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Making Plans

Hey Everyone!

I know I recently made a blog post about places I wanted to go hiking, and I have gotten thinking about the places, that don’t necessarily include hikes, or are not hiking specific that I want to go visit, and see.

I have been interested in, and loved exploring the old ghost towns, and restored ghost towns of the American and Canadian West. This began the first time I had visited Barkerville, British Columba, in Canada. I would love to go back to Barkerville again, now that I am an adult.

I am fascinated by old places, as of yet, I am a die hard urban explorer, but I do love seeing these old places, that have a history, and at one time were living, breathing towns that were bustling with life. Then for whatever reason these places became abandoned, and go from bustling to nothing. I don’t believe in ghosts or paranormal, yet I do believe that the places still hold memories of the people who lived there, which is eerie in and of itself. I know buildings aren’t alive like humans are,  but there is just something about old, abandoned places, where human life has left an imprint.

Some old Ghost Towns I would love to visit include:
Bannock, Montana
Bodie, California
Tombstone, AZ
Virginia City, Nevada
Goldfield, Nevada
Barkerville, British Columbia

Idaho Silver Mining Towns such as:
Chesterfield Historic Town Site
Wallace Area
Bayhorse Ghost Town and Trails
Silver Valley Historical Area
Custer Historic Mining Town
Silver City Historical Area
Idaho City Historical Area
Sierra Silver Mine Tour

On a less creepy, old, scary note other places I want to go visit include:

Going back to New York City, two more times, once when the weather is decent and warm enough to go see all the sights, and the second time, being sometime between Thanksgiving and mid December. I want to see the skating rink and the tree in Rockefeller center, as well as everything decorated up for Christmas.

I want to visit Vermont, New Hampshire, or Maine in the fall and see what all the fuss about Autumn in New England is all about, especially since fall is my favorite season.

I also want to go to Disneyland in October to see it decorated all up for Halloween, as well as in December, to see it all decorated for Christmas. One of these trips (Probably the October Trip), I would love to go back to San Diego. I didn’t get to see as much as I wanted to the first time.

I would also love to be able to spend a Christmas Eve and Christmas Day in London. I would love to attend the Midnight Mass at Westminster Abbey, that begins Christmas Eve night and goes into Christmas Morning, as well as attend a Christmas Service on Christmas Morning. Then head up to Scotland, and stay through New Years (which would include my birthday), before coming back to the States.

I would also love to visit Yellowstone, Yosemite, Glacier National Park, Denali National Park, see the Great Smoky Mountains, as well as Nashville.

There is a lot I want I want to see, but nothing that can’t be done in my life time, yet still be able to put down roots somewhere, and have a home of my own. At worst be able to do some urban homesteading, at best have a bit of property and do a bit more intensive homesteading.


Places I want to go Hiking

Hey Everyone!

I have done a bit of hiking here in Oregon, and I really want to go hiking other places as well. I have begun a list of places I want to go hiking in. Some of the hikes I want to go on will also include camping, which is totally fine by me.

  • Garden of the Gods – Colorado Springs
  • Trail of Ten Falls Loop – Silver Falls State Park – Oregon
  • Alaska
  • The Scottish Highlands
  • Short 2 – 5 day hikes in the Sierra Nevadas, along the PCT
  • Somewhere in the Colorado Rockies
  • The Grand Canyon
  • Monument Valley – Arizona
  • The Great Smoky Mountains
  • The Adirondack Mountains
  • The Peak District – UK
  • Lake Louise – Alberta

This is not a complete list, it is just the beginning. I know I want to do more hiking than what I have listed here. The places I have listed above are just the places I currently know that I want to go hiking at.

As I do more hiking, and go on more adventures I will for sure be keeping you all updated.

If you all want to see more pictures from my adventures than what I post here on the blog, be sure that you have liked my Facebook page, as I will be posting pictures, and updates and all that kind of stuff there, that I may not necessarily post here on my blog.

Sock Yarn to make Boot Socks

Hey Everyone!

While I normally keep my knitting stuff off this blog, today the two cross.

Over the past few months I have been stocking up on a load of sock yarn, in order to make boot socks for when I go out hiking. I am doing this, because I am working on having the right gear to get out and go hiking even when it is cold, wet and damp outside.

I have tried so many store brand pairs, that I lost count. I never really liked any of those. Now, I have socks that are quality made, that are comfortable, and will last for a while.

Most of the wool that I purchased for socks, is of natural colors or darker jewel tones. I have definitely been into the natural and jewel tones a lot more lately. I also find them to be a bit more appropriate for being outdoors.

I will be posting more about the socks over on my knitting blog, so if you are interested in more of that process check out that blog

I am in the planning stages of many great adventures, so stay tuned for those!

Next Steps

Hey everyone!

