having kind of a rough day yesterday, I needed to just go somewhere and drive. So, drive I did. I loved that I only used 1 actual interstate, all the other roads I used were state highway’s. Highway 26 from just west of Hillsboro to just outside downtown is a true freeway (3 lanes each direction, with heavy traffic any day of the week). All the rest of the time, I was on 2 – 3 lane highways. The 3 lanes was if there was a center turn lane, or 1 lane going one direction, and two lanes going the other.

Going to the beach is always a favorite adventure of mine. I would live at the coast if I had the opportunity.

The Pioneer Church at the Baker Cabin

Hey Everyone! 

Church 017I have developed this tradition, that on the first day of Vacation Bible School, after I finish helping with Vacation Bible School, I go on a bit of an Adventure. Today’s adventure was going and finding the Pioneer Church at the Baker Cabin, and the adventure was in getting there. seriously. I had pulled up the map on my IPOD before I left, and starting out I took the right turn but didn’t take the next proper turn so I went past it, and then eventually turned around and then took a different road (passing it again on the way back), and then when I was on the other road I pulled off and looked closer at the map, realizing I had passed in on the first road. I had to turn around again, but I eventually found it. There are no directional signs, and you have to actually know where you are going to find it. Getting there is half the fun, and a huge part of the adventure. 

The Church dates back to 1895, and was moved to the Cabin site (which dates back to 1856) in 1967. 

I have been interested in the history of the American West and the Old West for years now. The buildings that are still around from that period, love seeing. Not just because of the history attached but the architecture itself is amazing. There is something about old architecture that is pretty awesome. 


Returning to a Normal Routine

Hi Everyone!

ImageI thought about writing a post last night, but by the time I got back last night, it was after 9 pm. I had gone home yesterday, and get away from the city for a while. I really needed the short break from the city life, and be in a place that I love. I left about 3:00 in the afternoon, and as it was the sun was already starting to go. I snapped this picture as I was heading out.

I love going home to visit, beings that I am not in a place, financially, to move back at this point, I go and visit as often as I can.

Between church yesterday morning, and going home I spent a little time working on one of my knitting projects.

Today, beings that Monday’s are my normal weekday off from work, I spent a good part of the day, enjoying having the day off, and getting some sleep, and hanging out at the house. Now that the Holiday’s are over, my routine is starting to go back to normal, which is nice, since the last few weeks with all the Holiday’s, it has changed week to week. I didn’t mind working when I could to help make up the hours I would have lost with the Holiday’s.

This evening, I went out with friends and saw Zoolights, and yes I know it is after New Years, but you do what you can. On the way back I brought a friend of mine with me, since she had parked her car at the mall and taken light rail, and I live the closest to the mall, I just brought her with me. She and I hadn’t had a conversation like that in a long time. Hitting bad traffic just meant that we had longer to talk on the way back to this side of the city.

Going Home

Hey Everyone!

Home 003

I know I haven’t blogged on here for a bit! I have been busy with my new job, and life. I haven’t had much time for an adventure. Now that the Holiday’s are over, I am looking forward to being able to go take more adventures here in the near future!

Yesterday afternoon and evening I went home for a few hours, beings that I hadn’t been home since either October or early November, and it had been far to long. Between work, Church events, being sick, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years, I have been busy.

Home 025

Having been so Busy lately, and being in the city the whole time, it had finally gotten to me, and I knew I just needed to get away for a few hours, and what better way than to go home.

Yesterday was a beautiful day for a drive, but it got really windy as I headed back after I had been home for a while. I have noticed that the area that I love, while it is further away from the gorge is also sheltered more by the mountains.

I loved living here, and miss it more and more, the longer I have not been living there.