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Places I want to go Hiking

Hey Everyone!

I have done a bit of hiking here in Oregon, and I really want to go hiking other places as well. I have begun a list of places I want to go hiking in. Some of the hikes I want to go on will also include camping, which is totally fine by me.

  • Garden of the Gods – Colorado Springs
  • Trail of Ten Falls Loop – Silver Falls State Park – Oregon
  • Alaska
  • The Scottish Highlands
  • Short 2 – 5 day hikes in the Sierra Nevadas, along the PCT
  • Somewhere in the Colorado Rockies
  • The Grand Canyon
  • Monument Valley – Arizona
  • The Great Smoky Mountains
  • The Adirondack Mountains
  • The Peak District – UK
  • Lake Louise – Alberta

This is not a complete list, it is just the beginning. I know I want to do more hiking than what I have listed here. The places I have listed above are just the places I currently know that I want to go hiking at.

As I do more hiking, and go on more adventures I will for sure be keeping you all updated.

If you all want to see more pictures from my adventures than what I post here on the blog, be sure that you have liked my Facebook page, as I will be posting pictures, and updates and all that kind of stuff there, that I may not necessarily post here on my blog.


Going for a Drive!

Hey Everyone! I am finally getting around to writing this post. 

Friday, I was just ready to get out of the city for a while. I drove out to The Dalles. It is still very green out there which is crazy. The Dalles is pretty much on the northwestern end of Eastern Oregon. 

On the way back I stopped at Bonneville Dam and actually went out on the dam which is pretty cool. They do ask if you are carrying a gun (since they aren’t allowed) and check the trunk of your vehicle, but I really didn’t have a problem with it since I had nothing to hide. I know some may argue that it is an invasion of privacy, but that doesn’t bother me so much since it is to keep us (the guests) and the Dam safe. Around here we rely on the Dam for hydroelectricity, and beings that it has been in place for so long that the flood plane, river traffic,  salmon, and communities have adjusted to the backed up River that at this point deactivating and demolishing the dam would do more harm than good, at least with Hydroelectricity, that is a renewable resource out here, it’s gonna keep raining and the river is gonna keep flowing, so why not turn that energy into electricity. 

So that was my Friday. 

First Beach Trip of the Year

Hi Everyone!

That was totally unexpected, yesterday morning as we were eating breakfast mom was like “let’s go the beach”, and I am I was like “let’s do it!” So we did. 

There was one place my mom wanted to get to before it closed, which was easy enough, otherwise we just went where we wanted, when we wanted. We stopped at where I had gone to college to use the facilities before continuing on. 

We stopped in Lincoln City for lunch and to get some salt water taffy before going to Depoe Bay and Newport. We stopped at a coffee shop so my mom could get something for my aunt. We also went and saw the two lighthouses in Newport. 

We has also stopped along the way to watch the waves come crashing in over some rocks, which was pretty awesome, especially since it is winter and the surf is rougher. 

I drove the whole way, which was fine. On the way home there was only one point where I was like “it is really dark out here”.  I am not as concerned with breaking down in the middle of nowhere, it could happen, but it isn’t at the top of my list of worries, where as I am more concerned with hitting a deer. Deer are plentiful in this part of the country, and stupid as all get out, and I have seen my fair share of them along country roads in the dark. Beings that the weather has been warmer and wet this past week, the roads over the coast range were easily passable with my little 2 wheel drive car. 

Even with having gone to the beach like 14 times last year, I knew I would go back again this year, I just didn’t think I would be back there in Mid January. 


Too Hot in the City

Hey Everyone! 

Today got hot, while I don’t know what the official high was today in Portland, I know it was hot (like upper 80’s to low 90’s), so I took off for the beach. 

My trip to the beach started with a short stop in Tillamook, to get something to eat, before going to Rockaway Beach, where I spent time on the beach and wading in the ocean. 

About 2 this afternoon I was winding down with being on the beach, but was not ready to ready back inland so I drive up to Astoria, and went to Fort Clatsop, and took a walk through the woods before leaving to head back to the big city. The site of Fort Clatsop is where Lewis and Clark and the Corps of Discovery spent the winter of 1805 – 1806, the “fort” is actually the second reconstruction of the fort, after the first reconstruction burned a few years ago. This reconstruction was based more on what was actually known about the real Fort Clatsop, which is pretty cool. I loved the way the fort smelled. Between the wood and everything else there, it smelled amazing. 

All in all today has been an amazing day, I spent a lot of time driving and it was totally worth it. N drive I kept moving, kept going, kept seeing the scenery. Today I was reminded of why I love Oregon, and why it would be hard (but possible) for me to leave. Every time I go to the beach it recharges me and helps me keep pushing forward to keep striving to find a paying job to do what I love doing.    


Adidas Diablo Small Duffle Bag

I own two Adidas Diablo Small Duffle Bags. I had purchased my first one while I was in college, when I needed something small to pack clothes in for weekends at my parents house. Once I had gotten my first real apartment, all the clothes and such that I actually wore and used moved with me, so I really had nothing that actually fit or that I would wear left at their house. Thus, needing something that I could pack enough clothes for Saturday (which was pretty much just another shirt from the one  I wore up on Friday), church clothes and shoes for Sunday morning, underwear, socks, Pajama’s and maybe some toiletries if it had been a while since my last visit and I had forgotten what I had left at their house, or stuff that I used at home, but knew I wouldn’t have left at my parents house.

