Switching Up my Sunscreen

Hey Everyone!

I had heard that the active ingredients in mainstream sunscreens can cause cancer. I had also been bearding and reading that these same ingredients are not good for marine life. Ya’ll know me, I am the biggest fan of the beach, and I am super fair skinned and pasty white which means I need sunscreen.

I have also had some issues with some of the mainstream sunscreens beings that I have sensitive skin. I have to be careful about what I use. And things with fragrances and interactions that can occur when Salt Water and the bugs in the outdoor places I go to recreated.

I would not consider myself a hard core environmentalist by any means, but I am well aware of the environmental impact I, and the rest of humanity has on our world. I know that Hawaii’s ban on sunscreens that contain these harmful chemicals (it will go into effect in 2021), and I wouldn’t doubt that more states, and countries start cracking down on the use of these chemicals.

I had picked up a tube of Badger Sunscreen last year, that I am going to give another try. There are a couple other brands I am going to have to give a try next year. I plan to do a bit of traveling and more adventures next summer, so I will probably be spending as much time as possible outside. That will allow me to put some more sunscreens to the test and see which one I like and will be my go to sunscreen.


Working On My Tan Lines

Hey Everyone!

Yesterday, my parents and I went to the beach for the day. Beings that I didn’t have to work this morning, we got to stay a bit longer at the beach (I typically start work at 5 am on days that I work, so I have to go to bed super early the night before).

I absolutely love being at the beach, it is definitely one of the few places where I feel at home, and can’t get enough of.

I had applied some sunscreen before we left this morning, and I took it along with me, so I could reapply it before going down on the beach, then ended up not reapplying it like my inner pasty white kid brain told me to. So now I have the beginnings of tan lines on my feet, and a sunburn on the parts of my upper body that were exposed to the sun. I definitely should have reapplied my sunscreen.

We had gone to why has become my favorite spot at the beach, that a friend of mine had introduced me to five years ago. It’s crazy to think that it has been years already that I have been going to that spot. At the same time it feels like I have known about it forever.

Catching Up

Hey Everyone!

I know my posts here are few and far between. I am definitely in a different stretch of life, where adventures aren’t happening like they once were. Life is an interesting thing, and the phases we go through are what keeps us going.

Since the last time I posted, I went downtown a couple of times to go to the Chinese Garden.

Going Downtown is an adventure in and of itself, downtown Portland is crazy, and I am really not a fan of going down there unless I absolutely have to.

I don’t know when I will be getting back to regular adventures, like I was able to do a couple years ago. If and when that happens, I definitely will be reviving this blog with a passion. Until then, I will post when and what I can.

Hiking is Life

Hey Everyone!

I have been really wanting to go for a hike for a few weeks.

Today, I totally pushed myself to get out and go for a hike. I only made it about 1.68 miles, but that’s not bad for not having hiked in a couple months, and that was my first hike in many months.

I figured through today would be the best day to go, since I was off and it was cooler and not supposed to be as rainy as tomorrow is supposed to be.

I have seriously missed being outside, I love being out in nature, away from the city noise, and people who are always in such a hurry.

It was too beautiful to pass up

Hey Everyone!

I had been keeping an eye on the weather forecast as well as my schedule since I heard that today was supposed to get up to about 70. The city didn’t quite make it, but where I spent most of my day did make it up over 70.

I haven’t been hiking, properly for a couple of months (more like two and a half months). I needed to get out, stretch my legs and hit the trail again.

I needed to get out of the city, so I went down to Silver Falls State Park. I managed to hike about 3.25 miles while I was there. I hiked to about half way down the stairs leading to the Lower South Falls, and then back up. Parts of the trail were still slightly icy, and there was still a fair amount of snow on the ground driving up there, once I left Silverton, but the roads were clear, which was good.

I learned long ago, when you are going to a popular tourist spot, on a nice day, get there early to beat the crowds and the heat.

I hadn’t grabbed a jacket, because I didn’t want to bother, but I was glad that I keep a sweatshirt in my hiking backpack, as I was cold for a bit early on. Then I got way to warm.

Getting out early also meant that I had time to stop in Mt Angel, to take another picture of the Catholic Church, since I love the architecture of it.