I feel like I have finally “figured out” what I am supposed to be doing with my life. Now I am trying to come up with a plan of taking it to the next level. I had kind of been seeing it coming for the last few years because I have fallen in love with knitting items for children in need. In the back of my mind I have been like “too bad I can’t make a living from doing this”. I don’t want to make a living from the actual items that I make but rather getting it out there that there ways to help children in need here in our own country and around the world from the safety and comfort of your own home and community. The working title I had come up with and wrote about in today’s post over on “The Knitter’s Notes” is Charity Knitting Advocate. I am not much of a person who enjoys speaking my thoughts which is why I blog a lot, and I want to use my knitting blog especially to help further this, and engage more people.

I just wanted to share a bit about that since that is what has been going on with me the last couple days while I continue taking it easy while my tailbone heals.

If and when my career gets going I will still find the time to go on adventures. I have no desire to give up spending time in the great outdoors.

A thought that came to me

I don’t know how I, personally could get involved with something like this, but having a cousin who has adopted children, the older three came to her and her husband through the state, a good friend of mine also has a foster daughter who was brought to my friend last minute. I have also heard about another couple whose youngest was brought to them, by the state and stripped to his diaper and left with his then foster (now adoptive) family.

What I would love to see is, in local areas having non profits who collect new and gently used blankets, as well as items such as onesies, baby socks, diapers, baby wipes, the travel packs of Johnson’s baby bath essentials, baby formula, baby bottles and such that case workers, hospitals and local law enforcement would be able to pick up/have (in the case of hospitals) prior to dropping the baby off at their new foster home, so that the foster parents would have the basics covered for at least a couple days while things are I’m sure crazy the first few days.

I may be “crazy” but I don’t really care.

A Calm, Peaceful Day

Ever since I first heart about Hazel about 3 weeks ago, when her Pizza Bonanza hit the news, here at least on the West Coast, I was inspired by her. Being inspired by a two year old may sounds crazy, but the thing is children are strong, they are often fighters (in the good way one can be a fighter) when faced with challenges, and they are resilient. Because of the fact that she has been fighting Neuroblastoma, and hasn’t stopped smiling or fighting it, is what has inspired me. She has surgery yesterday to remove the tumor, The latest update for her surgery can be found Here.

ImageIn yesterday’s blog I mentioned that I had taken a dishcloth to work on while at the family dinner. I was so close to finishing it, that after I had written the blog post I finished it up. I think I started this dish cloth back in March or April, while I was doing roadshows for Rwanda Partners, in Costco’s here in the metro area. I started keeping a small project, such as a dishcloth in my purse back when I was working at a day care, just because I would have to wait to clock in to the exact minute I was scheduled to start as well as having a good hour long lunch break. I didn’t like just sitting around or reading all the Hollywood gossip magazines, so I would knit to pass the time when I got there early, as well as on my lunch break. It game me something productive to do. Ever since then, if I know I may be having to wait somewhere, or sit around someplace, I take a small project to work on while I wait.

Speaking of Knitting, I have also made progress on my sweater. I completed the front, and started the sleeves for the back, since I knit up the body all at the same time.

I spent part of this afternoon looking at old family pictures, and it was interesting to see how many (or few is more like it) I did actually recognize. In a couple of the pictures I only recognized certain cousins because one of their kids (who I have watched grow up) looks so much like their parent at that age. I found a picture of my dad when he was a kid, and then a few pages later  I found one of myself when I was one, and was like “if it weren’t for the fact that I’m wearing a dress, and the picture is obviously from my life time, I would say that I could have been my dad.”

This evening I have been watching youtube videos, and working on knitting, and I am going to watch a movie, since it it is only 8:30 and already dark. That, combined with the fact that it was overcast all day  only means that fall is coming fast, which makes this knitter and cool weather fan happy.

An Encouraging End to a "Normal" Saturday

Image Yesterday, my mom had been given some overripe / to ripe to eat bananas, so that turned today into a baking day for me. With a little help from my mom, we made three loaves of banana bread, in an assembly line fashion. One of the three loaves we made Chocolate Banana Bread, and oh my word, it is so good. I haven’t had anything chocolaty in so long, because most chocolate, and things made with chocolate, have dairy in them, so I can’t eat them. I have come to find that Hershey’s unsweetened cocoa powder is dairy free. 

Besides helping put the groceries away, I have spent the rest of the day knitting. I am working on getting some left over sweater yarn used up, so it won’t just be sitting around. While I do have a sweater in the works, I am taking a little bit of time to knit up a teen size hat. 

There come times when I am so thankful for the good friends that I have in my life. There are few people in my life, who are on the same wave length as I am, and we think enough a like that it is easy to be around them and be myself, yet different enough that life is always interesting. Its amazing how even a brief conversation with one of these friends can take a blah semi boring day, and it can make my day so much better. These friends are the type that even when they are not trying, they are still encouraging and uplifting, and you always feel better after talking to them. They are the kind of people you want to have in your life, and when you are with them or are talking to them, nothing is really forced, and conversations flow easily and naturally.