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First Hiking Trip of 2019!!!!

Hey Everyone!

It’s been far too long since my last adventure post.

I have been working a lot for part of the last three and a half months.

Today, I needed to get out and go, and get back into the woods. I am trying to work up to longer and more intense hikes.

Today was a perfect day for a hike. It started off at about 33 / 34 degrees (~1c) and by the time I finished the 2.25-mile (3.62km) hike, a little over an hour later, it had warmed up to about 39 (~3c). I had started out with a long sleeve tee shirt, a sweatshirt and a jacket over that. by about halfway through, I was too hot and took the jacket off.

The last year or so, I lost sight of what makes me, well me, and what I want to be doing in life.

Besides the fact that I love hiking, the great outdoors, living a simpler and more meaningful life, part of what keeps me going is seeing other normal young women going hiking in amazing places, and doing amazing things, it also reminds me that I can do it too, and not be afraid to live the life I am supposed to be living. There is more to life than living a “comfortable”, boring life in suburbia doing the same thing day after day, without doing something to better this world.


Visiting one of the Grimm Filming Locations!!!!!!!

Hey Everyone!

This morning I had an interview downtown. Beings that where I was going to be interviewing was only a couple blocks from the Chinese Garden, I knew that today was going to be an Adventure Day.

I am not one who usually goes to Downtown Portland on my own unless there is a good reason to go.

Beings that I needed to go Downtown today, I decided to make the most of it. I had also realized that one of the filming locations from one of my favorite TV shows that ended last year – Grimm, was walking distance from where I was going to be.

After I had gone to my interview, I walked over to the Chinese Garden, and walked around for a bit, as well as went and got tea at the tea house. While it is kind of a pain to go to the Chinese Garden if I am not downtown anyway, beings that I was down there anyway and had taken the Max, I didn’t have to worry about parking, or actually driving downtown.

At the Chinese Garden, they were decorating for Chinese New Year so it was looking pretty cool.


After I had gotten done hanging out at the Chinese Garden I had gotten back on the Max before remembering I had wanted to go to the Customs House, since that is where they had filmed the exterior scenes of what was supposed to be the central police precinct in Grimm. So I got of the train at Pioneer Courthouse Square, took a couple pictures before the train going back the other direction came.

Once I was back at the right stop, I walked the couple blocks to the Customs House.

I had loved watching Grimm when it was on, and now own all six of the seasons on DVD. Beings I was so close to one of the filming locations, I had to go see it in person. I also live walking distance from another of the filming locations.

All in all, today was a great day.


Hey Everyone!

I had finished up a pair of wool socks today. After I had washed them, I put them on their blockers, and had taken them outside to the deck to attach the blockers to the line, to give them some time outside to dry, and help keep the wet sheep smell out of the house. I don’t mind the wet sheep smell, but others that I live with don’t particularly care for it – they are city folk through and through.

As I was out on the deck rigging a system to attach my sock blockers (with the wet wool socks on them), I noticed that someone in the neighborhood was having a fire – I could smell it. I love the smell of a camp fire or fire in the fireplace. That smell really made me want to get out and go camping, and be able to sit around a campfire after a long day hiking, or doing some sort of outdoor activity, and relaxing while smelling the smell of the fire, and warming up while listening to the crackle and pop of the fire.

A campfire is inviting and comforting. It brings people together. There is something about sitting around a fire in the evening, after all the work and the activity of the day is done, and having a warm drink (like tea or hot chocolate), and winding down. The smell of the campfire, always makes me want to be outside, and spending time outdoors adventuring and exploring.

For me, there is more to life than sitting inside all the time, at a desk, and spending my life confined to the indoors, all the time. I don’t mind wintering indoors, but at the same time, even in the winter, we still get some really nice, cold but clear days, and on days like those I love being outside, enjoying the winter day.

I would love to have a career, where I have some versatility and flexibility, where I don’t have to spend 40+ hours cooped up in an office. I am the kind of person who would be willing to do a certain amount of indoor, office-y stuff that would have to go along with the being outside stuff.

Back to smelling the fire someone was having – it made me long to be out camping, and sleeping out under the stars, away from the hustle and the bustle of city life.

While the smell of a campfire is one of my top five smells, I think my #1 smell, that I absolutely love is the scent of a camp fire mixed with the salty sea air of the beach (particularly those in Oregon).

Sock Yarn to make Boot Socks

Hey Everyone!

While I normally keep my knitting stuff off this blog, today the two cross.

Over the past few months I have been stocking up on a load of sock yarn, in order to make boot socks for when I go out hiking. I am doing this, because I am working on having the right gear to get out and go hiking even when it is cold, wet and damp outside.