I had also stopped in Woodburn to get a Dutch Bros coffee, as well as lunch as I started to head back to the city.

My last stop of the day before heading home, was St Paul, which also has another really pretty church.

Scenery wise I live this part of the country, though the politics, homelessness, lack of decent jobs, and rising cost to live here is pushing people like me, who have lived in this part of the state, out. While I am starting to look for jobs in other places, with a better cost of living, and where I can live the way I want, I am trying to explore this part of the country as much as possible and see as much as I can before I leave.

I have also come to the realization that some of the big hikes on my bucket list may not happen for a multitude of reasons, a big one being old injuries that never healed properly makes it hard to hike over uneven and more rugged terrain. It’s sad to see a dream not be able to be fulfilled in its entirety.

I am still trying to get out as much as possible and do what I can.

Well, At Least We Tried….

Hey Everyone!

A friend of mine had sent me a text message yesterday, asking me if I was free today, and if I was, would I want to go for a hike. It worked out that I was free today, so we attempted to go for a hike today.

We had decided to attempt LaTourell Falls today, so I went out the old highway. The old highway is this super narrow, winding two lane highway, that is so much prettier than I-84.

Our first stop was at the Women’s Forum, which overlooks the Columbia River, and has an amazing view of Crown Point and the Vista House.

Continuing on east, the old highway takes you right out to the Vista House.

Crown Point, where the Vista House is located, is one of the windiest spots in the state. It was very windy today. I love the snow capped hills in the background.

I should mention that “the old highway” is a section of the historic / scenic highway 30 between Troutdale and where it rejoins I-84 at Ainsworth State Park, east of Multnomah Falls. Most of the hiking trails and waterfalls in the Gorge are accessed off this highway.

We reached LaTourell Falls, and started up, taking a few pictures at the viewpoint.

And then continued several more yards up the trail, before we were met with this sight;

The trail was iced over. We saw a couple coming back down, and had asked about the trail on up, and they hadn’t got much further up the trail, as it was bad (or worse) than where we stopped. We decided that we didn’t want to attempt it in that condition, as neither of us were really prepared for an icy trail, and didn’t want to get hurt. We turned around and went back down. We maybe hiked about half a mile, and were bummed to not rally be able to hike it today. We agreed to try it again in a few weeks once it warms up a bit and thaws out.

We also attempted to stop at Multnomah Falls, but there were no parks left, and was super icy, which seems to be the theme of today. So we came back to town, got food, coffee and ran a couple errands before I took her home.

While the wind cuts right through you, no matter how many layers you put on, it was worth being cold for a day like this. Getting out of the city is always a necessity.

Time to Wait and Prepare

Hey Everyone!

Well, I finally got everything I needed together that I needed in order to submit my passport renewal application today. I got it mailed off this afternoon.

Going to Scotland has been a dream of mine for something like 12 years now. I really need to make it happen on this passport.

I also really want to be able to go to Canada again, and go see my cousins who live in Alberta. I would also love to go see Jasper and Banff at some point.

There are also so many places I want to go visit.

Renewing my passport is just the first step to making it possible to go travel. I am also working on preparing and getting things together to make traveling easier and more fun.

While I want to move away from the city, and live on some property where I can homestead, there are thing I want to do, and places I want to see first.

I have never been someone who has never left their hometown, or even left the county they were born in. For that matter, I leave the county several times a week, since the county line in super close to where I live. The closest Fred Meyer, as well as the Mall, and so much more is in the next county over. Beings that they are closer than the ones that are located in my own city / county, I leave the county often, without really thinking about it. I have also had a few jobs that were located in Washington County, which is the next county over to the west. I also left the state multiple times before my first birthday, as well as having gone to Canada before I turned one, not to mention having gone to the beach before I turned one. While I am not a world traveler, nor did my family take regular big vacations, I am also not so much a homebody that I haven’t been anywhere. I definitely have a bucket list, that I would like to see in my lifetime, but it is nowhere as extensive as others.

The sense of adventures and exploring the outdoors, is definitely something I want to pass on if I have kids.

Life is short, the world is wide. I want to make some memories.