These Diablo small duffle bags were the perfect thing for the weekend trips to the parents house. Enough room to fit the necessities, without over packing.

I would just pack the clothes and toiletries that I would need, grab my phone and Ipod chargers, stick my Ipod and my phone in my purse and hit the road.

If you were to ask me today, would I buy even one of these again, I would tell you, most definitely. I have gotten so much use out of both of them it isn’t even funny. I still have the first one I bought around somewhere (even though I think it is packed away in a box). It has gotten a good 3+ years of regular use, and wear, the second one is the one I still have out, and use regularly as well. I have taken one with me both trips to Canada (in addition to the Marmot 35L backpack), as well as on other trips.

Its Good to Be Home

ImageThis past week I was out of town, I had gone up to Canada to visit my family and attend my cousin’s wedding. My younger cousin got married this past Sunday, and his older brother is getting married next summer.

This past week went by way too fast. We left here at 5:30 in the morning last tuesday (the 8th) and drove all day, making the 11 pm ferry.

Wednesday we went out boating on the lake, and helped my cousin stain the arch for the wedding, as well as pulled a couple minor pranks at my cousin’s house.

Thursday, my cousin, and my soon to be cousin in law (the fiancee of the older brother of the groom of this past weekend’s wedding,) and I went into town and picked up a few things, including some stuff for the party for that night. After we got back, a lot of us (except for my mom and aunt) wound up at my cousin’s house at some point, and helped get things done, including, but not limited to sanding and staining the arch for the wedding. That evening for dinner we had Moroccan food, and us young folk’s went back over to my cousin’s house for a little stag party for my cousin, which included two of the guys throwing my cousin in the lake, and them re-dunked him for added measure.

Friday was all about going to the traditional Friday night dinner, and working on the just married sign as well as making camo toilet paper bows for the truck.

Saturday was the rehearsal and dinner, out at the bible camp, and watching girly movies while the boys were at my cousin’s place. Sunday was the big day, the wedding out at the camp, and the reception at the hall. The dinner that was served was Thanksgiving dinner, beings that yesterday was Thanksgiving up there, and a lot of people were travelling, or due to the wedding wouldn’t be having Thanksgiving dinner. I caught the bouquet at the reception.

Yesterday we made the long 17 hour trip home, getting back early this morning. It is really good to be home. It was kind of fun to be in Canada for their Thanksgiving, and being able to know that I celebrate two Thanksgivings in their respective countries in the same year.

Canada 2013 Trip

Hi Everyone!

I arrived home from my trip to Canada early this morning, after leaving on the 7:10 am ferry yesterday morning. 17 hours one way is a long trip. When we got there a week ago (the 8th of October) my cousins who were coming in from Alberta (my oldest cousin and his fiancee who are getting married next summer) and PG (Sister to both the groom and bestman) were there waiting for us. 

ImageWednesday most of us, who were staying at my aunt and uncle’s house went out boating on the lake while my aunt was at work. Some of us went down to my cousins house, while he was gone, hid the guns that were sitting out, blew up balloons, and wrote things on them, then stuck them in places around the house. 

Thursday my cousin, my oldest cousin’s fiancee went into town, as well as picked up stuff we would need for the Stag party we were doing for my cousin that night, and then came back, and helped stain the arch my cousin had made for the wedding, and had dinner before having the stag party for my cousin. During the stag party My oldest cousin (the best man) and a friend of my cousin’s took him (the groom) out, down the driveway way and across the road, which is when my cousin (the groom) started putting up a fight when he realized that the Lake was involved. “Guys there is a lake down there, and it’s cold”, “That’s the Road” – when he was put down for a bit, “guys, put me down, I’ll walk down on my own” were also uttered. He also hung tight to a log for a bit before he was eventually dunked in the lake twice. 

Friday we didn’t do a whole lot, other than going out to Takysie for the traditional friday night dinner. Some of us youngins’ made the “just married” sign for the truck for their “get away” vehicle, and made bows out of Camo Toilet Paper. 

Saturday was spent in part out at the camp, for the rehearsal and the dinner, I took a lot of pictures while out at Ootsa Lake, beings that there were not all the wedding guests, and I was just helping with the dinner. 

ImageSunday was the big day. We were all up “early”, and four of the guys (the groom plus three of his groomsmen (two of whom were staying at the house) got ready at the house, before heading out for pictures, and we took some of our own before they left. For Canada, the weather could not have been more perfect for an outdoor wedding in the middle of October. The wedding was lovely, the reception was a few hours later, For the dinner at the reception, they served Thanksgiving Dinner (even though it was the day before the actual Canadian Thanksgiving). so after my cousin, older cousin’s fiancee and I took the chair to the hall, we went back to the house for a bit before the reception. My parents, brother and I headed out not long after the couple’s first dance, because we had to get up in the morning for another 17 hour drive home. 

ImageYesterday we drove back home, and had another 17 hour car ride, which included two stops at Tim Horton’s. It was also Canadian thanksgiving. I drove about 1/3 of the way home, all of which was in Canada. 

The only wildlife we saw were Deer, A Llama (one of the deer was being chased by the Llama), a Bobcat or a Lynx, Cows, and a Bald Eagle or two. Three of the deer walked right out in front of the car as we were heading home yesterday morning. Not only were there cows in the fields, 


but a herd was being herded down the road as we (my brother, the two cousin’s who weren’t getting married, and my cousin’s fiancee – the one that is getting married next summer) were heading out to the bible camp for the rehearsal dinner.