Bought New Boots

Hey Everyone!

That’s right! I did it! I bought new hiking boots. I definitely need to get them broken in before I do any major hiking.

I was starting to get a bit of cabin fever because it has snowed on and off this whole week, so I went to the Danner Factory Outlet up on NE Airport Way. I bought a pair of Danner Mountain Light Cascade Boots, which is the same style of boots that Reese Witherspoon wore in the movie “Wild”.

I decided to go with the Factory seconds that I found in my size. They look good, and that while they have have more minor imperfections, they are still well made (and cost less than the Factory firsts).

While I was out today, and beings that the roads were totally fine by early in the afternoon, I also ran to the mall to go to REI and Eddie Bauer. Yep, outdoorsy girl heaven right there.

At REI, I picked up a couple pairs of hiking socks, mainly for while I am trying to get my Danner’s broken in, and saving the socks I make myself for once my boots are broken in. I also picked up a travel wallet, mainly because it can hold my cellphone as help me stick with only the necessities for going out and about. I also picked up a new flip lid for my 20 oz hydroflask, in blue so it will match, and a pink rubbery bottom for the aforementioned hydroflask.

While I was at the mall I went in and went to Eddie Bauer, and picked up what they call the “connect tech travel bag”, which is a smaller purse like bag that can fit a wallet, cellphone, keys, a small tablet and a few other necessities.

I love going shopping at REI, and Eddie Bauer is nice when you are looking for something in particular.

Danner is a Portland company with roots going back to the 1930’s. REI was started in (and is still based out of) Seattle, and Eddie Bauer is based out of Bellevue, Wa (a suburb of Seattle). The Seattle area is local enough for me.

The hiking socks I bought as well as the Danner boots are made here in the USA, which makes me feel even better about them.

This spring and summer I am definitely wanting and needing to do some more hiking.


Time for new Hiking Boots?

Hey Everyone!

I bought my first pair of boots a few years ago, and I have never really liked them. Once I have actually been wearing them hiking, I quickly realized how bad of a fit for me.

The last time I went hiking in them, I was left with the biggest blister on the side of one of my heels, and my feet were constantly sliding forward in the boots as I hiked down hill.

So my point is, is that it is time for new hiking boots, so I can get back out hiking and enjoy it.

I am still looking at hiking boots and brands. I am definitely staying away from the super heavy boots that are meant for mountaineering and such. I am not there yet.

While I am leaning more towards Danner boots, as they are a local brand and well made I am open to other brands. Merrill Moab boots are out as that is why I currently have and I am replacing them. I am looking for something with good support and stability, as well as durability.

I am definitely wanting to get back in to hiking and working my way up to some more intense hikes, and I need my boots to hold up and last more than a season.

Visiting one of the Grimm Filming Locations!!!!!!!

Hey Everyone!

This morning I had an interview downtown. Beings that where I was going to be interviewing was only a couple blocks from the Chinese Garden, I knew that today was going to be an Adventure Day.

I am not one who usually goes to Downtown Portland on my own unless there is a good reason to go.

Beings that I needed to go Downtown today, I decided to make the most of it. I had also realized that one of the filming locations from one of my favorite TV shows that ended last year – Grimm, was walking distance from where I was going to be.

After I had gone to my interview, I walked over to the Chinese Garden, and walked around for a bit, as well as went and got tea at the tea house. While it is kind of a pain to go to the Chinese Garden if I am not downtown anyway, beings that I was down there anyway and had taken the Max, I didn’t have to worry about parking, or actually driving downtown.

At the Chinese Garden, they were decorating for Chinese New Year so it was looking pretty cool.

After I had gotten done hanging out at the Chinese Garden I had gotten back on the Max before remembering I had wanted to go to the Customs House, since that is where they had filmed the exterior scenes of what was supposed to be the central police precinct in Grimm. So I got of the train at Pioneer Courthouse Square, took a couple pictures before the train going back the other direction came.

Once I was back at the right stop, I walked the couple blocks to the Customs House.

I had loved watching Grimm when it was on, and now own all six of the seasons on DVD. Beings I was so close to one of the filming locations, I had to go see it in person. I also live walking distance from another of the filming locations.

All in all, today was a great day.

Passion Coming Alive Again!

Hey Everyone!

As I have looked back over my blog posts from the past few years, I am painfully aware that 2017 was a slow year for adventures. I can definitely tell that there wasn’t enough time spent outdoors, let alone on adventures last year.

January and 2018, so far hasn’t helped much on the getting outdoors and going on adventures as I have been sick most of the month.