I have tried so many store brand pairs, that I lost count. I never really liked any of those. Now, I have socks that are quality made, that are comfortable, and will last for a while.

Most of the wool that I purchased for socks, is of natural colors or darker jewel tones. I have definitely been into the natural and jewel tones a lot more lately. I also find them to be a bit more appropriate for being outdoors.

I will be posting more about the socks over on my knitting blog, so if you are interested in more of that process check out that blog

I am in the planning stages of many great adventures, so stay tuned for those!

New Adventure Gear

Hey Everyone!

Today I was able to go and get myself a new digital camera, beings that I had broken the one that I had this past summer. I got myself a Sony DSC – W800.

I am hoping to take it on its inaugural adventure in a couple weeks. I am also hoping that in 2015 I will be able to get out a bit more on weekends, and go more places. I know that it may be hard at times, beings that I work full time and have food intolerances, but I don’t want the latter to hold me back from some amazing adventures.

This month I have been able to add to my adventure gear, with the REI Flash 22 pack I had purchased on Black Friday, and now a camera for photos and vlogging.

My current job, is a good entry level job, especially since the economy is still tough for the millions of Americans who are out of work. I am thankful for having a full time job, that pays more than minimum wage, and has benefits. It is for now a temporary job, while I am working on a specific project for the company I work for. I am thankful that I have been able to purchase more gear, and I am hoping over the next several months, to however long my job lasts, I am going to work on saving money, so that can have something to fall back on, be able to move for a new job, or take adventures on.

I am excited to be able to plan more adventures that would take me further away from home, that will be becoming a reality is an amazing prospect. I am excited for these adventures, and being able to blog and vlog about them for you all.

I want to thank those of you, who have stuck with my blog through the times of lean content due to lack of being able to take adventures. I have greater plans for myself, the adventures I want to take, and for this blog.

Two trips home in two days

This weekend I really just needed to get out of town for a few hours. So both Saturday and Sunday I had gone home for a few hours. Going home last night was something I really needed, to see my church family there. Being there I always feel at home and like I never left until I have to be heading back up here to the city. I had to move away after college because I didn’t have a job, and could not continue paying for my apartment.

I have been back in the city for over 4 years now, and between that and a lack of jobs has taken its toll on me. There is more to life than being unemployed, stuck at your parents house in a city you don’t like. Going home and visiting is really what keeps me going. Hoping that one day I can move back. I know now it is where I am supposed to be, I now need a job in that area that I can support myself on. Being there in college was the first time and place I could really be myself, and not put on an act because people don’t accept who I really am here.

I love the three towns, which are all fairly close to each other. I consider all 3 to be home, as it wouldn’t matter which one I lived in, I would regularly be in all 3.





Keeping Myself Busy

Hey Everyone!

I had a busy day today which was totally needed. I went out and dropped off an application at the cooperative grocery store that is about a block from where I used to work, and had gone to fairly often while I worked at my previous job. I stopped by and saw a couple of my former coworkers, and one of my former coworkers had brought her dogs, which are two of the very few dogs I actually like. I have had this long running fear of dogs since I was a kid, because some neighbors that we had, had a couple of mean dogs that would bark and come after you, when you were on your own property doing your own thing. At that time the dogs were also like my size (I was like 2 – 3 and they were full grown labs that had not been trained or socialized) So that made me fearful of all dogs. It has been one of those things that as I have gotten older I have been working on, and having been around Spanky and Bacon (my coworker’s dogs) it has definitely helped. While I am still not a big dog person, and don’t like strange to me dogs running up to me (because I don’t know if they are just friendly or are threatened by me, and want to hurt me), I don’t out and out hate dogs anymore. After having been around spanky and bacon for the past 8 months, I love them, and wouldn’t mind getting a Boston Terrier of my own.

After I spent some time with them, I went to the bakery a few blocks away, where everything they make and serve is Gluten Free and Vegan. Beings that I can’t eat Gluten or Dairy, I love finding bakeries that make stuff for those who can’t or choose not to have the mainstream food ingredients. I had gotten a Lemon Lavender Poppy seed cupcake, and it was amazing!

This morning and early afternoon I had gotten the last two of my knitting tutorials uploaded to my knitting YouTube channel, and while I was out I filmed for a vlog today.

I came home, and got to work doing some baking, which resulted in a Gluten Free/Dairy Free bread baking tutorial vlog, and I mixed up some snickerdoodle’s which are not gluten free, but they aren’t for me. I did that before dinner, as well as got my bread tutorial edited and uploading. I also got my what I did today vlog edited, and uploading before baking snickerdoodles. I am now hanging how, waiting on my vlog to finish uploading, and working on some knitting trying to relax, and getting some blog posts written.