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Making Plans

Hey Everyone!

I know I recently made a blog post about places I wanted to go hiking, and I have gotten thinking about the places, that don’t necessarily include hikes, or are not hiking specific that I want to go visit, and see.

I have been interested in, and loved exploring the old ghost towns, and restored ghost towns of the American and Canadian West. This began the first time I had visited Barkerville, British Columba, in Canada. I would love to go back to Barkerville again, now that I am an adult.

I am fascinated by old places, as of yet, I am a die hard urban explorer, but I do love seeing these old places, that have a history, and at one time were living, breathing towns that were bustling with life. Then for whatever reason these places became abandoned, and go from bustling to nothing. I don’t believe in ghosts or paranormal, yet I do believe that the places still hold memories of the people who lived there, which is eerie in and of itself. I know buildings aren’t alive like humans are,  but there is just something about old, abandoned places, where human life has left an imprint.

Some old Ghost Towns I would love to visit include:
Bannock, Montana
Bodie, California
Tombstone, AZ
Virginia City, Nevada
Goldfield, Nevada
Barkerville, British Columbia

Idaho Silver Mining Towns such as:
Chesterfield Historic Town Site
Wallace Area
Bayhorse Ghost Town and Trails
Silver Valley Historical Area
Custer Historic Mining Town
Silver City Historical Area
Idaho City Historical Area
Sierra Silver Mine Tour

On a less creepy, old, scary note other places I want to go visit include:

Going back to New York City, two more times, once when the weather is decent and warm enough to go see all the sights, and the second time, being sometime between Thanksgiving and mid December. I want to see the skating rink and the tree in Rockefeller center, as well as everything decorated up for Christmas.

I want to visit Vermont, New Hampshire, or Maine in the fall and see what all the fuss about Autumn in New England is all about, especially since fall is my favorite season.

I also want to go to Disneyland in October to see it decorated all up for Halloween, as well as in December, to see it all decorated for Christmas. One of these trips (Probably the October Trip), I would love to go back to San Diego. I didn’t get to see as much as I wanted to the first time.

I would also love to be able to spend a Christmas Eve and Christmas Day in London. I would love to attend the Midnight Mass at Westminster Abbey, that begins Christmas Eve night and goes into Christmas Morning, as well as attend a Christmas Service on Christmas Morning. Then head up to Scotland, and stay through New Years (which would include my birthday), before coming back to the States.

I would also love to visit Yellowstone, Yosemite, Glacier National Park, Denali National Park, see the Great Smoky Mountains, as well as Nashville.

There is a lot I want I want to see, but nothing that can’t be done in my life time, yet still be able to put down roots somewhere, and have a home of my own. At worst be able to do some urban homesteading, at best have a bit of property and do a bit more intensive homesteading.


Places I want to go Hiking

Hey Everyone!

I have done a bit of hiking here in Oregon, and I really want to go hiking other places as well. I have begun a list of places I want to go hiking in. Some of the hikes I want to go on will also include camping, which is totally fine by me.

  • Garden of the Gods – Colorado Springs
  • Trail of Ten Falls Loop – Silver Falls State Park – Oregon
  • Alaska
  • The Scottish Highlands
  • Short 2 – 5 day hikes in the Sierra Nevadas, along the PCT
  • Somewhere in the Colorado Rockies
  • The Grand Canyon
  • Monument Valley – Arizona
  • The Great Smoky Mountains
  • The Adirondack Mountains
  • The Peak District – UK
  • Lake Louise – Alberta

This is not a complete list, it is just the beginning. I know I want to do more hiking than what I have listed here. The places I have listed above are just the places I currently know that I want to go hiking at.

As I do more hiking, and go on more adventures I will for sure be keeping you all updated.

If you all want to see more pictures from my adventures than what I post here on the blog, be sure that you have liked my Facebook page, as I will be posting pictures, and updates and all that kind of stuff there, that I may not necessarily post here on my blog.

Hikes I want to go on in the Next Year

Hey Everyone!

I am working on a couple of lists of hikes I want to go on, one is for the next year, the other is for the next 2.5 years (to be completed before I turn 30). This blog Post will be about the hikes I want to go on in the next year. 

•hike to the top of Multnomah Falls in 30 minutes or less

•hike the 7 mile loop at Dog Mountain

•hike at Smith Rock

•Hike all seven miles (both the Canyon Trail and the ridge trail) of Silver Falls

•hike wakena falls

•Take a Hike on Mount Saint Helens, WA

Love the Oregon Coast!

Hey Everyone! 

I totally needed the beach day yesterday, and now I am missing the beach something fierce. It is one of those things that it gets in your blood and is a part of you if you have spent time there since you were little. The sound of the ocean, the first sight of the beach, the way the air smells. It is the salty sea air mixed with the smell of campfires, and it calls my name. The way the sand feels between my toes, and the cold first wade in the North Pacific Ocean. Having sand fights with friends, and getting sand in places I’d rather not mention. The way my clothes smell after a day at the beach and a summer evening campfire. Having to laundry because my clothes got all sandy, partially wet and salty. Taking another shower after a long day of being out in the fresh air and getting covered in sand, and sleeping well at night because of a day filled of salty sea and smoky campfire air and having had a boat load of fun on the beach. This is just part of why I love the beach. 

One of the things I was thinking about yesterday while sitting on the beach, is how I would love to live in a coastal town, so, especially in the summer, if/when I got married and had kids the hubby and I could load up the kids after dinner and take them down to the beach until it was time to load them back up and take them home to give them a bath and put them to bed. 

Since I was in college I have become more attached to the Oregon Coast with each passing year. 