Now that I am better, I needed to get out of the house for a bit. So, I went for a little bit of a drive this afternoon outside of the city.

I headed Southeast of town, and wound myself around and out to the Pioneer Church at the Baker Cabin. This site is not the church’s original site, it was moved to this site in order to be preserved, and maintained. The cabin on the other hand, this site is where it was built and it is its original original site.

I love that Oregon has so many of these historical sites that you can visit that are preserved but aren’t super touristy.

This year I am hoping to get out more and go on more adventures, and see new places. Today was just a nice day to get out of the house and see some Pacific Northwest history.

Last Beach Trip of my 20’s

Hey Everyone!

Over the course of the past few days the weather forecast had been showing a stretch of dry and warmer (for this time of year anyway), weather. So I had decided to keep my eye on the forecast for the northern coast. For the majority of the week it was showing sunny and upper 50’s for highs along the northern coast. I decided yesterday that I would go to the beach today, beings that I had only gone 3 other times this year.

Beings that this month is my birthday month, as well as the good weather and the fact that this month is only going to get crazier, today was the perfect day to take off and go to the beach one more time this year and while I am still in my 20’s.

I, of course took Tigger and Pooh with me, as they have become my little adventure buddies over the course of the last six and a half years. I got them just before I went to New York when I was 23, and they have gone on many adventures with me since then.

October in Portland!

Hey Everyone!

Beings that I am currently working nights, most afternoons it takes all the energy I have to get and make food for myself and then knit for a bit while watching Hulu or Netflix for an hour or two before going back to bed for a bit before having to get up and get ready for work.

Beings that I had today off (and didn’t have to work during the overnight hours of this morning), I actually woke up at a normal time today and actually felt like a normal human being this afternoon.

Today has turned out to be a beautiful day, and I had the energy to do so, so I went out for a short walk this afternoon.

We don’t always get a few gorgeous days in October that are gold when we do get them.

I have definitely missed going out hiking, and going for walks on beautiful afternoons.

Working nights and sleeping during the day, thus being stuck indoors all day for days on end, even when the weather is perfect has really cemented in how much of an outdoorsy girl I am. Days like today, I get restless easily and all I really want to do is go outside and go.

Eagle Creek Fire

Hey Everyone!

If you haven’t heard about the Eagle Creek Fire yet, it is a large wildfire that is burning out of control in the Columbia River Gorge. At last check, earlier today it had grown to over 20,000 acres since it was started on Saturday, and is 0% contained. It is burning in a rugged, mountainous area that is hard to get into with equipment.

It is a human caused fire. It was caused by a 15 year old boy who was out on the Eagle Creek Trail with some friends, and he was throwing fire crackers over the side of the cliff, on at least a couple of occasion, which was witnessed by two different people that weren’t part of his group. There were also roughly 140 trapped on the trail because of this idiot’s actions who had to be rescued.

It has gotten under my skin because of the complete disregard and disrespect for anyone and anything other than himself. He has now gone and completely changed one of Oregon’s most famous natural attractions, and you know it’s not going to look like the picture below again for years to come, if ever in my lifetime. All of these trees and underbrush, burned, in a senseless act of selfish self-centeredness.

These pictures were taken a few years ago when a friend of mine and I had hiked up to the top of Multnomah Falls.

Anyone who has read my blog at all knows that I absolutely love the outdoors and going hiking, especially here in the Pacific Northwest. While I am sure there are other beautiful places to Hiking outside of where Oregon, Washington, Northern California, Oahu and British Columbia, these are the only places I have had a chance to go Hiking in so far. No matter where you live, having a complete and utter disregard for the natural spaces, not to mention people’s lives, homes, businesses, places of work and churches is horrible (and criminal).

You know that this Creek that makes Multnomah Falls no longer looks like this, and will not look like this again for years to come.

I am an advocate for fire safety, as well as for preserving our natural spaces so that they can be enjoyed by anyone who wants to visit them. I have zero tolerance for entitled idiots who choose to ruin these places for everyone else who wants to enjoy them. Wildfires caused by lightning is one thing, human caused wildfires are plain and simply criminal.

I am not judge or jury in this case, but I would like to see a precedent and example made of the teen with the fireworks and his friends. I would love to see them have to replant trees across Oregon and Washington (the two states effected by their actions), every spring and early summer, for a good 20 years, as well as have to help with wildfire clean up and forest restoration in the late summer and fall, help rebuild houses and businesses burned by wildfires, and have to pay some form of monetary restitution for the financial damage they have caused. Then this should be used as a teaching example in schools on the subject of what can happen when you choose to be an idiot and play with fire in the forest, especially when it is a tinderbox.