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Going Back to Traditional Sunblock

Hi Everyone!

Over the course of the past year or so I have bee testing out different brands of mineral based sunblocks. I am not paid for any of this, and all he sunblocks I have tried I bought with my own money.

I have tried Babyganics, Badger, and Baby Bum brands of the mineral based sunblocks.

I want to preface this all by saying that I have never had an allergic reaction or sensitivity to the regular brands of sunscreen. I was trying the mineral based for the sake of fewer chemicals….

Over the course of the year of trying the mineral based sunblocks, reading the ingredients, they still have a ton of chemicals in them so if it is trying to stay away from chemicals going on your skin, even the more “natural” sunscreens on the market are full of them.

In the times I have used the mineral based ones, I didn’t like how they felt going on, or having a white residue left behind no matter how hard I tried to rub it in. I also didn’t like how they felt in my skin later on (like two to three hours after application). I also don’t feel that they protected my skin as well as the mainstream brands do. I have also tried the Clinique city sheer sunscreen. It is an SPF 25 so I would be more apt to use it if it was a nice day and I was going to be out and about and I wanted a bit of extra protection but I wasn’t planning on being out in the sun constantly. The only drawback and down side I have with the Clinique is hat it comes tinted and I don’t particularly care for that.

Yesterday I was out on a hike, it was in the mid – 60’s and I feel like I was getting darker than I should have and burning within an hour of application. The bugs also loved attacking me. I don’t know if it was just me or something in the mineral based sunblocks that was attracting them. I haven’t had that much of an issue with bug attacking me since I was in Missouri, almost 12 years ago. I have never had issues like that while having traditional sunblocks applied to my skin.

I have fair skin, so having adequate sun protection is important to me, while still being able to be comfortable in warm – hot weather. Any more when I know I am going out to go hiking or to the beach, or just going to be outside for a while, I definitely try to remember to wear a hat and lather on the sunblock.

While I am not a huge fan of putting extra chemicals on my skin, for the few hours I am going to be out in the sun (which is not a daily occurrence living here in the northern Willamette Valley), and then showering when I get home. I’d rather wear sunblock and greatly reduce my chances of skin cancer from over exposer to the sun than not use anything at all.

I had stopped at Target yesterday, on my way home from my hike and picked up some regular brands of sunscreen. The Neutrogena is for my face, as it is the ultra sheer dry touch formula, since I am prone to breakouts if it is too greasy and oily. The Coppertone Sport is for the rest of my body that is exposed to the sun, like my arms, legs, neck and chest since it doesn’t matter so much if the sunblock is a little bit greasy as long as it rubs in. I know that both the neutrogena and the coppertone work for me and I don’t have any allergies to them. I also realize that 55 and 70 are in many ways over kill in terms of sunblock, but that added SPF helps it to last a bit longer between applications and help my pale skin from burning or getting darker, to me it is worth it.


Bybee-Howell House

Hey Everyone!

Yesterday, my mom has suggested making a run out to Sauvie Island, and go to one of the farms to see if they had Strawberries yet. Turns out that it is still a little early for strawberries, especially to get flats of them to make jam. They had some from their first picking so we got a couple of pints. 

We had driven past this old farm house, which I had seen before, but kind of took notice of yesterday. The site has been turned into a territorial park. The house itself was built back in 1856, before Oregon was even a state. It’s original owner was one of the first commissioners of Multnomah County. 

I love old farm houses, especially in this part of the country. The Bybee – Howell house has an orchard out back, and it was so pretty. 

Summer is Winding Down

This morning I woke up to a gray blanket covering the skies above me, and the air heavy with the smell of rain. I woke up to an amazing morning. The gray blanket the covers our skies is a comforting, light filtering blanket that calms my mind. I love the smell of impending rain on a summer’s day. 

I am enjoying this late summer/early fall day enjoying the gray skies, a cup of tea, and my knitting. 

Summer Beach Day

Hey Everyone! 

I am writing this post today (as apposed to last night) as I got home after 10:00 pm, and had things to get done before going to bed. 

I spent yesterday at the Beach and had an amazing day. I seriously needed the day at the beach to regroup, and feel like I fit in somewhere. I felt so at home at the beach yesterday. 

I had set my alarm for 6:30, but my body woke me up at 6, which was fine. I guess my body knew that something exciting was happening. I got up, showered, had breakfast, put a small lunch together for myself, and finished throwing some stuff together for the day, and I headed out about 8. I stopped and picked up one of my friend’s (who I was going to go visit) sister’s, who lives on the way to the beach I was going to, which wasn’t a problem. It seemed to have taken forever to get to the beach, but we finally got there. My friend and I hung out at their rented beach house for a bit before heading out to go on a train ride. The Oregon Coast Scenic Railroad operates between Garibaldi and Rockaway (and at times Wheeler), so we had driven down to Garibaldi, and got on the train there. The logic was once we were done, we could just go on down to Tillamook. 

The train ride was awesome. We sat out in the Open Air car, beings that the other two were fairly full and we are not wimpy, we are true Oregonians who don’t mind getting a little wet. It was such a pretty train right, and even cooler to be pulled by an old restored steam engine. There is also a fully enclosed car on the train which is an old train car from the era of steam engines. Both my friend and I love steam engines, and the history of them, and of the Era they are from. 

