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Summer Beach Day

Hey Everyone!

It was so good to be back at the beach today. I have missed it so much, you all have no idea. 

There is one particular area of the North Coast, which has felt like home for the past few years. 

Today I had gone to Rockaway Beach for part of the day. It was a beautiful day. It was pretty windy but beautiful. There is a state park near there that I absolutely love. 

Before coming back to the city, I stopped in Seaside, to grab some food. I had found a parking spot a little bit of a walk from the main drag that goes down to the beach. I am super glad I had parked where I did beings that there was so much traffic and not a park to be found along the main strip. Seaside is pretty much my least favorite town along the Oregon Coast. It is so touristy and has lost the character that many of the other smaller towns on the Oregon Coast have. Seaside has definitely turned into the top coastal tourist destination and has been trying to imitate the Southern California and East Coast beach towns that have all the attractions and shops. It also has a huge to do over spring break. For those of you who have watched Gilmore Girls in season 4, when Rory, Paris and some of the other Yaleies go to Florida for spring break, Seaside is where you are going to get as close to that kind of spring break as you will get here in Oregon. 

I definitely prefer a beach that is relatively empty and fairly clean. I definitely prefer being able to get out and walk along the beach, and be able to stay somewhere (whether I am camping or staying at a house) where I can have a campfire in the evening, and relax and drink some tea and maybe make some s’mores. 

I have loved the ocean for as long as I can remember. Whether it is a beautiful sunny day like today or whether it is pouring down rain and the seas are super rough, or even the rare occasion when it snows on the beach. I love it all. 


Hikes I have been on

Hey Everyone!

I decided to compile a list of the Hikes I know I have been on, there may be more that I am not remembering at the moment, but these are the ones I can remember.

I am hoping to be adding to this list over the next few years. If you have any recommendations, leave me a comment down below, and you never know, it could show up in a future blog post about hikes I have been on.

British Columbia:
Barkerville to Richfield
John’s Island – Francois Lake
Skihist Provincial Park

Trees of Mystery – there are a few easy trails on this site that I have done

Waimea Falls Park – Waimea Valley, Oahu. It is an easy hike in the valley, up to a waterfall at the end.

Tumwater Falls Park
North head lighthouse & Cape Disappointment Lighthouse – along the SW Washington Coast
Mt Saint Helens Forest Learning
Johnston Ridge Observatory – there are some hiking trails around there that I have done.
From what my brother can remember, our grandparents probably took us on a hike along the puget sound.

Multnomah Falls
Bridal Veil Falls
Fort Stevens State Park
Fort Clatsop State Park
Oxbow Regional Park
Mt Talbert
Mt Tabor
Cooper Mountain Nature Park
Forest Park
Washington Park
Silver Falls State Park (just a portion of it, not the whole thing)
Oregon Caves
South Beach State Park, where the campground is roughly 1/4 to 1/2 Mile from the actual beach line

Beach Road Trip

Hey Everyone!

Today my best friend and I went to the beach. 

We went down to go visit the Oregon Coast Aquarium, and we did a bit more while we were there at the beach. 

We started off with stopping to get salt water taffy, and then some lunch before heading down to Newport to go to the Aquarium, a lighthouse and down on the beach. 

This summer will likely be the summer I got the most tan I have ever been, just because I didn’t have sun block on. As of right now I would gladly go back to being pale, at least I am not so pale I almost glow. 

Beach Trip

Hey Everyone!

I am finally getting around to getting this post written. It was like 10:15 pm by the time we got back. 

Yesterday my parents and I had gone to the beach. My dad had mentioned to my mom that I knew a good spot that wasn’t super crowded. So we went to my favorite place, and I drove out to the beach. 

We had hung out at the beach for a while before we went and got food. We then went back to the beach and hung out until the sunset. Around the time the sun set we spotted some whales. I don’t know what type they were but we saw them.   


My mom was hesitant because it was rainy most of the way there, but it cleared up right as we got there.  

Oregon Coast Scenic Railroad

Hey Everyone!

I have been stuck in the city for the past 3 weeks and began developing a case of cabin fever about the time my cold started so I have spent the past week and a half sick and stuck inside when all I wanted was to be out roaming free. Today was the first day off that I have had since I have felt better. 

   I have been wanting to go on the Oregon Coast Scenic Railroad excursion train between Rockaway Beach and Garibaldi for the past several months, especially since they have been doing a lot of work on upgrading the tracks and stuff. I had been on it about a year ago, and it was rather bumpy, since they have been working on it, it was a lot smoother of a ride.

It was awesome to be at the beach, once outside of Tillamook it smelled awesome. Tillamook just smells like cow manure. The air in Rockaway Beach smelled like the ocean (duh) and camp fires (hopefully they were contained to fire pits as the fire danger is extremely high for here). It smelled amazing. 

Riding the train was amazing, they were using the Heisler #2 engine, while the McCloud #25 is down for maintenance. Both the Heisler and the McCloud are actual steam engines, which I love. Steam Engines are my favorite, the look amazing, sound amazing, and of great historical significance. 

I had hit road construction on the way out to the coast, as well as knowing what traffic is like in the metro area during rush hour which is made worse in that area because the air show started today, so I wanted to avoid that area on the way back. With that in mind I had sent my “sister” a text to see if she would be up for having me drop by on my way back inland to say hi and see her and the kids, which I did. 


Northern Oregon Coast Forts

Hey Everyone!

Today I really needed to get out of the city and go on an adventure on my own. 

I drove out to Astoria, and went to Fort Stevens and the reconstructed Fort Clatsop. I have loved exploring fort Stevens for years. Fort Clatsop is cool, but once you have seen it once, you have seen it. It isn’t even the original, it is the second reconstruction of it. The history of it, is just a blur of a few months while the Corps of Discovery wintered out here. 

I am partial to Fort Stevens and Fort Columbia over Fort Clatsop. With the first two forts, Fort Stevens being on the Oregon side and Fort Columbia being on the Washington side of the Columbia River. Their history is much longer, there is more to explore, they were used and in operation during 2 or more wars, and the impact that they each had on thousands of lives during their years of operation is incredible. Each person stationed there left behind parents, siblings, possibly a spouse and children. 

With Fort Stevens and Fort Columbia being the actual forts that were used, you can actually see, touch, and to a certain extent, smell, hear, and feel what the soldiers who were stationed there experienced. To be able to look out and see the town of Astoria, and smell the salty sea air, or even better smell the wood smoke from a fire combined with the salty sea air, in my book that smell is one of my two favorite smells (the other is when fall is coming and you can smell it in. The air). 

There was so much to explore and so much left unexplored for another trip. 

There was one bunker that was locked, that I really wanted to figure out how to get into and go Exploring. But I didn’t since it was locked. I am one of those girls who isn’t afraid of climbing up things or getting dirty or hot and sweaty while on an adventure, and doing what I love. 


Beach: 2 trips, 1 week

Hey Everyone!

Like I mentioned yesterday, my weekend has not been going according to plan and I am ok with that. Yesterday a friend of mine invited me to go to the beach and go for an excursion on the train he was running. He and I are just friends, and we’re just hanging out. Getting to ride up in the cab of the train engine was an amazing experience. 

It was a lot of fun, and afterward I stopped at one of the nearby state parks to go down on the beach for a little bit. It was a last minute invite to go out there today and I went with my gut and did it. 

The excursion went along the Nehalem River, and it was absolutely gorgeous.