Working Hard on the Weekend

Hey Everyone!

When it comes to knitting and working on projects, I don’t stop just because it is the weekend. Sometimes I work even harder on my projects on the weekend. I am also working on not letting myself get distracted as much during the day, so that I am more productive and make better use of my time. That and I am not liking the whole going to bed past midnight, because I was not as productive as I could have been during the day, so I stay up later working on projects, thus sleeping later in the morning. It is a whole vicious cycle that I am trying to break.

The last couple of days I have been working all out on my sweater, just because I am trying to get it done, and so I have one less project just sitting around, taking up space. I am also tired of looking at these colors, and want to move on to something else. For the first week and a half after I bruised my tailbone, I was content with taking it easy and not doing much in the way of knitting. My tailbone is taking its time to heal, but I am tired of having the same projects sitting around, and seeming like I am not getting much of anywhere with them, I want and need fresh material for The Knitter’s Notes, not only just for having something to write about, but to also help me out, for exposure and getting new readers, and growing the blog and stuff. It is easier to come up with stuff to write about, because this blog is more focused on the day to day goings on, or what I have on my mind, so it is more about just blogging, writing and sharing my life and experiences with you all.

I also feel that the more projects for kids in need that I do get done, the more I am able to add to help bolster myself, and make my dream a reality, and give me more credibility for becoming a Charity Knitting Advocate. Have new and fresh content for the knitting blog is part of that, the more I get done, the more I have to write about, post pictures of, and the more I am able to put myself out there. What started as a hobby fourteen years ago, is now turning into what I want to do with my life as a career. Making your career goals happen takes time, perseverance, dedication, and if it were easy it wouldn’t be worth doing. I have spent a good 2.5+ year period throwing myself into knitting sweaters, and getting more and more done, and that was before I even knew that it was what I was wanting to work toward as a career. The career is not the final total of sweaters that I knit, but rather the process about what goes into it, the kids that are benefiting from it, and why people like myself choose to get involved. It is also a resource for those who want to get involved so they have aren’t struggling with how to go about it, or where to send their final projects. I want to help bring the resources that are out there, to knitters and crocheter’s who want to get involved but wouldn’t otherwise know how to go about it.

Keep Pressing Toward the Mark

I am one who tries to stay positive, especially about my job situation, on the outside, but having spent the last 3.5 years looking for a job, beginning back before I graduated from college, and having at most 6 weeks of work at one time is discouraging. I went to college to get an education, and try to make a better life for myself. Yet here I am, more than three years after I graduated from college, living in poverty. I am fully aware that I am one of millions of Americans who are in a similar situation as I am, and now we are facing Obamacare, which is really not helping anyone at this point, only making the situation worse for millions of Americans such as myself.

The whole unemployment situation has a lot to do with why I have become so passionate about knitting items for kids in need, mainly because I have had the time, and even with having projects to work on, I am still very bored and would like to be working. When people ask me what kinds of jobs I am looking for, I tell them that I am looking for just about anything that I could conceivably do with a Bachelors of Science Degree, in Social Science (mainly History with a bit of Anthropology, Criminal Justice, Geography and Political Science). 

What I don’t often talk about with anyone outside of my close group of friends is that I want to work with knitting/crochet groups either in an geographical area, or at a retreat center through crafting conferences, talking to them about the projects that are out there, to benefit children in need, and support our troops, and makes sure they have the patterns, and know where to send their completed projects, and so on and so forth. I love knitting, and using that knowledge, to help children in need, especially here in our own country, as well as supporting our troops. 

I know what it is like to have to live in poverty, and I have hated it, but I can’t imagine what it is like for children who live in generational poverty, and are not likely to even graduate high school. 

Monday Musings

Growing up in the city, everything I needed and could want were all available at any given store. While I did learn how to knit and can as a kid. Learning how was much more because I was interested in learning how to do these things, and much less out of necessity and it being a way of life.

While I was in college I lived in the heart of farm country here in the valley. That combined with becoming passionate about history, and learning about women’s roles in history became a huge part of my life. I also discovered that I learn better by doing rather than just reading about it or watching videos about it. Even though Women historically were homemakers, keeping house and raising children, they worked just as hard as any man.

I know times are tough right now, so I am unable to afford to follow through on this right now, but I would love to live on an acre or two of land, and grow a garden, raise some chickens, both meat chickens and egg chickens, and live a healthier life with less reliance on grocery stores, all while learning what life would have been like out here in the early days of Anglo Americans living out here.

Home grown (or at least local) and home canned food tastes so much better than store bought food. A lot of the reasoning behind my mom and I canning pears yesterday is the fact that they taste better than store bought. There is also the satisfaction in knowing where your food came from, and the fact that you preserved it yourself.

I have also found that doing it myself when it comes to hats and scarves is not only less expensive, but I get a better quality product and materials for the same price or even less than I would spend to purchase it ready made, if I do it myself. Case in point of getting two 100% wool hand knit scarves and three 100% wool hand knit hats for $11. You can’t beat that.

I’m not one who is all about bucking every societal norm, I am more fascinated with how things were done throughout history, and how modern convinces have aided us in getting away from being about to take care of ourselves. I am all for electricity, indoor plumbing, using a computer, and such, There is also something to be said about knowing where our food came from, and putting the effort into sustaining ourselves, and not being solely reliant on others to meet all of our basic needs. Even if I were able to live on an acre and was able to grow a lot of my own food, I would still avail myself of the grocery store for the items I could not, or it would not be cost effective to grow, make or do myself.

You could say that the life I want to live is somewhere in the middle of living off the grid homesteading, and being 100% reliant on stores to meet my needs.