We hung out in Tillamook for a bit after we went on the train ride, and then headed back north to the beach house so we could then go down on the beach. We slathered on sunscreen and then proceeded to spent 3 hours on the beach. We had gone to this little wayside park, which there were hardly any people at (and it is the dead of summer), which was nice. I also love that the Oregon Coast and the beaches are all public access and we have former Governor Tom McCall to thank for that! I did go and get my feet wet in the ocean and walked along the tidal line for a while, before proceeding to just sit on the beach like a bump on a log for a while. I love being on the beach and just being able to enjoy the beauty of it, and the scenery of it. I could seriously be used to living at the beach as soon as I moved given the opportunity. I also had the chance to do some thinking while I was sitting on the beach. I can’t forget to not mention having a sand fight with my friend, which was way too much fun. 

After having dinner and seeing a whale surface in the ocean several times, my friends sister and I headed for home. I dropped her off at her house, before heading back home myself. 

The day had started off rainy, and finished sunny but still on the cooler side, so it was a perfect day weather wise, and I loved it. 

For more pictures check out (and hit the like button while you are at it please!) my Facebook page. Thanks! 

Rockaway_beach 009 Rockaway_beach 057

Did somebody say Mountains?

Hey Everyone!

My muscles are barely sore anymore. They were pretty sore the past couple of days after having gone rock climbing.

Today was awesome. I got to go out to the Gorge, and even though it was rather cloudy the mountains were still out. The Gorge, especially around Hood River is one of the many great growing regions we have here in Oregon.

We had gone out in that direction in search of pitted pie cherries, so that we would have locally grown pie cherries for Christmas. Commercially canned stuff from the store is nowhere near the same if you have ever tried Oregon grown, home canned pie cherries. We had spent a good share of the time we were out driving around trying to find a place that sold tart pie cherries that were already pitted. We finally found a place, and got some.

The Forests, Mountains and the Ocean will always be something I love that love will always be a part of who I am. At the same time though there was a part of me that wanted to keep going east, and to see, be, and live somewhere else and explore more of this vast continent that the US sits on. While out, we for sure saw Mt. Hood and Mt. Saint Helens (the one that blew its top off back in 1980), and quite possibly saw Mt. Adams. It is sad when you live somewhere and don’t know for sure whether or not you saw a particular mountain. I wonder how much I would miss the scenery if I didn’t live in this part of the country.

Mt_Hood 009

Mt_Hood 039

Mt_Hood 042

Mt_Hood 044

Exploring Local History

Hey Everyone!

Summer is here, and I am trying to keep busy and cool.

Yesterday, since it was more or less a free day, I went out and did some vlogging (which is uploading as I am writing this). I went and got some pictures of the Oaks Pioneer Church, which is a gorgeous little old country church. I also went and spent some time in the rose garden in Ladd’s Addition.

I love doing stuff like that, there is so much History there in both, the church was built in 1851, and moved to its present location rather than being torn down in 1969. It is one of the oldest if not the oldest intact church in Oregon, which is really cool.


I also spent a bit of time in one of the rose gardens in Ladd’s Addition, which also has some really neat old houses. Roses are my second favorite flower after plumeria. I love the way Plumeria looks, and the fragrance reminds me of my grandma.



Getting out of the House

Hey Everyone!

Today, I went out and ran a couple errands, I went in search of black Old Navy flip flops, and could find them in my size, and then I stopped in Fred Meyer (Kroger had bought out the Fred Meyer chain, but left the name in this part of the country, though the store brand is Kroger). I needed to pick up a Father’s Day card for my dad, and picked up a bottle of nail polish and a package of Starburst.

For me it is rather easy to believe the fact that in a matter of only a couple of years, I had begun to not like being in the city, and by the time I graduated I was a small town convert. Since I have been back in the city after I graduated from college it has bugged me a bit, but today was one of those days where it just was like a part of me died from being in the big city and I realized that I belonged in a small town, as close to the middle of nowhere you can get in the Mid-Willamette valley, and a good 20+ minutes to a city with more than 20,000 people. Driving back to the house on the road that I normally take to get to the freeway, I had gotten thinking about when I would come to visit while I was in college, and how by the time I hit that road, I wanted nothing more than to turn around and drive the 75 minute drive back home, and that I didn’t want to be here. I understand why I had to move back up here, but I have never felt at home here since I left, and I have always been looking for a way to move away again.

I like being in a small town, because of the community atmosphere, and relative proximity to being out of town, as well as being close enough to bigger cities, that more selections of grocery stores (especially with having food intolerances). While I was in college and didn’t have to think about food intolerances I quite often did all my grocery shopping at the local (with local brands) grocery store. For not having to think about DF/GF stuff they had plenty of selection, it gets more limited when you throw even one of those food intolerances in. If I were to move back, I would do as much grocery shopping as I could there, but to have more options I would have to travel a bit, and take advantage of the surrounding areas. I loved supporting the local economies of the towns in the county I lived in. While I know that I would be shopping at chain stores a bit, I love the smaller local stores. One of my favorites, had pretty much everything in terms of the basics like cleaning supplies, the coconut almond milk I like, shampoo/conditioner and such that you could need. Most of what I would use the bigger stores for is for GF/DF options.