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New Adventure Gear

Hey Everyone!

Today I was able to go and get myself a new digital camera, beings that I had broken the one that I had this past summer. I got myself a Sony DSC – W800.

I am hoping to take it on its inaugural adventure in a couple weeks. I am also hoping that in 2015 I will be able to get out a bit more on weekends, and go more places. I know that it may be hard at times, beings that I work full time and have food intolerances, but I don’t want the latter to hold me back from some amazing adventures.

This month I have been able to add to my adventure gear, with the REI Flash 22 pack I had purchased on Black Friday, and now a camera for photos and vlogging.

My current job, is a good entry level job, especially since the economy is still tough for the millions of Americans who are out of work. I am thankful for having a full time job, that pays more than minimum wage, and has benefits. It is for now a temporary job, while I am working on a specific project for the company I work for. I am thankful that I have been able to purchase more gear, and I am hoping over the next several months, to however long my job lasts, I am going to work on saving money, so that can have something to fall back on, be able to move for a new job, or take adventures on.

I am excited to be able to plan more adventures that would take me further away from home, that will be becoming a reality is an amazing prospect. I am excited for these adventures, and being able to blog and vlog about them for you all.

I want to thank those of you, who have stuck with my blog through the times of lean content due to lack of being able to take adventures. I have greater plans for myself, the adventures I want to take, and for this blog.


Working Hard on the Weekend

Hey Everyone!

When it comes to knitting and working on projects, I don’t stop just because it is the weekend. Sometimes I work even harder on my projects on the weekend. I am also working on not letting myself get distracted as much during the day, so that I am more productive and make better use of my time. That and I am not liking the whole going to bed past midnight, because I was not as productive as I could have been during the day, so I stay up later working on projects, thus sleeping later in the morning. It is a whole vicious cycle that I am trying to break.

The last couple of days I have been working all out on my sweater, just because I am trying to get it done, and so I have one less project just sitting around, taking up space. I am also tired of looking at these colors, and want to move on to something else. For the first week and a half after I bruised my tailbone, I was content with taking it easy and not doing much in the way of knitting. My tailbone is taking its time to heal, but I am tired of having the same projects sitting around, and seeming like I am not getting much of anywhere with them, I want and need fresh material for The Knitter’s Notes, not only just for having something to write about, but to also help me out, for exposure and getting new readers, and growing the blog and stuff. It is easier to come up with stuff to write about, because this blog is more focused on the day to day goings on, or what I have on my mind, so it is more about just blogging, writing and sharing my life and experiences with you all.

I also feel that the more projects for kids in need that I do get done, the more I am able to add to help bolster myself, and make my dream a reality, and give me more credibility for becoming a Charity Knitting Advocate. Have new and fresh content for the knitting blog is part of that, the more I get done, the more I have to write about, post pictures of, and the more I am able to put myself out there. What started as a hobby fourteen years ago, is now turning into what I want to do with my life as a career. Making your career goals happen takes time, perseverance, dedication, and if it were easy it wouldn’t be worth doing. I have spent a good 2.5+ year period throwing myself into knitting sweaters, and getting more and more done, and that was before I even knew that it was what I was wanting to work toward as a career. The career is not the final total of sweaters that I knit, but rather the process about what goes into it, the kids that are benefiting from it, and why people like myself choose to get involved. It is also a resource for those who want to get involved so they have aren’t struggling with how to go about it, or where to send their final projects. I want to help bring the resources that are out there, to knitters and crocheter’s who want to get involved but wouldn’t otherwise know how to go about it.

Healing Mind and Soul

Hi Everyone!

This weekend was one of the best weekends I have had in months. I spent the entire day saturday exploring two forts (one of which was a replica of the original that was built in 1805 and used over the winter of 1805 – 1806) with my best friend.

Spending a day at the coast for the second time in a week was pretty epic. I enjoyed the first day I spent at the coast the previous weekend, but I prefer the part of the coast I spent time at on saturday better. I am not a fan of Seaside, but I didn’t spend much time there, and spent most of the day up around Astoria. Being outdoors exploring places I love, with a good friend is a good workout that doesn’t feel so much like a workout.

Yesterday I spent the afternoon and evening working on a hat for a child in India, as part of my 30 days 30 hats challenge.

Not long after I got up this morning I went for a walk and a beautiful spring morning, and it was a fantastic way to start my day. I feel pretty good now. Today, as forecasted is turning out to be a beautiful and warm spring day here in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Today is  our first 70+ degree day here in the city.

I also did some troubleshooting with my new blog that is specifically about dealing with being Gluten Free and Dairy Free. I like being able to have all my blogs being connected to each other. I like the idea that you can get to my other blogs from each of the blogs if you are interested in reading more from me.

I finally am starting to feel less exhausted and burned out, a week after I left a stressful job. While I don’t have another job lined up or what the future holds, I am confident that God has a plan, and that I will find something. In the mean time I am taking time to do what I am passionate about and enjoy and writing about it on my blogs. Especially after this past saturday of being outdoors in an area that I love, did me good to help me gain back my energy and having something worth getting up for.

I had gone for another walk with my mom after she got home from work. While I have no problems with going on walks by myself, I get the fact that she likes having the company.  I can handle being inside a certain amount (ie when it is absolutely pouring rain, or during the heat of the day), but otherwise I get out as much as I can, and I love being outside.

Thoughts on Working Life

Hey Everyone!

This week has flown by. I even had to do a double take yesterday morning on my way to work, to make sure it was friday, because I was going to be late to work if it wasn’t. Fortunately it was Friday, and I didn’t have to text my manager, and be like “I am going to be late today, because I thought it was friday,” Why that makes any difference is because most of us start at 9 on friday’s rather than at 8:30.

I got thinking yesterday, about how boring being an adult can be. When I was younger, I always wanted to be older, and now that I am “older”, I get up, and go to work. I go to work, to pay the bills, put gas in my car, and make sure I have food. I get excited for things like being able to be super close to paying off one of my college loans. I haven’t gone on an adventure in a good month and a half, in part because of being busy and trying to coordinate schedules with my normal adventure buddy.  In some ways having a job reminds me of being in school, in that it is the normal everyday routine, except for the fact that you get paid for work.

I am hoping that with spring, on the weekends I can get out more and go do stuff. Life, at least for me, still is not as interesting as I thought it would be when I was younger. I always thought that when I get to be my age, that life would be more interesting because I could go do what ever I want without anyone telling me to do, which is true, but at the same time there are bills to pay, and work to go to. I am still trying to find a way to move away, and be on my own.

Some of the things I was looking forward to, such as being able to go out and go places, and not have to get permission to go places, or out with friends for the day, or have to ask for money is something I take for granted.

Its Halloween

Hey Everyone!

It is hard to believe that it is the end of October already. I know I have done all the stuff I have jammed in over the last month, but it is still hard to believe. Going to a wedding in Canada, starting a new job, and now being in my third week of it is crazy.

I miss doing daily blogs, but I haven’t because I have not had the time or energy since I have been back from Canada. I am hoping that as I adjust to this routine I will be able to get back on the blog a day schedule.

As I sit in traffic here in the big city, I miss the days of living in a country where between the three main towns within the county there are only 8 – 10 traffic lights.  I have a job and for that I am thankful, and in time I hope that one day I can move back to a small town, in farm, wine and hops country.

Not my Typical Saturday

Hi Everyone!

So it is Saturday, and I have two baby showers that I am going to next weekend, which meant that I needed to finish getting the baby gifts for them. One of the baby shower’s is down in the area I call home (aka where I went to college), and the other is up here. Fortunately they are on different days. For the first one, I just got a little old navy shirt and a pair of little old navy socks to go with the books my mom and I had picked up for this baby. For the other baby shower I picked up a package of Earth’s Best baby wipes, since I couldn’t find Water Wipes in the stores I checked, and a package of two Minnie Mouse pacifiers to go with the hand knit blanket and hat I made for the mom to be.

While I was out, I found a pair of Bearpaw boots for a really good price, so I picked them up. Beings that they are a brand name, and normally expensive, I did buy some rain and stain guard and sprayed that on them, to help protect them, so hopefully they will last me a few years. Now that I am back from Canada, it has come time to invest in new leggings, that fit better, and that don’t have holes in them that were made by a cat’s claws.

I also went to the grocery store with my mom, to help pick out things that look good, especially for my lunches for work, so that I can have a decent lunch, with food that is dairy free, that also taste good. Yesterday was my third day of work, and it went much better than my first two days.

Settling Back Into Real Life

Hi Everyone! 


Now that I am back home, I started a new job today. I should be used to starting a new schedule by now, after four years of college, where I started a new term, with new classes three times a year. For it being the first day, it went well. It will take me a bit to learn my new job, but I know with time I will pick it up, and get the hang of it.  

Even though I will be keeping busy, I miss the camaraderie I had with my cousin, and my oldest cousin’s fiance while I was in Canada, We bonded over Country music, pranking the cousin who was getting married, and staining the arch for the wedding,  I love the area in which my aunt and uncle live, well other than the fact that everything is more expensive, and dairy free food is harder to come by. 

The vacation was really nice, and I didn’t miss the city traffic, but I did miss being home, with my own bed, and my own bathroom.